Windows 10 , installs long version with screen shots           

The  HP  way to install the  10  OS  is here.
Window's: (W7 or W10)
Your  first choice is get the install media from the maker of your PC, if that is HP, then you will learn that by the time you need this,  and the hdd failed and replaced that the  HP media kit is no longer offered even as short at 3 years later.
Warning if the W10 refuses to install, and shows alien HDD or illegally formatted or shows drive is not empty and contains and older OS , then erase the HDD using Killdisk
Go to get your Media kit. (below)  (most times it will not be there, so, do not be surprised, I believe puts limits on how long HP can offer media kits!)

All key strokes below are for my modern HP LT,  2010.(and up)
Okay, now you have your Install Media kit , be that CD/DVD disks or a USB UDISK stick (new PCs have no CDrom drive,so....)
 This kit is best because PURE Microsoft OS disks, do not contain all drivers needed or other HP software, needed to run any laptop.
(this stick (USB)must be plugged in before (OR CD),  or F9 can't SEE it. (this is called a forced on the fly BOOT) Fastest and the most easy, way. (or you get to fiddle boot order inside  BIOS)
PC is off, push power button, and quickly... like a "woody wood pecker",f9,f9,f9 ,bam.(do not delay even 3 seconds our you miss your chances, to get the F9, if you fail ?,turn off PC and back on and hit F9)
Next, is to  boot and press F9 . See photo of mine, I might show CD/DVD but mine removed, and has 2 SSD drives now.  If you can't see your stick or CD here, now, the stick or CD is bad or the CD drive is bad. If using  STICK try all USB ports !

All modern HP PC do this, right now is a Linux live boot stick there, that I can run and see , gee the whole PC runs great on a LIVE STICK.  (I will now use the word stick only, and not CD or DVD again,but that works too)
I high-light my Cruzer(tm)stick (arrow keys does that) (Cruzer here is a very very fast stick) and can be my HP install stick,  I boot that ( hit enter key) selection and the HP install windows (name your OS) comes up.
If I  see the Windows blue screens, on a new PC it will have the W10 blue Microsoft flag.  ( can do a Repair  here, startup repair or pick INSTALL)
(A warning is now important, if the System is UEFI-GPT and the stick is not UEFI matched, it will fail to boot any stick) (my Rufus app can make a stick that works with both formats)
ONLY GPT disks and UEFI can boot a 3TB or larger disk (2.2TB to be more accurate) MBR disk can not.
Installing Windows on any PC can have many pitfalls. (Using media installs) This 1st list is MS, setup.exe running and failing.
  • HDD is bad. (run Ubuntu v17 demo mode and run disktest first)
  • HDD has and alien format on the disk, Apple formatted? or even some OEM PC makers do have special marks on the disk that nobody but them can use and load there special OS.
  • Linux formatted HDD, MS does NOT recognize most of them.
  • The cure is simple DBAN your HDD (In English to a real and full erasure)
  • The OS install many not know what SATA chip is there and the HDD is not seemingly missing and is not, (XP sux is the cause) Solution is pitch all XP install disks in the trash with VISTA.
The next Pitfall is Windows 10 will not install to a 32GB HDD, sorry that is not large enough, do not try it do not do that. (also w10 is getting larger each release) 2018 release is largest yet.
W10 must have room for all future updates so,  and is key factor here.

Windows 10 with UEFI , active will not allow USB boots or CD/DVD ROM boots unless you turn off Safeboot .
Keep in mind this is a moving target, not only are windows updates now mandatory but they are changing the ISO files, for W10  now.. The 32/64bit merge just happened.
The current page at MS says,  these words HDD space needed and ISO file size needs.
I do not know what HP does size wise here, but The HP disk have their own APPS, their own,  security manager, and other tools and unique drivers that only work on YOUR HP PC.
Window 10 has a cool feature, if you W10 gets messed up , you can do a W10 install over W10,  called and INLINE upgrade keeping all your data and all APPS. (a very good feature to say the least)
Warning your OEM COA keys do not work with real  W10 retail installer.
Also some HP laptops with W8 on it and you load W10 as and upgrade, the license is commuted, due to MS not wanting to support W8 .
The COA key rules are tricky and complex so I only talk about OEM and RETAIL keys.
My last warning will be, Windows 7,  MS will not let you download the OS with out a non OEM ,retail key"COA",  OEM keys fail,  here, it says only your PC maker can do supply this. (bull)
The so called W10 free upgrade  a few year ago, has huge limit, My motherboard blew out "south bridge" and they (MS) will not allow  me to use my digitally commuted, w7 to W10 upgrade COA... (now that makes me angry)
I had to buy W10 again,  new.
If all this sounds like pain then get Ubuntu V17 or newer, it is the best OS IMO.
Photo's: W10 , 2 screens. Real MS install now HP.. always use HP disks first choice.!
Click Next or Alt+N.
No big deal here. hit next.
Click install or Repair,  (alt+R is keyboard pick for repair) Alt+i  is installed by keyboard commands.  The Clean install is, here, pick Install, and follow instructions.
Click Install now.
Install, Skip, Accept, click custom see this? (of more complex its GPT disk )  below is MBR setup, the 2 extra partitions on mine are Restore point partitions and one extra by me, for same. (10% of HDD is for restore points, I have here.)
If doing a fresh install, delete all you see here, not data to lose, if you are not backed up your data do so now.
This engine below by , is still brain dead. (as was all before it and XP the worst of the worst)
It does not see alien formatted HDD, or partitions, it will be blind to those, and if fact if present, will tell you there is no HDD there, what stupid that is, why they can't show "Alien formats found" and gray out the bottom row, thus protecting data in the alien HDD. DAH?  (boot  Linux demo media disk and you can delete it all)
If doing a fresh install delete all you see here first. (for sure fresh install if you suspect virus infections)

Here is GPT disk,  and You being blocked, You can install W10 to MBR disk  or GPT, but you must  set the BIOS to one or the other. GPT = UEFI  and MBR is legacy mode or CSM mode, in BIOS.
In most cases this is a lie,  It should say, set BIOS to GPT mode.
Below is complex Desktop PC with Z270prime and 3 HDD and 1 SSD. (and latter with 2, M.2 SSD)
Here is me on the Install media boot, page going to command prompt mode:

I typed, Diskpart, waited for 5 seconds, then typed, "list disk"  shows that I have 4   disks,  SSD, and 3 HDD.
If my external is plugged in (eSATA) it's 5 HDD (2TB external I have... for backups)
Note how this command lets me see details.
To Erase Disk 0  (do no do this or the OS is gone and all data gone, but yes if doing a fresh install)
ou would  type, " select disk 0" with no quotes and LAST type, "CLEAN"  ( this clean will not work on alien formatted HDD)

CMD prompt = DOS prompt = command line human interface,
We are using command prompt (admin) windows+X key see that?
Formatted to code 52h , that MS can't figure out (CPM OS) See all these codes, 99% of them Windows can not support or is blind to them (HDD missing errors annd lies)
HDD formatted with RAID controllere then moved to a home simple PC can fail for alien format, DBAN it,
There are 255 codes and most are alien coded HDD,(formats) endless and all it wiki link above, if you get curious.

Just be aware that Microsoft windows does  not like , formats not used (or invented) by Microsoft, it will balk or say hard drive missing, or other odd messages. 
Apple PC formatted
Off some DVR , fail.
One OEM maker of PC uses an Alien format, they add markers to the disk and this upsets windows fresh installed. (Dbna it)
Buying any used HDD or even some so called refurbished HDD, (they dusted it off) run DBAN on it, for sure full of kiddy porn.(ouch)
Never use other persons HDD your PC unless you DBAN it first. Ok?
Nothing at all work so good as Linux erased HDD,  and that is how DBAN works, DBAN is just script that runs so you don't have to type DD commands.

if the HDD is formatted to GPT to MBR,  and the PC is set in bios opposite, do the right thing, DBan the HDD, the set BIOS to GPT mode. UEFI if that is what you want.
If the HDD is 2.2TB or larger only GPT work here.

The same holds true after  Virus  corrupts your HDD structures of ANY KIND.  (partition, MBR , or format)
Learn to erase drives, and save buying a new drive, when yours is perfectly okay.  (Linux erase is free, use  that!) or goggle "DBAN ERASE".
One more pit fall with W10, if the fast boot is enabled  you need to turn that off first.

DBAN old v1.07 works best some alien disks (apple?)_
Dban new is mostly ok.

Now the simple details of install.

WINDOWS 7 ,  Fresh Install steps, step by step.

WINDOW 10 , 
Fresh Install steps, step by step.

version 1.  12-9-2017