How to install Windows 10 fresh load!          
Note how this page is short, and printable. (2 goals for a simple page with white backgrounds) (you can also convert my page to PDF easy, google how to do that.)
If for any reason the installer does not like your HDD, (remove all other drives first) and have just 1 drive to start) and if it has issues, run KILLDISK Erasure first (Windows does not like alien formatted disks)
W10 can also do a W10 to W10 inline upgrade. (not our topic) On if the best features of W10 of all is this ! (we waited 40 year to get this and bingo)

The Short version below:
Many sites cover this, but many skip important details or do not understand BIOS or 36 years of hardware variations.
I will do a list , numbered  in proper order. (all things considered) I will not cover W7, its now too old to bother with or pay good money for a license, ever. (unless you must)
Before you begin learn what processor you own and have in your PC,  (my device manager shows this) (or run PCI-Z   or HWinfo32 (both are freed)
If  PC runs still, press windows key +R , and type CMD in the box. then OK , in the new box type, wmic cpu (with the 1 space) or type msinfo32 or systeminfo , and enter key, all 3 ways answer the question,"what CPU "
In most cases retire all  PCs older than year 2007 or run Linux.
There are only 2 steps,  Get the ISO USB stick, boot it and load it, but we all know there are rules, and pitfalls and thus my short list.

  1. First of all does your OEM PC maker support W10, in many cases not, or only Win10- 32bit,  (64 bit needs GEN 4 or newer CPU In4xxx+,  fresh load rules are not same as upgrade rules (a fact)
  2. Does MS supports you and the OEM does not ?(say HP does not as is common older PC's)  then there is still hope., read on..
  3. The some OEM have lack  of support, the advanced security features will not work like finger print readers and  other trappings like that or  if not needing that or BITlocker, read on.
  4. Keep in mind at all times you can try W10 for free, for 30days and even regress it back to w7 if you upgraded.
  5. Next is run HDD tests fully and if SMART tests fail , do not load any OS at all now, until the HDD is replace, best way is buy a SSD drive now. (and a new license for Windows 10 if you have none)
  6. Okay the HDD /SSD is good 100% next is build the install stick.
  7. You then backup all your data first , if your OS is dead, use  Linux link just above to do that. (data means all your text, photos, music, videos, of any kind, including saved local email.)
  8. Next is apps, do you have expensive programs loaded, then make sure all license keys for same are backed up, including MS OFFICE or any thing you paid money for, CAD/CAM/CAE, and Video rendering editors, etc.
  9. I will assume you have no PCs laying about with DVD drive burner and 1 DVD-R blank disk to make a boot DVD so decide to use USB thumb drive.
  10. Go and download the ISO builder. here.
  11. Do what it says and build the ISO boot Thumb memory drive USB stick, using any modern 2nd PC (aka, USB key, USB pen, or Udisk)
  12. With the USB STICK in hand walk to the dead PC or one needing Fresh loaded W10.
  13. Boot the PC by powering it on, with the power button, with the stick in a USB port,(try all ports 1 by 1 if one fails)
  14. On HP we hit the F9 key BOOT ON THE FLY at power on, hammer it and it shows this windows pop up. (see here for all keys on most PCs that do, boot on the fly mode)
  15. The PC now boots if you hammer the space bar (it warns, hit any key too boot USB drive)   if the F9 features is missing in your BIOS, then you must change the boot order next.
  16. Boot order is in your BIOS, and you move the USB stick to the top of the list.
  17. If you have PC 2012 year and newer or was W8 or newer it has a new BIOS,  and now used UEFI or CSM dual BIOS,  you must turn off safe boot and turn on legacy as stated here.
  18. Windows now loads, and asks questions. I say no to them all. But that is me.  after it loads and runs and reboots, remove the USB stick NOW. 
  19. Later you can do the Activation. (seen in system page  of control panel or settings +update + activate.  Take time you have 30 days to decide you like W10.
  20. If you can not find a driver for a chip, then replace it, you can buy dirt cheap ,USB Ethernet dongle or wifi dongle and sound USB devices, if a desktop vast numbers of PCI-express cards can be added to get a device working.

Do not forget to hammer the space bar (hit any key prompt) or the USB or CD/DVD will never boot. (and try all USB ports , if one is dead to boot)
The Core processors, are best,  like I5-4xxx   gen 4 and up are best, for 64bit W10.
See my example screens page of a Windows 10 load.
Any thing less than CORE is Banta fodder.(yoda said ?)

Note most old PCs made back int the years 2000 up to 2004 can not boot, USB devices. Relics of the past  but see my page on this old junk PC's.

version 1.  8-8-2018 (as short as can make it.