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See how , Sleep mode or hibernate mode or screen savers can fool you, see why and the cure , here.
The upgrading to W10 can make your iGPU or GPU card go dead or weak or in odd  MS MBDA mode,(limp) and the cure  is here get a newer card that  runs W10 even for $8 cheap.

Screens have vast failure  modes,  like dead, dim, turned yellow, blinks, intermittant or has funny lines on the LCD.
Ports can go dead (VGA/DVI/HTML or DP)
Buttons can fail / go bad (coffee spills can do that)
There are many screen types of screens,  used for ages,  CRT (cathode ray tubes; Legacy),  Desktop LCD then, LED , and LCDs inside Laptops (notebooks) both CCFL or LED back lighted.
Cold Cathode Florescent Lamp tube CCFL back lamps love to fail. (most of them today are all dead now)
The Best PCs or Screens or displays are made 2010 to now, devoid of the CCFL pain. LED backlamps are the best.
Or just  bad Video driver software .

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Desktop external display dead.

Laptop screen dead.

2008 Nvidia chip failures Solder balls from Hell or  I got lines on my screen.?

Screen cracked?

Lines on screen? see here,

LCD back lamp failures below:  (Cold Cathod Florescent Lamps suck!)  Yellow tubes , dead , blinking or intermittent or  it 1 tube of 4 is dead, then only that tube is black screened, that portion of screen only is black.

The CCFL Flashlight test. (proves back lamp death, be it whole screen black  or1 in 4 tubes dead)

CCFL from hell.

CCFL  inverter failures

HP Monitor List with  old CCFL screens.  (to avoid)

(year 2000  and older, we should forget this every happened. Vacuum CRT's
CRT failures.

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