What is Slammed?          
This means, that the bad guy 
installed the  wrong  operating system , per below.  (the OS was slammed or the recovery files erased , or new HDD or HDD was reformatted)
Starting in 2006 HP ended free "Comes with"  recovery disks. (it's now the recovery partition F10 or F11 hot key commanded by you)
The lesson here is you can not mix OS and drivers, willy nilly, (all this must match!)
One top easy bad way to do this is clicking the free W10  upgrade icon from MS. (oops, your old PC can't run W10 not even 1/2 way) We can't blame Bill Gates here, sadly... This free way is now gone (cheers to that)!
One more easy way mess up any PC is to play with UEFI/GPT see my hints here.
He is not a bad guy if the  HDD is bad, causing F11 (F10 )dead,  and HP ended support as is common now, forcing the repair guy (good) to use these 2 methods to recover.  The MS fix , then Driver fix.
Know that Microsoft does not tell you their OS disk works on you PC, (It will about  1/2 why) no they tell you HP does this (OEM) and then HP tells you they ended support.
The old sad story of two guys pointing fingers at each other.  See my XP page for clues on solutions, many.
The below are ways to detect slamming.  ( and see my blame game, link)

What is Slammed?,  By my coinage.... only... and 100% HP centric. (can also be called BRICKING MY PC)  ,< (as smart as  brick or sock full of rocks)
(there are 2 forms here, slammed BIOS by flashing it. , BIOS dead, slammed the HP operating system it's now dead or the HP F11 magic Restore Key. (power on hammer F11 magic)
This is not about the more common failures caused by Viruses or Malware.
Slamming is what the bad guy Alex Dunning, did, you !  (it's like the owner of a car using water or antifreeze for engine oil, he slammed his engine)  See blame here.
Symptoms, are,  BIOS screens dead, or OS is dead or the F11 key is dead.
First we do BIOS is dead: (all BIOS keys and hot keys are dead, power good, Laptop battery remove, and power pack or PSU ok)
It has many causes but slamming is #1, the bad guy (lol) thinks flashing the BIOS for fun or thinking this fixes all the 100's of things that can go wrong, fixes them. It won't.
BIOS beeps and blink codes are covered here...  (an arcane topic)

Or kids turned on BIOS PASSWORDs and now is bricked dead, by the act.  All Password cures are here.
The F11 is a BIOS key so...  that means BIOS must be alive first or F11 is dead too.
If BIOS is ok and the F11 recovery starts then  fails to run recovery processes, then the HDD recovery partitions are dead. (bad HDD or slammed are the 2 causes)
Do not flash the BIOS for fun or paranoia, in fact never do this, unless HP told you to. !!! (flash means reprogramming your PC's BIOS ROM chip, this is a very risky thing to do, so don't do it, ok?)
Do not run F11 until you are backed up. (repair startup files is safe to data)

The F11,magic HOT key Restore is the best way to reload the OS beats all ways  hands down. (with no media in hand at all)  (power on,  hammer F11, fast after power turned on from OFF, HP has vast documents covering all this)
Given1 , BIOS is now ok, all  screens work in BIOS, (hit ESC at power on and go to all screens, are they all good?) Can you boot to a CD /DVD or other stick, F9 hot key , lets you do that. can you.?
Given2: HDD is not bad. you tested it and it is ok, I boot to knoppix 7 to test my HDD, using my F9 boot to Knoppix USB memory stick.

  1. Microsoft told you to upgrade to W10, now the PC is dead, the cure,  is never listen to MS ever, ask HP first ! (no, really) HP designed it and built it , NOT MICROSOFT ! The software is OEM custom software (OS).
  2. You bought a Microsoft (MS) media (dvd/stick)  and proceeded to SLAM your PC, and now has missing  drivers and all App.'s from HP missing. SEE HERE how to get correct OS.
  3. Not only that,but the MS media installer killed the HP Restore partitions dead, and now F11 is dead forever,  great huh?
  4. You used  a Dell or Toshiba OS (oper.system) disk to fix a HP PC, bingo SLAMMMED dead.
  5. You (means anyone) used a recover disk not matching your original OS or, used a media kit for some other model PC.  (they must match or it fails)  33 years of disks times 1000s of PCs. all are wrong but 1 set.
  6. You found out HP does not sell, the media kit now..  after 10 years the last (put your model PC here) was sold.    SEE HERE how to get correct OS.
  7. The badguy  played in the MS control panel,  Disk management page and deleted files or partitions (RECOVERY) partitions;  BAM Slammed.  That page is the most dangerous of all.
  8. Installing LINUX (or other wrong OS) in and attempt (failed) to have DUAL BOOT options, and now Linux killed dead the RECOVERY partition (F11)
  9. Or Linux would not fit so someone used RESIZE partitions and now F11 is dead. (oops)
  10. HP sold PC's with OS/2 , Linux,  Windows and FreeDos... what you had new or have now, I've not a clue.
  11. I can list 10000 other bad things to do that kills windows dead. but I will not... ReInstall the OS, per HP instructions here.

Keep in mind F keys work different at power on, than when inside BIOS pages.  (one is a power boot key, mine uses ESC,F9 or F11) BIOS entry,  boot pick or Restore mode)
The ESC key on mine is BIOS entry.  Screen reminds me every day I boot up with this text there.

F11 is restore factory OS feature by HP

Some get confused, when the display is dead thinking its BIOS dead? (first test the SCREEN /Display)

Or the monitor is dead.

Or PC overheats fast and most times.

Your newer less than 10 years old PC is formated with GPT partitions, and uses UEFI BIOS and safe boot, you will find out that all install disks or usb memory install disks will not boot. (turn off SAFE BOOT,in BIOS)
If the PC can boot to (like mine) 5 other devices, ok, why think BIOS can't boot to HDD/SSD #0  (why think it's BIOS?) no it's HDD issues.  ( I can boot to CD/USB/SSD1/SSD2,Sd-mem) (here is 2)
If the boot order is HDD0 first then its correct, if the F9 key fails to allow booting to HDD#0 then the HDD has issues. (simple no?)  all thing boot but Hdd 0 does not, my pc can boot to HDD0 and 1. (yes 2 SSD)
If you fool the BIOS, with a corrupted OS disk HDD0, and the boot order is  HDD0 then DVD, then  change the order to DVD first, or if boot stick make the stick first or use F9 boot on fly menu.
The BIOS can be fooled easy, if it seens windows file structures there but are dead.  OH SO  EASY.
The HP (2006 to now) F11 magic,  HP recovery feature will fail if the HDD is damaged, or the PC was slammed.  (older PCs had up to 3 disks to install HP OS )
There are lots of HDD tests to run.  some are good others poor.  Testing a 1TB  (HDD can take all day. (if done right)
Thinking the BIOS HARD DISK TEST IS EFFECTIVE. If it fails. sure, it is a bad drive, but not if it passes!,
Try to know that a full test of any HDD modern can take all day long to run and will end up with a 100% erased HDD !) 

I run the Linux LIVE Knoppix HDD tests and check the C6 parameter very very carefully.

The BIOS memory and HDD tests are toy grade (useful sure) but is only a small test of a small area of the HDD,  and very very rudimentary.  ok?  I run SEAGATE tools, tests or the above Knoppix smart tests.
If the HDD dies,(or even goes weak (hard bad sectors lots) then that means the OS will not run right nor will the HP tools run nor the HP recovery magic F11.
Corruption is just that, hopelessness... (new HDD or new OS are the 2 only cures)

Thinking HDD last for ever.
Not running Crystaldiskinfo "S.M.A.R.T" , and not seeing all spare sectors GONE, #5 here.(oops that HDD IS NO GOOD NOW, sorry...

Not running check disk at the command prompt (from F11/F10 HP recovery mode or startup repair)  off any windows install disk or any HP install disk.  Just click Command prompt now.
Type C: or D: or your drive you want to test   C: enter. picks C.  you must type C colon..  enter or nothing happens, same as DOS2 rules, endless timeless ways.
then type CHKDSK /R    (space slash R) it must have a space there.  If you see lots of errors, I bet Crystaldiskinfo fails too. and the HDD is on an fast trip to death, for  sure.

or run DEFRAG , and watch it barf , live. (run box defrag) obviously windows must run to do that, so move the drive to  good system and do tests. (always the best idea that)
Defrag can be run from windows, live, or from the comandprompt live or from the restore, command prompt  way just stated above, off any OS install disk.

Back to Slamming and STRUCTURES:
One sure way to kill the F11 key dead as a door nail is mess with this...

This is a W7 Disk Management menu, and please note the 4 partitions here.  Do not delete them.  I that clear? 
If  you slam this PC HDD, with any Microsoft install disk it will do damage to HP structures...! here, USE HP RESTORE only. (or real HP sold media kits) 
Linux installed same deal. (and most other OS ever made)
The OS recovery is in the so called partition, by the same name it's like a virtual HP install disk, hidden until F11 is hit.
The HP_tools are just that, and important and inside is your BIOS backup file.  (be crazy to delete that, no?) This is what I call Slamming the HDD. (killing dead the core HP files forever)

W7  Disk Management screen . Run box diskmgmt.msc (short cut)  Noted the HP_Tools added later, not in XP.

This is XP's diskmgmt.msc status,  best is not to delete this partition, so you  can recover XP for free.

The BIOS restore is here too, so I you delete this partition , the Day1 BIOS file is now GONE.

end slamming.

You can install any OS you want, if lucky and willing to fetch all the missing drivers or ignore dead chips, (I don't need no stink'n sound) or don't need the working HP apps. Go for it.

UEFI horrors.  ( slamming of a different nature,  a horse of a different color)
My advice is avoid it like the  plague.  (
Rule 1: if HP told you not to , don't!)
 (exception 1: buy a PC new, setup in UEFI/GPT as most are new OR exception 2, have HP upgrade you to this level of security)
It is fully ok to turn off Secureboot , to boot to say Linux on  USB flash stick,  to test things... (or any windows PE live boot stick)

First read the WIKI then this document at HP..

If read those 2 documents are are not confused yet, then tell me why play with UEFI? at all, for sure do not switch from MBR to GPT or the reverse HDD/SSD formats. or you will brick this PC.
I will make my factoid list on UEFI, as seen from the point of view of the average tech.
  1. The complexity of this new system is extreme, it took simple BIOS and now is super complex. (picture in your mind the phrase, "How many angles can dance on the head of a pin?")
  2. Most if not all early UEFI BIOS fitted PCs,  are full of bugs. some have 8  BIOS , updates TO GET UEFI BUG FREE, if at all.   Some are only partial fixes....(yah ask HP first)
  3. Some PCs like my 8540w Elitebook , they gave up.  (shows as partially implemented UEFI with the newest UEFI BOIS flash update,  (means avoid this)
  4. Even newer, PCs, 2015 things are not fully supported yet, see link above document at HP. See those rules and limits.
  5. Do not run MS MBR2GPT app to convert any old system to new. (for sure not upgrading BIOS) it will fail 1 out of 10 times... google, MBR2GPT failures.
  6. Do not use  MBR2GPT do not do so, if HP will not support you., nor do so skipping MS RULES on their converson App. W10 1703 and newer rule and that pesky HP, UEFI rule , that HP supports it  totally on your PLATFORM.
  7. Why do this at all?  That is my question, my guess is folks read , better security and go, gee that is me, so dive in , and don't read the pitfalls first.
  8. Never flash BIOS on a good system. Is rule one by me and the top 5 provost levels at HP real forum.. Most folks brick there PC. doing so.
  9. The same rules apply going backwards, answer DON'T do that,  and regressing (rollback) the BIOS is now ILLEGAL. (UEFI rules there, not mine, not HP, its a fact on UEFI) UEFI is a one way trip. (by rule and design)
Platform means, your PC hardware and your PC BIOS version, your metal.

These comments are for the average person not a tech, nor engineer  and none stop me but one, RULE1:  (and the regression rule, blockage on HP BIOS UEFI)
I have the tools and resources here to correct my errors, most folks do not. (for example a spare motherboard)
Do not get me wrong, I install clean MS newer OS all the time, from 1981 to now.  Vast experience doing so.... I'm un-deterred at all.  I go the distance.
If a key driver can not be found that is a show stopper. (but even then I can add USB device to replace that, (USB Wifi is one great example or a PCI card to fix a dead other card or chip) Desktops are best in this regard.

Blame GAME 101:    (sick and demented)
Rules of blame,  (logic really and truth) only works when you find a problem then diagnose it and then fix the probem.
Then and only then can blame work, and not make you look silly blaming the wrong person. Steal yourself ...
First off lets look at the whole picture.
A PC can fail  in vast ways,  lets discount hardware first,  after all electronics made by MAN will fail, most do below 20 years, old, the HDD 10years, the CMOS battery, 2-5years , the main battery even 6 months now bad.
If hardware fails,  there is no blame, only humans can blame GOD for Entropy, He invented Entropy , NOT YOU, NOT HP nor DELL. (yes customers do wreck good  main batteries by radically cycling them , yes.)
Yes old 2010 or older monitors all go dead, for CCFL hardware failures. or it overheats.

So what does that leave, it leaves software. ONLY IT is now bad.
If you booted to CD version of life LINUX, gee the PC works perfect, telling you clear as day,  the PC is OK, and the HDD is bad or the bad guy ALEX slammed the HDD software.
If you tested the HDD and it's ok, then we know now the BAD GUY did this. (after all the PC ran when new and after the F11 restore) so what cause this ?
Answer is the bad guy or FATE did this,. next, fate last.  (I gave the bad guy a name ALEX , for fun)
  • Alex the bad guy slammed his PC as per above. (there are  no limits to  doing wrong things, in life or on PC's after all it is NOT A TOASTER)
  • Alex set the Microsoft updates feature (bad) he turned on driver updates, DON'T. (end grief now)
  • HP did not do this, HP does not do updates automatic ever. Oops can't blame HP can you. (if you find and exception to this, then turn THAT OFF)
  • Alex flashed his BIOS the wrong way, the  cure?,  leave BIOS alone.
  • Alex downloads or opens email attachments full of VIRUS ,  I blame ALEX.  The web is not safe for the noobs.
  • Alex, had problems with PC xzy,  and found a MS disk and loaded software off the MS disk, wrecking his HP CRITCAL drivers..  Oops 1million have and all cry like babies endlessly...on endless forums...
  • Alex decided to run W10 on his PC, but HP does not support W10 on this PC, (or 1000s of models made by HP 1984 to now) sorry,  the dream is false. Dead wrong. Now he has dead chips like USB.
  • Alex decided to get his driver from Intel.com  (it can work!) but in his case grabbed the correct South bridge driver, but failed to read the intel text file (details) I stated, no USB support.!!! "dah?"
  • Alex should read this about drivers.
  • Alex say on the web this magic (full of malware too) program to run that does auto driver updates and bingo bad now is Worse (DON'T do that)
  • Now fate , fate is  cruel mistress,  and one is Mister,  HDD, at about 10 years old it fails and Windows corrupts.  EVEN BSOD'S.  If he upgraded to SSD , he'd not be here now.
  • Windows  OS loves to corrupt,  so run Windows under the Linux VM. (google it) Windows on SDD or HDD is like a virus magnet. (1 zillion things to go wrong there)

Some drivers, can never work, right, even though it matches your OS version and your chip.(failing)
The reason is simple , the maker of your PC has its own custom design for that chip path, one classic example is the USB ports.
The USB ports are custom designed and the INTEL drivers for same can not work right. (Intel even tells you that, if you read there  pages on topic and why) (intel chips called extensible  are custom by each OEM )
Some PC with huge single (SOC) APU chip  , the Graphic driver runs the USB ports, oops, did you SLAM IT? Top fail here is USB dead.

version 1.  5-9-2017