Windows is now Dead or SICK?                              
                   We call this the  OS, for Operating System.

Given: The PC hardware is not dead, the Hard disk is not dead, the screen is not dead, just windows is dead, corrupted or infected. 
See my newest page on MoBO dead (new or used Motherboards)
I consider the OS the same as old dirty socks when soiled change them out, ( washing them may only get some dirt out, if you get my drift?)
If wise keep your W10 ISO USB  stick handy at all times, I will cover that soon. (costs is 0 if you have blank media of any kind DVD or STICK)  (I use stick for USB flash memory thumb drives)

I do not teach bit flipping ever, nor the million of ways to screw up the windows registry.  ( I take a pass on all that...) but I do cover how to recover most HP PC's).
The OS can be totally dead, or one bit set wrong, and any level of corruption possible.
If the OS runs mostly ,but has problems, the operator can do a windows, go back to a previous restore point , as seen here, step by step.
if the OS is very very sick (means corrupted) then only fresh install will do.
We always test the HDD /SSD main disk drive first or this can be endless pain.

If you suspect the PC hardware is dead in other ways, we can run linux from boot CD or from USB thumb drive.(stick)
If Windows 10 will not boot , turn off Fast boot.
If you want to start fresh,  then power on and hammer the F11 HP covery key,  (and you go back to day 1, all data you created (and Apps) are gone.
If the HDD is bad F11 will be dead, if the drive was changed out before,  the HP recovery partition is now missing and F11 goes dead.
HP F11 feature started about 2007 year, before that year they sold install CDs (or DVD),called OS recovery media.

Minor Bit flipping?
I did  a one page power modes (Dim screens, sleep, hibernate etc)

Here is the HP F11 page on topic.  (as HP told you online, this topic)
Windows is bad/dead when: (gee 1 billion ways  no? but here are a few) F11 is the cure in most if not all cases (remember the Hardware tested good, ok?)
  • You can't reach the login screen for windows. (lost the password is not windows dead)
  • The Monitor brain sent text errors , as "No signal, No Sync, out of Range" that means the cable has dead video or illegal video from the PC side failing.  (bad monitor issues are here)
  • The PC has black screen and never any text of any kind. or beeps for blinks status LED lamps oddly.
  • The login screen is there but is dead, or act oddly, or you see login accounts missing there. F11 is the fix.  Or if W10 , shut  off  fastboot feature
  • The login works, but the desktop can not be reached. (F11 is the cure)
  • The Desktop shows up, but is DEAD, acts slow or does odd things, or shows lies, or spam or any oddness, and is INFECTED. F11 recovery is a cure.
  • We get this far, but windows runs but is stick so we do SFC and DISM. (do as MS stays not others, note the ISO disk present)
  • Windows Updates are dead, and can not  be cured, this is corruption of Windows. F11 is a cure. (or to last or more early restore points , see 1st link above !)
  • The A/V anti-virus software on your PC is dead,  due to gross infections, of the OS. (can't update it or scan your PC, its dead) F11 is the cure.
  • The control panel in Windows is dead, it's infected. Same with device manager dead, or the programs add removal pages in the control panel are dead. (INFECTED)
  • And vast other odd bad things seen in windows, the effects of corruptions are infinite.!
  • Running XP or Vista,  stop that now, as both are dead, now, time to upgrade the OS. (at least W7)
F11 is the most easy solution,  works only if the HDD/SSD is good (tested here), and the F11 HP partitions are not slammed.
In call cases backup data first, there are ways to do this if the HDD is not dead.

Here is a way to backup data , if you don't own or run a backup server or use THE CLOUD. (the external say 2 TB drive)
There is never a reason to lose data. Just backup often. (or use the silly Cloud and pray it works)

If F11 Recover feature  is dead  (and was slammed) then buy  HP media kit (only sold for the most newest PC, sadly) Then go to and get your MEDIA KIT.
If  no kit sold , then buy W7 or 10 from Microsoft or go to Ebay and type, W10 COA key in the search box. (can this be more easy?) The W10 down load costs nothing, only the key costs you money.

The HP kits match your PC exactly the Microsofts install kits do now (ISO)  The problem will be (may) be that one feature is dead using MS media, but in many cases we can find the missing driver. (not always)
It matches your PC exactly and works with one click , installs.  HP will ask you for your service tag data, so they can deliver the correct disks.
Many PC will not operate correctly with any W10 upgrade, ask HP if they support W10 first. 

Windows 10 has very strick rules on what hardware it can be installed on. Sorry it does not go back to 1981 (as old geeks claim) nor even 2006 well. Yes 32bit goes back farther !(in time)
Windows 10 64  is even more strict. (Only the most new PCs, say 10  year or newer processors work  , geneation 5 up,  like I7-5xxx partnumbers indicate.)
Also 64bit upgrade is more lax than fresh install ( scary no ?) Reality is more strange that myth, no?
Window 10 does INLINE upgrades now,  w10 over w10,  this is a very very nice new feature. 

Windows 10 is about 17GBytes in size now (just /windows/, and curing corruption there, is near impossible once infected. (ever play WACK-A-MOLE)
HP's magic F11 key is the cure, Do it now.
To see what 10 build you have ,  run and elevated command promp, (cmd.exe) and type WINVER (enter)

Windows 10 can fail easy,  it boot today using fastboot from hiberfil.sys  and the cure is here if failed.

Pure Opinion here,  I do like W7 better, but W10 is for life.

The reasons I like Windows 10 are?:
  • It's vastly more secure!, if you run and use FREE O&O shutup10 , I would never use  W10 ever , lacking this tool.
  • W10 has endless support, it has no EOL, end of life, date ! It's now Wx?
  • It allows me to do a W10 to W10 upgrade, now called the magcial name INLINE UPGRADE, and keep all apps installed, that new feature to me is priceless. (thanks !)
  • I see only one down side to W10, and is minor, forced updates, either at shut down or startup.  I force mine to at startup and I am happy.
  • Windows 10 does not have 350 updates to load like when you Install W7 and takes days to complete.(if possible at all , gee ) (I made a slip streamed W7 disk to cure that, yes a pain!)
  • I think W10 now has the downloaded W10 (ISO FILE), with all updates preloaded ending the above W7 like, horrors.  Check this great time saver out.!!!
  • One thing missing in all Window, is a smart , update engine, that shows,  all updates, in a matrix, with status, as some LINUX have. ( like updates install point failures and dependancy failures,  hark?)
  • Windows 10 ShutDown, now, for the first time ever, lets you discover in real time,shut down errors super easy, that allows me to delete the offending APP or get one that works right.
  • If you don't like the start button, buy Start10. for  $5. (I like Fences by them, too)
  • Microsoft Edge I hate,  so  use Firefox....version 61 or newer !. Firefox actively blocks sites run by criminals/hacks, theives/spoofers etc.

Buy W7 and newer, never run any old  OS. (it is a Brave New World and way more dangerous every day)  
Never run XP ever.

Why does XP stinks so bad (IMO), let me count the ways.

Vista is vastly  better than XP"security-wise !(but not supported now, RIP VISTA)  

version 2.  12-9-2017