"CRACKED" This is the no brain'er page.     
What is wrong with my LCD? "liquid Crystal Display" panel.
It's broken.
End of the line, time for new screen.
(new ,see lines on screen)

I pulled the LCD and took some photo's,  of it, just to show damage more clearly.

Surely the above is clear what's up,  what is wrong, no words really need be said of you ever saw how fragile LCD really is, one smack is all it takes. 
Kiss off a $100 bill. too. plus LABOR charges  (laptop or desktop, same damage possible)
You can see the actual crystal gell , leak.
More Captain Obvious damage, even with no cracks the LCD inside can be a wreck.

CLOSELY RELATE IS LINES on my screen or ugly colored boxes.

This is  a bad LCD or bad GPU chip (2008 BGA chips love to fail)
A loose cable to LCD, bad cable socket on either end of cable, if you twist the screen gently with your hands, if lines add or subtract yes, then that is a bad LCD.
Go to your BIOS screens is the screen still ugly? yes, then it has nothing to do with Windows or Linux or drivers wrong. Bad screen it is.
twist  the frame gently, lines change bad LCD.

no words needed here I hope.
Only new CCFL tubes can sure this, yellow old tubes bad, (back lamps no good) The BIOS screens are yellow to right ? sure.

version 1.  7-29-2017