W10-64bit legacy install  even to single MBR HDD partition, easy, or in full secure boot if you want.

W10 fresh INSTALL V1909 new tricks NOW. 
(30 minutes or less install to a SSD) super duper fast to load, unlike DVD slug slow installs.

Given all your data is backed up now.

Answer list, to the install:  (not upgrade mode )
Fresh OS installs  are always the best way forward.
Create an  ISO, next.  (from Microsoft, "MS")
Our use Rufus to burn the ISO to USB memory stick 16GB +. (but why do that?)

Get this free USB burner APP. and burn the ISO to USB memory stick in MBR mode  only (or use RUFUS, also free)
There are 3 historical classes of PC now,  BIOS legacy, CSM and full blown UEFI. (old to new)   { some makers call CSM dual BIOS}
The trick is to load in legacy MBR mode, but if the UEFI PC has no CSM mode is to take the blank HDD/SSD and create 1 huge (all of disk partition in MBR mode) See how here.
Othewise (64bit ,nobody uses 32bit now)  the OS loads is UEFI GPT mode. (secure boot) by default.

 Using SSD target drive to install is only 30 minutes max.   (When I say stick I mean USB flash memory drive, thumb drive, Udisk, built by you above)

  • Build USB stick, 16GB  or more is best size using ISO + Rufus or Microsoft installer builder app.
  • Boot USB installer  (never use DVD's disks now) boot the stick using your BIOS page forced boot menu,  Asus F8 or dell F12.
  • Pick 64bit Windows (it is the most secure of all) 
  • Boot the stick and answer all those silly MS questions  (see purple screens , click next, click I accept, pick custom.
  • Pick NO license KEY. (COA) for now.
  • If wise buy PRO lic., Pick W10 pro. (buy from any MVP sellers on Ebay selling $5 license OEM cheap, and zero MS support!)  Buy and get in in 1 minute flat , via eMAIL.
  • The installer program now shows a lame root drive Explorer, box.  That is just a crude, but effective partitioning tool.  Delete all old partitions first. then when the drive is empty. (see next step)
  • Click install next for secure boot UEFI setup (let the installer do all the hard work!)  or see below for MBR legacy 64bit install .
  • Disable your internet now, if Ethernet connected unplug the cable now. ( to avoid the nasty cloud tricks below)
  • Click USA and USA again for keyboards. (and no second keyboard language)
  • Say NO 2 times. (Say no mostly is best, later you can change you mind )
  • Skip.
  • Click Personal YES,. and NEXT
  • OFFLINE? ,do that. (no cloud BS) ( the new NASTY trick  you must disconnect the internet,
  • MS ONLINE, click NO.
  • Limited experience , checked. Next.
  • UN: bob (or as you want)
  • PW: 1234. (only you know what to type  here , this is a silly answer) 
  • PW 1234.
  • 3 secret silly questions,  first dog name etc.
  • Devices, NO. (other devices sync'd)
  • History NO.
  • Digital Assistant (CORTUNA) NO. (why add  a 2nd nagging wife? omg) IMO !
  • Privacy page , click NO 7 times. (means NO SPY !) Just say NO.
  • Accept.  when done with phase 1 ,  the PC shows, restarting in 15seconds, so...
  • Remove the USB stick installer now,  or you may get stuck in endless phase 1 loop.  (keep HDD first boot and USB 2nd) and install windows, using forced USB boot.(Dell F12)
  • The next boot puts you to MS EDGE, (wow, this is junk exit, world usage is nill) Install Firefox.V76 + up. Chrome is ok, but I boycott Apple and Google.
  • Reboot and connect up Ethernet or wifi NOW   (and Activate your w10 last) Pro is best. Go hog wild spend $5.
  • Get O&O shut10 from the great Germans (love it ).  and set it to defaults, now you are secure. zero spying. (i've used their products since 2001 , and love it)
  • Install VLC (free and safe from French web site) The powerful video file player, plays it all, and best.
  • and last , get and load, Malwarebytes (free edition)
BINGO ready to rock safely.

The MBR trick:  (if not doing UEFI do this) Yes even v1909 64bit will load to a single MBR partition!, ( BIOS secure boot not enabled)
Always a good idea is unplug all other drives. (non CD/DVD/BR drives, first)
  • Delete all old partitions using the install media. (how to below)
  • The press Shift+F10 at the partition screen 1 (command prompt happens) Running installer you can do this command.
  • type diskpart (wait from prompt)
  • type List disk. (take note of what disk # you want to install to)
  • type Select disk 0 (if is 0 # drive)   one is huge, the real drive, (0 is mine) and one is tiny USB installer uDisk drive 1)
  • type clean (clean all takes forever do not use "ALL"
  • type "create partition primary"  (defaults to all of disk and MBR mode)
  • type exit. (exits dispart and back to the command prompt)type exit to go back to the installer partition screen 1.
  • See the MBR drive there now, unassigned. click next (you are done)
For UEFI  secure boot, just click next on the empty hdd/ssd.

Why do MBR boots today?, sure, there are reasons .  (I do not  like secure boot if it  later  bricks my PC )
Avoid , TPM and Bitlocker or encrypted drives, I call this CIA mode,  you are not  the CIA why do this, at all)

Some wise gamers do not ever use , secure boot, only MBR (CSM) so that they can replace the GPU card and not need to reload the W10 OS.  (as seen on Dell XPS and the like)
I run only Asus.com mobo and I can run CSM mode all day long and swap in 25 GPU cards I have (my huge collection) and all swap in with no problems ever, and by my #1 GOAL.

Never run w10 32bit it is no secure, 64bit even in MBR mode is a super secure kernel.

version 3.  5-17-2020