What is Slammed?          

Most times you end up here, due to PC will not boot or F11 dead or you get blue screens of death; called BSOD's.        
This means, that the bad guy
used the wrong install media, not from HP, or erased the HDD before any install. Bad deal there, if not warranted, by new HDD replacement.
Slamming simply means the PC is no longer 100% HP authentic, like it came new , with a fresh clean OS (operating system) I am not talking infections here that is bad luck, not slamming.
Some times slamming is necessary on old PC , no HP media kits sold now, and the HDD died, sure this is now mandatory ,the slam.

Starting in 2006 HP ended free "Comes with"  recovery disks. (it's now the recovery partition F10 (old say 2006) or newer PC with F11 hot key commanded by you)  Power on , hammer F11 and bingo HP recovery.
The F11 magic key (or old F10) from now on I will call it the F11 key. even on old 2006 PC.
The following things must work and play out in order for the F11 RECOVERY process  to be a success. (pure  computer logic end to end)
  • PC power supplies must be good, the laptop HUGE  battery must  not be bad or shorted as most are old, remove it , now, the PC Laptop will run forever on AC power.
  • The PC must not be bad fan. as seen here on the overheating page.
  • The Coin cell battery (HP calls it the RTC, real time clock battery or CMOS battery ) must not be dead, or BIOS fails and all do from 5 to 10 years old, some less.
  • If all that is ok, then most times the F11 magic key at least responds to your demands, power on , hammer F11 and it goes to the recovery page.  If not most times the HDD is bad, or was slammed. (or BSOD's)
  • The HP recovery partition must not be missing or corrupted, or erased using MS install disk as is so easy to do using the wrong media.
  • If the recovery partition is ok  and the PC healthy , then the recover process is successful, and the PC boots and runs like new, as is the reason F11 was invented.
  • If the HDD is bad or suspected to be bad, the F11 key is hopeless. We test the HDD like seen here, and then replace it if bad and use these 9 choices for install media.
  • Last we can look at the HDD structures and may see things missing.
Know that slamming causes 2 serious issues,  A Dead OS,  or vast things in the PC fail to work right or at all,, due to all those precious HP only drivers, missing.
Learn that Microsoft did not make your PC, HP DID !  (keep that fact in mind at all times)

What is Slammed?,  By my coinage.... only... and 100% HP centric. (can also be called BRICKING MY PC)  ,< (as smart as  brick or sock full of rocks)
There are 2 forms of slammed here, slammed BIOS by flashing it.  do not flash your BIOS, there are 100s of (1000s counting XP corrupted, etc) that can make any PC fail, but this is not in the top 10, EVER !
Slamming the BIOS or Slamming the OS are 2 sure ways to mess up any PC made.
This is not about the more common failures caused by Viruses or Malware. That I will never cover. (or shorted main Laptop batteries as they love to do ,  or PC packed  up in lint overheating)

Slamming is what the (JOKES ! sorry) bad guy Alex Dunning, did, you !  (it's like the owner of a car using water or antifreeze for engine oil, he slammed his engine)
If the PC shows blink codes or beeps you need to write them down and look them up or get help.  If the code  is "no boot happened" then we are here already, no boot and F11 dead.
BIOS beeps and blink codes are covered here...  (an arcane topic)

F11 is the official HP 2006 and newer PCs HP OS recovery mode, (OS means operating system , no matter the version (XP up for sure)
You power the PC on  and hammer the F11 key( if using stinking wireless keyboard, stop using it or put in fresh batteries in it now)
You hammer the F11 key at the seconds after power key is pressed and the BIOS code detects you doing that and then launches the hidden from your,  HP Recovery software located in the C:/HP recovery/ partition.
If any part of that partition is damage, (called corruption) the recovery will fail as will any form of a bad HDD.
We run full HDD test first, to see if its  bad as seen here.

Do not run F11 until you are backed up. (repair startup files is safe to data)

The F11,magic HOT key Restore is the best way to reload the OS beats all ways  hands down. (with no media in hand at all)  (power on,  hammer F11, fast after power turned on from OFF, HP has vast documents covering all this)
Given1 , BIOS is now ok, all  screens work in BIOS, (hit ESC at power on and go to all screens, are they all good?) Can you boot to a CD /DVD or other stick, F9 hot key , lets you do that. can you.?
Given2: HDD is not bad. you tested it and it is ok, I boot to knoppix 7 to test my HDD, using my F9 boot to Knoppix USB memory stick.

  1. Microsoft told you to upgrade to W10, now the PC is dead, the cure,  is never listen to MS ever, ask HP first ! (no, really) HP designed it and built it , NOT MICROSOFT ! The software is OEM custom software (OS).
  2. You bought a Microsoft (MS) media (dvd/stick)  and proceeded to SLAM your PC, and now has missing  drivers and all App.'s from HP missing. SEE HERE how to get correct OS.
  3. Not only that,but the MS media installer killed the HP Restore partitions dead, and now F11 is dead forever,  great huh?
  4. You used  a Dell or Toshiba OS (oper.system) disk to fix a HP PC, bingo SLAMMMED dead.
  5. You (means anyone) used a recover disk not matching your original OS or, used a media kit for some other model PC.  (they must match or it fails)  33 years of disks times 1000s of PCs. all are wrong but 1 set.
  6. You found out HP does not sell, the media kit now..  after 10 years the last (put your model PC here) was sold.    SEE HERE how to get correct OS.
  7. The bad guy  played in the MS control panel,  Disk management page and deleted files or partitions (RECOVERY) partitions;  BAM Slammed.  That page is the most dangerous of all.
  8. Installing LINUX (or other wrong OS) in and attempt (failed) to have DUAL BOOT options, and now Linux killed dead the RECOVERY partition (F11)
  9. Or Linux would not fit so someone used RESIZE partitions and now F11 is dead. (oops)
  10. HP sold PC's with OS/2 , Linux,  Windows and FreeDos... what you had new or have now, I've not a clue.
  11. I can list 10000 other bad things to do that kills windows dead. but I will not... ReInstall the OS, per HP instructions here.

The main BIOS prompt show this  Screen reminds me every day I boot up with this text there.
I can set boot order there, do so .

F11 is restore factory OS feature by HP

Some get confused, when the display is dead thinking its BIOS dead? (first test the SCREEN /Display)

Or the monitor is dead.

More Pitfalls. (to install any new OS on newer PC with UEFI rules,  turn off SAFE BOOT FIRST)

Thinking the BIOS HARD DISK TEST IS EFFECTIVE. If it fails. sure, it is a bad drive, but not if it passes!,
Try to know that a full test of any HDD modern can take all day long to run and will end up with a 100% erased HDD !) 
But not this Linux live boot , run the Smart tests and disk tests safely.

If the HDD is bad why think F11 can work? , it will fail 2 ways, the recover data is corrupted and the install will fail because the delivery fails will self corrupted ( a double damned mode)

Back to Slamming and STRUCTURES: (most are hidden until you set CP "file explorer options" + View to unhide all files.)  CP means control panel.
 This section here is just to explore your HDD, look Ma' the 2 partitions are missing or empty, oops we be SLAMMED ! end why F11 is dead. (easy no?)

One sure way to kill the F11 key dead as a door nail is mess with this...

This is a W7 Disk Management menu, and please note the 4 partitions here.  Do not delete them.  I that clear? 
If  you slam this PC HDD, with any Microsoft install disk it will do damage to HP structures...! here, USE HP RESTORE only. (or real HP sold media kits) 
With Linux booted like in any Live CD, made,  we see the  same deal below.
The OS recovery is in the so called partition, by the same name it's like a virtual HP install disk, hidden until the  F11 key  is hit.(at power on)
The HP_tools are just that, and important and inside is your BIOS backup file.  (be crazy to delete that, no?)
This is what I call Slamming the HDD. (killing dead the core HP files forever)

Most times this happens with folks using non HP install disk ( MS disk love to kill dead, HP structures)

W7  Disk Management screen . Run box diskmgmt.msc (short cut)  Noted the HP_Tools added later, not in XP.

This is XP's diskmgmt.msc status,  best is not to delete this partition, so you  can recover XP for free. (XP/ VISTA.;/W7,8,10)

The BIOS restore is here too, so I you delete this partition , the Day1 BIOS file is now GONE.  HP put these file here, if deleted bad happens now or later.
HP magic BIOS backup sections.

You can install any OS you want, if lucky and willing to fetch all the missing drivers or ignore dead chips, 

Here are all 9 ways to get a fresh OS, when the above fails or happens or is slammed.

No lie , I can install the OS fresh with say a fresh  new Retail boxed MS Windows 7 install media , no problems after I get all the missing drivers that MS does not have. (endless that)
I get them from HP first, if after 10 years HP shut down the support page for THIS PC, then I get them from the chip makers, seen there this way.
Done this 1000s of times, but no more, I'm the retired guy.
Avoid XP its a virus magnet and the PnP servers are DOWN NOW !
Vista was shut down spring 2017, a hard cold fact of life and will impact you soon.

Hope this helps someone, anyone, good luck !

version 2.  5-9-2017  (revised 11/16/2017 , shorter)