Should I upgrade to Window 10 64bit?
Short answer =  YES 
The official Microsoft  media creation tool to make the correct and "CURRENT" install media (USB boot thumb drive)
Why not try it for free for 30days,  really why not, you can go back to W7 at anytime, (XP /Vista are dead I refuse to cover them)
Microsoft does not sell W7 now.  (and and support ends JAN 2020)
The W10-32bit runs on PCs back to 2003 easy if the installer likes there other Chips in the PC, (lots of chips are not supported today)
The WS-64 bit even runs on old 2003 , CPU like AMD ATHLON 64 X2  , or Intel, old Core  Duo or quads E6700? that is if the supported rule above is happy.
But my old Dell Latitude laptop D520 (year 2006) runs w10 32bit no problems at all, PnP made it work perfectly with no Dell support at all. (call that install and play ,zero work on my part)
The funky Microsoft s w7 to w10 upgrade adviser, might help?,  but is very buggy. (here)

The question is yes, for vast reasons. (security tops that list. and W7 ends in January 2020 making W7  a security risk going forward) w7 has no future !
But will my applications still run, answer many will, but ask your application maker for w10 support  is best. (or install them in w7 compatibility mode)
Most folks only do 2 things read email and run Chrome I'm told so sure W10 works for you application-wise,. (only running  2 things?, just using Chrome to just reading your web  mail is 1 thing inside Chrome , Cruising and email.)
What you can do is try to install it and if W10 setup likes your PC HARDWARE,
The best processors are Intel Generation 4 up "CORE i3,i5,i7" , or GEN3 for upgrades only. (I avoid GEN3 Intel CPUs or older) To get full  64bit support and full security.
Know that intel ended 32 bit support for all new hardware (chips) going forward from now.  32bit is now officially dead , on all new PC's (intel, I can not speak for AMD)
Some folks hate w10 for odd reasons, as seen below.
Learn that running XP-64 or W7-64 is not proof that w10-64 will run. (Microsoft made the rules more strict, and even more strict on fresh installs)
This too might help  you....Securable. 
Do not forget to first, check your BIOS pages for processor options turned off by default. Like NX features and the like. (they must be turned on) and more here.

I3, I5 or I7: (use GEN4 and newer only) but 32bit will run on PCs back to 2003, many can.  This is an INTEL rule below:
Processor Generation                                                                                 Intel core processor name                                       32bit                                                             64bit.

Example Intel CORE(tm) I5-3xxx processor means gen 3. Core i5-3330
I will now show how W10 can fail to install . (my list below) can not make any dead chip maker make chips or make drivers for old chips, only GAWD can do that and he/she is not listening (LOL)
I made page just for the topic DEAD CHIP MAKERS. (or devices endless, for sure endless USB devices are now dead)
That is why having a PC with  Carbon Dated  of 2010 or  newer is best.  (cuts the pain of dead chip makers big  time)

Top reasons to fail the installer. setup.exe.(W10) and cures and tricks .... to try  I use this application to see what processor I really have.    
  • Correct processor  (64bit is best forget 32bit) Gen4 up is best.!!!
  • W10 will fail for the old Intel core HD video iGPU see list here: (iGPU means hidden inside the CPU package) The dash means NO support , huge list. 2012 and older NO !
  • The cure for above HD iGPU failure is install  a new GPU card and bingo W10 happy, for this one thing. (turn off iGPU in your BIOS )
  • W10 may not like even your BIOS version, so upgrade it , at your OEM we site, matching exact model of PC.  or you forgot to turn these ON in BIOS:
  • At an elevated command prompt  (cmd.exe) W7,  Type "BCDEDIT" without the quotes and  see if NX is set to ALwaysOn. as see below,  Optin not Optout
  • Dead chips are impossible to use, (install time setup.exe failure) Due to maker of said devices or chip no longer in this business or ended support.
  • There are tricks to fool setup.exe ( a new video card (GPU) added to the PCE-slot, turn off sound and add a new PCI-e sound card, and or new Ethernet or Wifi card.
  • Many things can fail under W10 later,applications dead,  Printers, scanners, and vast number of old USB devices.  see cure below.  Try to reinstall old applications is w7 compatibility mode.
  • and near last and really best of all is using fresh installed W10 and then  enable the  VM, run the VM and load W7 to the VM and then any time you need w7 there it is and fresh and clean each time run. (HyperV)VM
  • Now the BIG EASY I call this, get a used SSD drive, spend a whopping $20 and pull old HDD out old  boot drive HDD0 SATA0 and put the empty SSD there, and install w10, see if you like w10, if not, put the old HDD0 back.
  • And last the silly Microsoft setup.exe has bug that does not like Intels RST (SATA) chip set, (and worse version sensative !!!)   (and w7 upgrades fail or even worse windows 10 update engine fails)
Rapid Storage Technology horrors:RST: (and windows update failures too.) , the cure they say is the SSU , service stack update here.(sept. 10th 2019)!

I have full page dedicated to why W10  fails on old hardware, (it's just too old)

Will I like W10? , I don't know.? , but   here is my long list based in endless users comments.  #19 and #1 was my only big problem (start box hate big time) and cured in 5minutes flat and #1

Myths true or not on Windows 10:? (quote: everything has an end) RIP W7.
Before condeming W10 or MS, why not consider simple cures ,like you doing fresh install and then neutering the THING.
As you install W10 , there is page with 8 or 10 Y/N questions, type NO. and skip on every page with skip listed.

  1. It invades my privacy, answer sure it does or can, if installed wrong (or a new PC preloaded), but not with 2 clicks running free (O&O SHUT UP 10.)   CURED in 2 clicks ! Don't complain just do it.
  2. Fails to install on old PCs, but 32bit can run back to 2003 PCs.  (many)  What more do you  want?  sure 64GB or RAM? only works on 64bit.
  3. W10 forces updates, answer TRUE. (W10 is more secure from infections) there is new feature this year, 2019 it asks me do I want to snooze (auto update message on screen) Win 10 Pro, can delay updates for months.
  4. W10 forces driver updates, answer FALSE, just  turn it off.
  5. Windows 10 records things on my PC and then calls home (MS) , true but not with O&O shut up10. (they will  tell you it's just generic information but gee how can you prove that?, you can not) turn it OFF.
  6. Windows, 10 will not run vast numbers old USB toys like old 2000 year, web cams,  answer true, (endless old USB devices, even wifi dongles, headphones and more....) so buy new toys.
  7. W10 fails to run old printers and scanners,  , answer true,  but is really not MS fault it's the DEVICE  MAKERS FAULT is true, in every case. (But 2010  and newer devices run for sure)
  8. W10 may fail to install fresh on my PC. If some chips or devices do not support W10, answer true, and is vast things. see here.
  9. W10 has more strict certificate rules. for sure fresh installed, answer , TRUE. (64bit rules)
  10. W10 boots faster, sure it can. (using FAST BOOT mode) (your BIOS willing)
  11. W10 shuts down faster, and more reliably, answer TRUE.( due to Fast boot turned on)
  12. W10  is more vastly more secure,  answer , TRUE. for sure 64bit version.
  13. W10 makes my other boot devices dead, sure,  like my USB thumb drive, turn off Safe boot in BIOS.  (many old PCs 2003 or older, never had this feature)
  14. Must I use that  silly  Miss Cortana ,  No ! during install just say NO.
  15. Must I use that newer but UGLY Edge browser , NO, just run Firefox v69 up or Chrome,  EDGE IS HORRIBLE, and the world wide usage is pathetic low, (MS fails again)
  16. Some things in W7 are now missing in W10 , answer is true but rare, but do  run VLC the free video player that does it all, and free no need for $15 Media player in the MS store. see w10 removals here.
  17. Windows 10 killed dead IE11, no they did not, in the run box, type "Internet"  and wait, wait, there it is.... before your eyes. (right click that and pin to task bar .... like I have right now)
  18. Is IE11 doomed?, yes, version 1 to 10 are already banned at all websites, and some now ban IE11 ,some banks and will get worse going forward in time as others ban it too.(no MS support on IE11, and banks don't like that...)
  19. Windows 10 start button stinks to high heaven?, sure it does! so run START10 by stardock. for $5
  20. I don't have $5 to spend at wonderful STARDOCK , so why not use the great and 100% free,, Windows Classic shell.?
  21. Windows 10 Certificate new rules can be a ROYAL PITA !  TRUE! ( if you software is not authentic why would you want to run that?) Talk to your application vendor. (for a free update)
  22. Will I lose my applications, the answer is yes and no, if you upgrade from W7 or 8 or 8.1.  (just use W7 and click on the w10 setup.exe file and it upgrades)  (yes window 32bit apps run on 64bit machine, most do)
  23. Must I have the windows CLOUD STORE, answer no!,
  24. Must I use the MS cloud, answer no. (turn it off) ( When I fresh install W10 , I keep that off easy or do later, using, item #1 above.
  25. Must I have  windows email account, answer no. (as you install , on the page that asks, like 10 yes/no on one page, click no for all and SKIP every chance you get.)
  26. Is W10 free?, well that ended in 2015 but if your PC  has W8 now or 8.1 or 10 before today, the W10 install is still good, with W8 COA stored in the BIOS of your 2014+? PC.
If you don't like Windows 10 , then run LINUX UBUNTU v17 up.  It runs great.


W10 Silly base rules:  Microsoft.(as seen here) ) ( pre 2000 example? way way back in the 1GB years???? wow !)
W10 32bit will run on very old PCs, (pure luck if chips inside are still supported by there makers) even back to 2003.(luck happens)
W10  64Bit can run on old
AMD ATHLON 64 X2  , or Intel, old Core  Duo or quads E6700?  2004 if super lucky and all other chips still supported by their makers.
In all cases you will need at least 4GB of RAM or you will HATE what  you just did ! (my promise)
 and a SSD drive, FOR SURE. (a $20 cost on fleabay)  16GB is not enough , 32 at least for windows monster updates to work.!!! (many PCs (cheap toys) had 32GB m.2 boot device that can not run W10 and not die (update hell)
Best is 60GB/64GB SSD, 128 are super cheap today. (pocket chance actully)
Now the MS joke list: (Sure it works just like car with V8 engine and 7 dead cylinders, but is a slug, but why do that?)  It is  human torture list, nothing more.

What matters  is this (details matter for sure 64bit is very strict)    these features must be turned on in BIOS first, if present there, most PCs it's on already if the CPU has this.
BIOS options common are, Hyper threading, XD, Speedstep, and Turboboost , enabled !
This are CPU instruction set features needed for 64bit only, (pure CPU chip  hardware features) and for sure necessary from now on.
On my Dell PCs hammer the F2 key at power on, and gain BIOS screen 1 and find those 4 above, in there somewhere.... NOBODY documents BIOS, so you must just look.
Next is the CPU advanced instruction set feature that make 64bit work.
  1. Physical Address Extension (PAE).
  2. No-eXecute (NX). (XD)
  3. Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2).
  4. CMPXCHG16b (CX16). , PrefetchW and LAHF/SAHF  ("missing on early AMD X2 socket 939/940 ", )  Buy and use  only AM2 socket X2's.  F2 stepping UP.! (AM3 up and up...)

  • What really confuses folks are the stepping rules, on processors, pay close attention on any 2005 CPU ! (steppings are MASK changes, a set of masks forms a set called a stepping # and thus what the chip can do)
  • Mask changes are for 3 reasons, (fix errors(bugs!) add features CMP above? and to shink the die for speed and all this is very very complex for sure from desktop to laptop versions some of the latter super brain dead.
  • There there was the old intel Core 2 chips (E0/R0 steppings of the 45nm) bug, false reporting bug.
To see if this is present , just get and use MS, system internals,  coreinfo application free.
Get it , extract the zip and run coreinfo.exe in a command prompt (has no GUI) (it is a portable app.  just  run it)
If your PC is an AMD CPU the names of these security feature can vary.  AM2 socket only.
Those old AMD steppings were, E4,E6,F2,F3,G1,G2 (and lame 1/2 dead B3 with  dead core for a $5 laptops) focus on F2 up.

One more great APP to check only intel processors comes from mighty intel.(not portable)

Why would I  avoid 32 BIT OS installations (for sure fresh)   ( but If you must ?, you must ! run 32bit) If you can't fit over 4GB(phy) of ram forget 64bit.
W10-64bit will fail to upgrade or install on older XP-64 and W7-64 PCs, due to wrong processor there! (new rules are  fact)
It is true some processors very very old (2005) can run 64bit now,  like AMD ATHLON 64 X2  Sockets 939 (fails), AM2 (does not fail) , or Intel, old Core  Duo or quads E6700?  
The AMD wins the prize I think on oldest 64bit that still runs. (has 2 cores) The feature names can be confusing (Intel to AMD) (avoid socket 939/940 and use only AM2 socket and are G1 up)
I am told that the X2 version must be newer G1 up AM2,     ( do not use old versions of w10-64bit ISO only use V1903 up or it CAN FAIL and did due  to AMD poor documentation on X2 stepping and CMPXCHG16B support)
Early versions (wiki quote) of them do not support the CMPXCHG16b (cx16)  (that is a fact, the words 64 x2 are not LAW here)

Rule #1 Why not try to install 64bit first? It is free of cost for 30 days to try.(even loaded to a spare SSD drive, as only a test)
  • 32bit is Useless for prime time, AAA+ gaming.
  • Only allows 3.5GB (on average) of memory (4GB - video Ram theft) see gaming useless #1. (and HDD size limits too)
  • Will not run pure 64 bit modern applications. (many top makes now drop 32bit versions and will get worse every day forward in time)
  • 32 bit has very weak security, no secure boot, or other new features related.
  • 32bit does not allow 2.2+ TB HDD or larger. (huge hard drives)
  • My 32 bit runs great on a very old 2006 Dell  D520 laptop   Intel® Core™ Duo processor T2300 , or D610/620 or  HP DV6/ DV7 upgrades ok.. (even an old  Inspiron 6000 (2004)runs w10-32b.) or Compaq DX5150 (2005)
  • If your old cheap laptop uses eMMC boot media with 32GB space,  forget W10 ! Best is to upgrade to SSD128GB first, (for sure)!
  • 32 bit can run relic 16bit applications even DOS, that 64bit can not  or any PC using this... . (UEFI class 3 mode and new PC's locked on class 3 forever)
  • There can in fact be chips and cards in your PC the do not have 32bit drivers nor will it ever, (w10-32bit)  (like older RAID cards, VIDEO cards?, wifi cards, Ethernet, sound, etc) 
  • Brand new PCs do not allow 32bit and for  sure most made 2020 up are locked into UEFI class3 only usage , my comments here are for old PCs.(for New PC talk  to you OEM makers)
  • The install can fail easy for the fact that MS has the wrong Intel RST driver on the install media. (older that v10.1 fails and is what is there and does not support partitions over 2.2TB unless you F6 force load the new driver at install time)
  • If your PC motherboard limits max memory (phy) at 4GB there is no good reason to even try 64bit,  in fact 32 will run better.(installed)
Intel's cure to RST failures Version: (Latest) (Rapid Storage Technology ,why in the world does not Microsoft update the freak'n ISO !

The only serious problem with W10 is when you have chips in your PC (devices) that do not have drivers now. (Elvis left the building syndrome)  The maker died, for any reason at all, (ended this business line,etc)
In some case, replace the dead device with a newer DEVICE (PCI-E or USB)

For sure to install fresh windows , test the HDD Fully first. (NO S.M.A.R.T errors allowed !) (or you then install it 10+ times, going nowhere)

Rules to live by:
Back up all data first.
Remove that old and weak and 1/2 bad HDD now, and put a test drive or new 128GB SSD drive and fresh load W10.  (see it works or at the worse you need 1 driver to make wifi work, so find that and use it, or buy a new wifi USB dongle)
Have 4GB of RAM, and a new SSD, even used SSD for $20 whole bucks works best. (fast)

The rumor is:
The oldest PCs supporting Windows 10 (only 32Bit!) are Athlon 64 based PCs from 2003/4 era is the oldest to try. X2 core (2005) would be nice.
I run my d530 with RS232 Serial Com Port to run special high value but old hardware on that port. Other wise, I'd never do this.

All links to programs on my pages all have run and passed  checks, and Defender and my pro grade Malwarebytes tests.

version 4.  9-9-2017    (revised Sept 2019 for shorter and more simple.)