Window 10 is DEAD and how to do the new COLD BOOT !        
Old F8 Safe mode does LIVE !     
But MS killed the F8 key ,  how fun is that? 
From Windows 95 forward the F8 worked, but not now! (Fast boot technology  can fail)
If windows still runs a bit, do this in power settings (ASUS help)
(we do this before HDD cloning to SSD or a new motherboard)
If you PC runs bitlocker (hdd encryption) I can not help you. Sorry.
The below corrects only one common failure and that is fast boot feature is messed up and the easy ways to cure that, this page is on about corrupted windows or  bad  hdd or dead PC.
However this below cures can be done after you  replace defective, RAM (DDR) or a bad PCI-e card or anything that corrputed the fast start up file called hiberfil.sys.
The page below does not cover how to correct problems if you PS is running in full blown, UEFI Class 3 mode. (secure boot)

The PC shows windows loading forever is a common symptom.

The dots on screen spin in a tight circle , endlessly?

There are 2 paths here (PC dead, or you want to always cold boot the PC so this death thing does not happen ever again (prevention) The prevention is one click only.

Ok, your PC is dead, and your land here:
The fix is simple in theory (and practice too) Only one file needs to be deleted, seen in red below.
These are the ropes. (ways)
  1. Use recovery mode or the recover DVD to get access in command mode. (cmd.exe or new DOS as some call it) and delete the file in red  file below.
  2. Use linux boot media (usb stick) turn off safeboot in BIOS or booting to alien devices will be dead too.  Boot to linux and delete the red  file below.
  3. Get a Windows 7/8/10 PE boot DVD or USB drive, and use it to delete the red  file below.
  4. There are other bood DVDs and CDs that allow access to files on PCs , google that find that and use that, its endless this topic to delete the red file.
The below sectioned methods cover the most common after death repair methods.
It cures only one problem a bad hiberfil.sys fast boot file, forcing the PC to rebuild if from scratch.

If you are savvy tech. guy, and can delete this fail by hook, crook or magic, the file  at  C:/

Rule 1, the HDD must not be bad. 
HDD/SSD to test it if is dead , weak or good.
Rule #2 the RAM (DDR) must not be bad.
I will show all ways to do this and the MS way (Micrsoft way is best). If you have no install media, use the Auto way below.

If you have real W10 install media you can boot that too and do the same thing. (Microsoft install  media on DVD or on USB Stick or the OEM PCs recovery partition method, like HP F11 key.)
Then boot from any of those media and when you have entered your country and keyboard settings, choose repair my computer and attempt the choices seen below..
The way to get here, is to just  hard force cold boot the PC 3 times. (as seen here at MS) using only the power button.
There are 3 ways to gain recovery mode. (above and below)
  • Install media ways, (all)
  • Partition ways, like HP recovery mode hot key  F11 way.
  • and auto way, seen below.

Then just  3 clicks and 3 blue screens below: (landing on enable SAFE MODE)  (going to Safe mode, erases the fast boot image file and you are home free)
The installed OS keeps track of boot failures, and stick 3 lands you  at screen #1.
METHOD 1 and prime:

  THIS IS Auto recovery mode.  
the goal is get to here, first. CLICK Startup settings.
Line 4 is the new W10 Safe mode. This replaces the old and loved F8 safe mode key.

As you can see it it  not F8 key now, that feature is now gone and replace with the 3 boot failures, auto recovery screen replacement.
The Safe mode above , rebuilds the hiberfil.sys file 100% new and clean and is a cure.

Nothing beats EXAMPLES:  (these are alternates to the above, and will not work if PC is in full Class 3 secure boot mode UEFI)
Method 2:
My PC failed due to my SATA3 (6g) PCI-express card died, (put in new one) and guess what, the hiberfil.sys file is now corrupted.
Keep in mind all my PC's are boot MBR , disks, all are SSD or M.2 "gum stick" drives that never ever use UEFI or GPT modes. (all my other none boot disks are GPT)
 hiberfil.sys is bad now. (it turns out  many things now can corrupt the windows boot files, not just a virus or bad hdd/ssd or bad RAM and bad PCI-e cards.)
The below shows me using windows to fix things this is not going to work on dead PC.

If all you have is auto recover mode, but can't get there, and 3 cold boots forced with the power button fails gain you the 3 screens seen above you can this F8 patch below:
FIX #1,  In command prompt, you can in fact set legacy F8 choice back on, using command #1 below.
Cmd.exe (in run box type this) and run as ADMIN (called an Elevated Command prompt or the command  fails)  {It will say successful , if  it was}
  1. bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy   (the 2 choices are) type  legacy here.
  2. bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard
Reboot the PC ,power ON, and quickly hammer the  F8 key, just like in the olden days 2014 and older. (to windows 95 days of old)
Photo of F8 working after above Red command is issued (typed and edited and saved:
BEHOLD THE SECRET F8  black window ,on W10
No kidding it WORKS !

Once the PC boots and runs ok, you can regress the above steps and all magic image files will be refreshed and clean.
For sure hiberfil.sys  is now renewed. After SAFE mode is done.

Method 3  (the killing of hibernation trick)
This uses any means to gain first, the command prompt using any install media of any kind W10.
See blue screen 2 above and click command prompt.
One might use this way due to AUTO mode dead, and the rational fear of BCD edits above.

Next use the command prompt to manually turn off hibernation.

Boot from the Windows 7/8/10 DVD, and press Shift+F10 at the language selection screen, and Boot to the System Recovery Options screen, and select the Command Prompt.

To turn off or disable hibernation, type the following command at the prompt:

powercfg –h off
(do not skip the the spaces typed above)
All related commands:
By opening an elevated command prompt (or above recovery page) and typing

Powercfg /hibernate off  (enter key)
These setting ,are global to all accounts.

Disabling "Turn on fast startup"  cures all corrupted hiberfil.sys file problems. (well if the hardware bad was replaced, bad RAM, bad HDD or bad PCI-3 cards)

This forces cold boot on , Fast start is off and hibernate off both)
and no more hiberfil.sys

powercfg -a      (full status message , only, and  does nothing to pc,it is a passive query.)
powercfg -h off  (means disable hibernate modes)
powercfg -h  on  (avoid using hibernate)
powercfg /h /type reduced  (reduces the file by half)saving ssd space.

you Could repeat this 2 times, off then on.  to gain a new fast boot image file , hiberfill.sys. (hidden file it is so learn how to see those, if curious)

end command line cures.

PREVENTION ( and ouch is worth a pound of cure? sure !) omg 2 second longer boot times, omg, will we need shave again waiting?)
The odd duckly W10 is evolving fast, the Power OPTION was in control panel but may end in the new SETTINGS panel.  (I've not a clue when !)
Click change.......currently unavailable , first, to Un-Gray the below options.(this is MS silliness to the extreme)
Then Un-check "Turn on fast startup."  (this makes the boot slower but no more BSOD'S from the corrupted hiberfil.sys file again. ( but to be clear, it was bad hardware that caused this)
Do this and keep it like this or at least until the PC is healthy again. Nothing else needs to be done , just this if  only you can reach here,  being all PRO-ACTIVE and all.
Just click change ....currently unavailable.... (silly) then turn off faststartup,
end easy fix.

Enemy #1 ( If hiberfil.sys  gets corrupted)
This is the FASTBOOT file too.  It's a mirror file.    If running in safe mode, turn off fast boot, first. then  you can delete these files.

GROSS hacking ways? (running safe mode fails?)
If in a panic, you can try deleting,  hiberfil.sys,  and let W10 find that and force a DEAD COLD BOOT. (even  a Linux boot DVD/Stick  delete it !)  {not tested by me, this delete action}
In the old days,
we could delete all 3 sys files there and the OS would just rebuild them... (The OS sees it missing as the dirty bit, true and does a rebuild) W10 still does !
We  always could  delete 2 files, the hiberfil, and the swap files, in fact we could even turn off swap memory totally , to delete files then put it back later.
Keep in mind all files here are hidden,  so change this, in control panel  +File Explorer options, + view tab,  windows hides these from you. (turn off hidden files)
All you need to do , is find a way to delete hiberfil.sys, using any methods.
If at wits end, I use a Linux boot disk, and delete the 3 files seen above, or just hiberfil.sys. (this is the mirror warm fast boot file and hibernate file)
The newest Linux disks will not let you touch your secureboot  C: windows drive.

If mirror file hiberfil.sys corruption repeats,  you have bad ram... or    The HDD is easy to test.
The most newer Linux will not let you edit your windows files, you must give linux this command to tell it to turn off alien secuity.  (boot to Unbuntu V17, Linux using demo mode,(try-me))

The top causes of the hiberfil.sys file mirror being corrupted  is bad hardware.
RAM or HDD failing. (remove all RAM (DDR2,3,4) from the PC and use only one ram stick at a time to see if this cures corruption.
If you don't like getting a corrupted hiberfil.sys,  then turn off fast boot and even secure boot.  (or until the true hardware failures are found and cured)

To diagnose a PC that fails with dead OS, and no logins screen attained, stalled at boot.
Turn off: 
  • secure boot  (AS MICROSOFT TELLS YOU) (ON ALL MY DELL PC'S  F2 gains BIOS screens and I have no secure boot, UEFI class version 2.6)
  • fast boot (for sure fast thing to try)
  • and safe boot. (allows booting from USB flash sticks, for example a W10 install stick)
  • Run the PC in legacy mode if you can to fix it.

 LINUX fix , using command line. (the modern GUI mode will not let you deleted this file)
(you can make your  own disk and Microsoft teaches you how)  See me do that here?
Then boot it and open the PC under repairs, BOOT drive  and delete the hiberfil.sys
At the console in Linux type, (then enter) as seen here.
mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda5 /mnt/win -o remove_hiberfile (  you MUST use sda1 letters and numbers that match YOUR Drive , this is only and example)
As you can see they have secret  command just to do this act.

PE fix (Windows PE 10 live boot MEDIA ) fix.  This is my most favorite way (on any dead W10 BOX that will not boot)
Step one on newer PCs (not mine) go in to BIOS , and turn off UEFI SAFEBOOT now. This step makes the alien boot devices magically start working again just like all older PC's ever made.
Power on my PC, (a laptop) hammer f9 key  I pick My Sandisk USB stick and then hit space bar until the PE boots (boot menu on the fly)
I have Windows PE10  on a stick usb thumb drive. (does not everyone serious about PC service?)
PE boots.
I do just one click here and the hiberfil is gone.
The reboot the PC , USB stick unplugged.
This is the sledge hammer way, and does work and forces W10 to build it at next normal boot.

I think I covered all ways from Sunday to kill dead that pesky hibefil.sys.  (PE above wins the bet/game and the most easy of all ways for sure)
Please do note , if the PC is dead, RAM bad or bad HDD, nothing on this page is any kind of cure, but can be after say new ram  installed  (run full HDD tests now)

version 1.  10-7-2017 (revised 7-30-2018)