Bit Flippers Hell or how to learn to love Windows?          

The PC has maybe only 20 things inside (that can be changed by you) that can fail, but then add windows to that equation and it has Billions of BIT's  to fail, be set wrong, or worse corruption like  Photo #1 shows below.
To me Window is like having dirty socks , and change often.
Lacking spare parts for your PC nor the proper tools the discovery of what is wrong, can be hugely daunting.
The first task any technician does it determine if the PC has a software or hardware problem? (I cover that here , and use a Linux demo disk or Win7 PE demo disk to prove it's bloody dang windows bad.)
I have learn that my OS Windows 10 is faulty or my  HDD is bad and I run these tests on my HDD (hard disk drive ) and it passed.

The fact is that I have now proven Windows is the problem.
Windows 10 has over 100 BSOD screens , blue screans of death.  (mostly from bad hardware , or a bad VIDEO card or GPU chip DRIVER)
The OS can be corrupted by Viruses and many things, even loading bad applications. (or that bad act 1: clicking email attachments or  act 2: Clicking URL links in any Email)
The best way to cure windows is always been to reload it fresh.
Lucky for us today, W10 is free to download and burn a DVD or USB stick and is free to run for 30 full days. (look Ma. no Keys)
The problem is many folks have data they want to back up first, (too late it seems)
Ok all data is now backed up or now all gone, (HDD was bad) or all data lost from serious virus event, or by any means at all the data is gone.
If any PC acts dead, we do the hard reset now.

I have a list of Windows sick cures: (What I call bit flipping, an endless thing that is ... and I do only a few below)

  1. One of the best cures for windows and safe, is the "IN-PLACE UPGRADE" of window 10,  see below for the simple steps. (this works great 99.9% of the time ! (HDD not bad)
  2. Do a Fresh windows Install. (after backing up data first told above) 
  3. Windows problems
  4. Windows activation
  5. Should I upgrade to w10 64bit? (for sure go to 64bit , a 32 bit OS is now obsolete)
  6. Windows 10 harware limits , during a fresh install or upgrade.
  7. Windows 10 , sleep mode failures or  dim screens?
  8. Windows 10 install screens keep changing, but here are some examples.
  9. Windows 10 , if some device is dead?, any device, dead  the cause may be a  missing software driver, see driver cures all here.
  10. Lost passwords to BIOS or Windows ? (There are 7 levels )
  11. Windows 10 WiFi  dead (internet?) (or use Etheret it works super easy, just plug in both ends of the cable !)
  12. Sounds are dead (no audio or music , no Video sounds,, or windows sounds) See here.
  13. My PC freezes (even W10 updates can do a freeze, or sleep modes or bad drivers causing speed modes to fail)
  14. If some minor Windows features fails, any at all best is to ask on the Microsoft forum for help, no better source exists. (they designed it and built it )

The best of the best, the  "in-line upgrade" feature of W10  (one of the best things to like about W10 is this very new feature)
  • You are Logged in as admin, w10 not totally dead.
  • Get the ISO or use the USB builder at Microsoft downloads. Put it on a 8+GB USB stick and the ISO works best, mounted later, right click ISO and click MOUNT)  The mount picks a drive letter use that for setup.exe.
  • All A/V turned off, do not turn off Windows Defender (Win Secuity leave it be and on, and leave firewall alone and on.
  • Then click  (or first mount the ISO) the click setup.exe (In my case, ethernet was dead, and adding USB NIC cards all failed, hard, LAN death 100%, but if I boot to my Ubuntu media, all works 100% windows is hosed.
  • The setup.exe runs, and  you answer like this : click yes to UAC question box.
  • Click upgrade this PC now.
  • Pick install and keep all files and apps (means both apps and 3rd party apps, I have 50 apps and all hit the deck running) { I have no MS apps at all from MS store, so can not comment on that} {I run office2007 forever}
  • Click next and let it do its thing. (I did not click do windows new updates; save that for later.)  V1903 tested. and works 100%.

Photo #1 GIF H3LL
Old and lame XP , going NUTZ !
See most times, with bad HDD or an infected PC.

Even tell Microsoft your stop codes and get better help.

version 1.  09-6-2019