Project DELL XPS-8900 ( a personal log of building a cheapest DIY gaming PC)  
(no new parts)
 XPS-8900  Dell released in October 2015.  Dell uses a normal PSU here, not Proprietary custom lame PSU wrong size case, missing GPU 12vPCI-e cables or worse BTX class PC junk (do not buy BTX))
Motherboard (MoBo) size = (uATX , micro ATX 9.6 by 9.6"inch mobo)  The 8910  is better if found, with M.2 x4 slot !  or a Asus Z270prime ! or better B360M motherboards new. (and cheaper)
This PC is an Intel SKYLAKE CPU only ! Intel Generation 6 only and  mine is I5-6600.     SEE MY Hardware SLIDE SHOW HERE !
See my new BIOS pages slide show here.

  • I am Using an old tower case, (not this) with lots of room and  makes cooling better  with 2  large 120mm fans, Cards up to 11 inches long. (see  new dark tower or this better white tower here)
  • XPS 8900 , I bought this  motherboard used for an almost perfect $20 mobo.  a good deal but why do this if no deals found like me, answer is do not do it. It is not worth $100 as MOST ARE.
  • DDR4, 2133 MHz   $30 8GB (2x4G)  (  used prices all are ebay buys) max is 64GB (min is 8GB)
  • I have an intel gen#6, my CPU i5-6600 this is SKYlake Socket LGA1151  , 51watts. (i7-6700K  is max)    $100 cost  gen 6 (costs more than Gen 8, no ideas why me)
  • PSU upgraded with Corsair TX750 watts. (my spare) "single 12v RAIL) ATX12v- V2.52+ compliant and better than any Dell PSU,  stock PSU is 460watt and can run GPU up to say 150watts. (maybe more ?)
  • Power button "7R574" bought for  $10 makes wiring easy to stock case wiring , 6x2 form factor.
  • Missing here  is the  top+front I/O panel USB/ front sound   F_audio Yellow jack coded. ; I do not have this USB cable.
  • No Dell  card SD readers, and useless to me, and not needed.
  • Fresh loaded a used spare SSD + ($20) Windows 10-64bit  v1909+,  legacy MBR boot PC,  UEFI OFF.   MOBO below also supports M.2  x1 SSD- NVME gum stick type.  (800MB/s max)
  • BIOS v:2.6.1, June 2019 (fresh) free to get and use and used F12 update BIOS method only.(safest)
  • GPU , I have this spare GPU card,  AMD R9-380 (190watt) (needs PSU with Aux power cable) and a GTX1050ti card to try.
  • The stock DELL case , the right side is riveted on, so working on heatsink base mounts there are a pain.  I'd never buy any $350 used Dell case, I'd buy this first.,

I like how the DDR4 slots are MoBo numbered # correctly 1,2,3,4. (for testing fast 1 stick this is nice )  
MoBo,  motherboard , system board: uATX: (micro)  Dell P/n:# XJ8C4     ..  see here for F_Panel_1, secrets.  power on pins and usage.
Photo#1 click photo to see rear of PCB.

The best way to load drivers is to use DELL DUP application run that and it tells you what you need and then click the load buttons 1 by 1, as the POP up. (what could be more easy?, sure MS PnP)
DUP = Dell UPdate Application, DO IT.! now!

Key hardware features below:  Ports etc.

Bus Slots( I.D: codes seen in  photo just below)

#16 Blue PCIe x16 card slot (Video Card)   all are V3.0 PCI
#15 Black PCIe x4 card slot (Sound card)
#14 Black PCIe x16 (wired for x4) card slot

TBT-HDR is thunderbolt header

Two M.2 NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor)
#21 Slot 1 for WLAN (wifi lan)
#9 Slot 2 for SSD M.2 NVMe long  slot is only PCIe x1 (one lane)  985 MB/s per x1 lane!   (sad but true, so by adapter  m.2>PCI-e x4 card is only $10) <this card is just wires, so only seen  with m.2 DDR m.2 inserted,

I might add the ASUS Z170-deluxe, will do x4 NVME here with SATA_5 and 6 ports disabled.
Asus actually documents there great BIOS, unlike Dell. 
The Asus will run all gen6 or 7 CPU's, unlike any DELL. even the cheapest Celeron.   2times better at 1/2 the price ! 

Onboard Intel 530 GPU HDMI 1.4 4096x2160   (known as iGPU )
Onboard Intel 530 GPU Display Port 4096x2304 (plenty good for  most users)

4x USB3 ports (blue coded !)

Realtek ALC3861 7.1 integrated audio  Ven=10EC(Realtek) dev 0899  this is wired to rear jack and I guess to front top, headphone/MIC. with custom switched logic only Dell drivers work here.
Scans by me show , RV635 HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 3650/3730/3750] ven=1002 (AMD) AA01 is HDMI chip audio. This is my R9 GPU.
J75NW Sound Blaster Recon3D PCIe x1 (a day one new DELL option!) I do not have this.

XPS 8900 does not support Diagnostic beep codes (only blink codes now, silence is golden !)

The South Bridge, is Z170. (not saying I know Dell wiring ... but...)aka. chipset or PCH.
Please do not be confused about the Z170 programming or wiring, the makers of some better PC do make a great drawing like the below right side by ASUS,  it is NOT your fault for a lack of good  OEM documents.
See Z170 features best seen here: (easy)  DDR4 it is and fast SATA ports. (6Gb/s) gigabits!  (100% Full W10-64it support, even RST RAID works)!
Each maker of MOBO decides how to allocate the 36 PCI-Express lanes. (Dell short changed the M.2 to x1)    (a top maker like ASUS ROG tells you how it is really wired , way to go ASUS ! and like Supermicro does !)
Dell wired the 2nd GPU X16 slot as X4, that too is odd. (here is the Asus Z170 Deluxe diagram)  (ALWAYS TALK TO YOU MOBO MAKER FIRST ON REAL FEATURES!)

$100 used (2020 price)  A great deal this is. (plenty fast) 4 cores

USB2 & 3 and more wiring  secrets told:  My old case does this just right.   See all secrets in the slide show. (pinouts for USB 2, 3 and power button fully documented)

Next topic is KEY BIOS SETTING to be successful booting any LEGACY SSD/HDD Drive and HIGH end GPU card.
Dell no longer documents the error codes in their 2 main manuals (user/service), like done the last 2 decades, so they moved it to generic linked pages, below.
 P.O.S.T Documentation    ( I will add more to this weak list later at end of my page)
Testing: 1,2,3. (see here for my report)
I will later document other POST errors, like missing cables inside fans missing, or wrong fan (Intel's) and more lots more.etc, (old F1 errors classic)
Leave service mode jumper alone. (read the manual for all jumper fiddling) The PW jumper location is where it stays parked there normally PSWD. (seen in photo1 above)
I will Learn too , all things that can be turned off in BIOS like front audio, or front USB,  and front top SD reader, missing turned off. (any error for cables I will try to disable in BIOS)
Now some great BIOS screens with far better words of warning in them.  I just  love the new warnings Dell puts in the BIOS screens,  so clear and important.
BIOS screens , Gamers delight. (best is a Legacy for GPU card swap outs  and upgrades every 6 months !) UEFI can be a huge  huge pain for gamers or others that do testing or development.

SEE BIOS CHOICES SLIDE SHOW HERE ( a work in progress)

This shows how to set up LEGACY CSM MBR boot drive and not UEFI. (no secure boot)

If you use  Legacy mode (means boot drive MBR ) you can use any GPU card made.  (tried many me )

F2 BIOS settings. (beyond defaults) after update.
NIC,+PXE off  (NIC only enabled) Keep PXE off totally ! (PXE means boot from thin-net boot servers!)
SECURE boot off, Legacy ON.  (SSD is MBR formatted not GPT by me on purpose) and OP ROM enabled)
Safeboot off, (so I can boot load OS from stick flash thumb drive USB) (I like to call them uDISK) or boot from CD/DVD.
BOOT sequence, set to my SSD0 first. boot order.    MAKE that first or USB 1st then BOOT drive 2nd.
Deep sleep C -States (deep sleep ) off. they are buggy. BUGS MAX !  DISABLE THIS DEEP DOODOO mess.
I turn off SATA RST (RAID is W10 supported on z170, but I have no need for  it ) Best is turned off . (and on some moBo this frees up useful resources like PCI-e lanes)
Turn off Wifi slot if missing card. if it errors out at POST. (I kicked mine to the curb, Wifi is for squids)

I am using a  AMD R9 380 GPU card and is not too long.  10" inch, my case limit is 11.5" space.
The below cards will not fit most cases, so choose your card first then case 2nd.

But this one is too long. 3" full longer. and too long for most cases even mine, (hdd cage not drilled rivets out)  This needs 2 CASE fans or it will overheat
This MSI PIG is 13 inches long 330mm     (or 2nd runner up? Zotac)

The rule for CPU choices are are not simple and Dell is worse of  (as compared to say Asus Z170 deluxe mobo.)
This is not mom's toaster OK?  Ever see the 5000 PC benchmarks , I7-6700 runs
Flashing BIOS first is best. (for newer CPU "micro codes" and or RAM support)
  • CPU Pin count 1151 must be a match, what else? ( first if pins are wrong  there is no hope) pure simple connections are first)
  • Z170 supports both  GEN6 or 7, see below chart.   The z170 does run gen 7 CPU but DELL DOES NOT.! Just SKYLAKE listed BELOW Gen 6 (i5-6xxx or i7-6xxx best)
  • The BIOS must  like it?  upgrade the BIOS. first. (sure) Flash burn the FIRMWARE  first.(to current version)
  • The mobo bandwidth and clocking rules must support the chip.(K chips can over clock) (BIOS and logic and mobo layout limits) Gen 6 here. DELL MOBO LAY OUT RULES too matter.
  • The new CPU must NOT overload the mobo VRM power regulators (100watt my guess is limit?), nor overload/heat the heatsink fan set.( above 65watts may need  a better fan/heatsink)
  • One cure on silly limits  is to only buy real MoBo from that in fact does support a huge list of CPU, for a fact, do that and win.. (even Gen7 CPU !) kicks Dells bootie.

Celeron and Pentium have wrong iGPU HD510 (530 is DELL allowed only)   (T or low power, mobile  versions)   intel makes these CPU with 3 classes of iGPU including "p" Iris version, only 1 works.\
This is my lame attempt at a DELL QVL list for XPS 8900 the first 11 are hard nut fails. All other should work, I have i5-6600 in mine. I see no point at all testing "T"coded CPU nor any lacking HD530 inside.
Click here for Intel's rules only a  list  ,  DELL BIOS LIMITS THIS For sure. "so called micro code support"   and guess what? ,  dell does not list what microcodes they support. (even on a gaming PC, Imagine that?)
Get 4  core only.Use only GT2 (530) CPU  4 core 
 Dell does not support most CPU listed under z170 specs. only a few work. Green Star above for sure.

CPU FAN: (know that the BIOS monitors and controls this fan, and is speed and PWM rate strict)
 Most Dells will POST fail for any fan problems or using any non  Dell Fan. (the BIOS has strict rules on fan preformance)

The 95watt fan
KTDJC has a heat pipe, and is super expensive over $70 , I use this type seen for 3020MT 95watt.D::P/N# 3VRGY+Y82TX  $12

Power Button Jack decoded by me:  Super secret #2 is DAH big BUTTON. My only true hack is here.
Yellow and black are wired opposite on mine. (but works)
I will prove out polarity later (LED) Dell never documents there custom jacks, ever. (I just did)
On many Dells (all mine do) if blow connector is missing and I jumper 5 to 6 for 1sec. the PC turns on and F1 errors (power panel missing) (I will document how to cheat this F1 error soon)

Secret 5? how to I put a 2.5" drive into a 3.5" cage, surely this is easy,  of all the things not hard to cure this be it, pure physical fitments.
To use a 2.5" SSD in any 3.5"card cage I spend a buck.  (or just tie warp the sucker to something ) SSD has no motors, so can be tied to any surface inside the PC, easy.
Cost each a whopping 0.99cents (direct from China) I love 99cents free ship.

Studs spacers:   (do not read this section this is pure hardware world as in NUTS and BOLTS.) 

My JARGON, list short.


My List of  undocumented POST errors that DELL DOES NOT Disclose at all: (for sure errors seen display or in BIOS log page too)
All cable errors, and fan errors, reported, even missing boot drive, I will attempt to check for all errors,  shy of going mad and shorting pins.
This PC can do blink codes, never beeps and do live screen logged text errors, BIOS POST and can log them all in the BIOS F2, logging records inside BIOS, pages.
F1 errors freeze the screen and tell you xyz failed. 
Lucky me no intrusion alarm jack here nor PC case thermal sensors to fail. (they are not present)
Mostly cable and fan errors but also wrong CPU (Celerons?) and wrong or even missing RAM. (and how to hide it in BIOS settings or  other tricks with hacking connector jumpers)
Some Dells allow you to mask all F1 errors. (no boot screen halts)
And now my full report on errors: below.
If the PC will not turn on and stay on , upgrading BIOS will be impossible. (via any means short of flash chip replacement (soldered down)
Error code blink amber 2,3 (wrong CPU Celeron gen7,tried by me, just for fun and giggles)   flash flash, pause, flash,flash,flash , long pause.  (only blinks after the PC power core pulled from wall)
I will attempt to create every kind of error I can. ( but code 2,3 error masks all others and PC dies, fans go dead  ) besides and including these.
  • RAM missing? (well bad ram sure blink codes) but missing? You get only a simple yellow LED flash, 3 time and repeats endless.  (Dell 3,3) error.
  • Cables missing of the many?. Card reader? (only front audio panel missing is a big problem)  No F1 boot stalls.  (but kill dead the rear 7.1 sound ports for sure green port dead)
  • Fans unplugged both.  (both fans missing or spinning too slow fail ! for sure ePSA diagnostics (F12)   yes stalls if CPU fan stalls. (goes to firmware "Support Assistant" 31 second scan and tells you fan dead"
  • USB ports missing? or card reader missing? (only fails in ePSA Diag F1) NO F1 stalls : card reader is not needed. USB3 front port ,not needed, at all.  NO stalls (F1)
  • GPU card present, but no monitor plugged in to it,  errors.  (depends on what GPU card is there, some cards go off line and report that to BIOS and then BIOS warns you code 3,2 yellow blinks , but not mine?
  • Conclusion is that Dell ended the old style F1 stalls screens totally (as seen on Optiplex) and now do only frozen  "Support Assistant"
No boot device error? is not really complex , here is a full list:  (to a tech this error is self explanatory per below)
  1. There is  defective CD/DVD disk inside the DVD drive, cure ? remove the disk media now.
  2. Same with defective USB thumb drive confusing BIOS to death, the cure?, remove them all.
  3. PXE enabled? first, turn it off in BIOS. (why dell has this on a gaming PC no idea me!  why do we need Thin-net boots here?)
  4. Boot Sequence set wrong (so change it to SSD0 or HDD  first as your case may be...) Set your boot drive as first.
  5. A Dead boot SSD0 drive can be simple:. SATA 0 port disabled  in BIOS?  the power cable to the drive is missing or fell off and or its data cable SATA. (put it back)  
  6. The HDD is showing dead,  and Support Assistant (POPS) and  shows code 2000-0141 drive dead, unplugged  (Fails SMART TEST?) on this DELL PC run F12 DIAGnostics and test the HDD.
  7. The BOOT drive has corrupted or virus infected or missing boot files code 3,4?. (read how to fix that at or reload the OS. (takes only 30 minutes USB to SSD!)
  8. The Boot drive is MBR legacy boot drive and you have BIOS set to SECURE UEFI boot. (change it back to legacy)
  9. The Boot drive is a secure boot UEFI media  and you have BIOS set to legacy boot, (simply set it correct, only you know what is right but on new PCs it is secure boot.)

 (one can force a boot using hot key F12, pick the SSD and boot it, done) if this simple test passes, we know the drive boots and you only have BIOS set wrong.
In legacy mode you can boot to anything you want, even SD ? card, external HDD or CD/DVD or external DVD, or USB, and more... the legacy BIOS page lists them as seen here.
Full error checks done...
Pitfall#1 is the 3Pin Rear fan is NOT OPTIONAL  and if missing cause Dells firmware assistant to go nuts and logs shows hard failure "FAN REAR" (or is the wrong not DELL spec. rear  fan)
The boot F12 diagnostic, runs (a test) the rear case fan from 800 RPM to 2000.  (I have an optical tachometer gun that shows that the MoBo varies the 12vdc pin to change motor RPM and the tachometer checks it for 15% accuracy)
F12 even tells your all detected RPM readings after the F12 scan test finishes. (target and acutal) My test of one generic MASScool fan runs too slow.

Next up is pesky W10-64bit, v1909 does not want to install as MBR CSM legacy boot. (had to make a USB stick from ISO and force LEGACY MBR CSM mode. (rufus or "ISO2DISK" app easy)
Any  USB ports are optional and if a problem (non found) turned them off in BIOS ( front/rear/top/left/right) huge choices.  The USB 3 20pin port is not present, no problems. I have all front USB ports disabled in BIOS.
The BIOS logs are clean, but the ePSA, F12 Diagnostic does not ,like my rear fan for max RPM (one on order dell p/n) nor does ePSA like all my missing Front USB(2&3) ports nor like missing front audio panel (on order) and missing card reader (useless to me)
only the missing front audio panel makes my rear audio dead (Dell bad choices sure). (that is a show stopper but is $6 used part now on order to  fix it.)

W10  install can fail for chips or cards unknown so..  (others have w10 fail if the m2. wifi card is present, but mine is missing)  ALL XPS 8900 chips were liked by W10 , nothing missing. (besides sound dead)
The BIOS comes with free W10 home license, so activation is free.
Version 1909+, now has this new stupid forced Microsoft, email demand, turn off  all INTERNET connections to this PC, now, at install by ANY MEANS. OK ,  this neuters. MS<BULL. "the screen then shows,  "No internet install" BINGO.

end , no more problems or as Gill Bates says NO ISSUES. (no  imperial entanglements !, says  Sir Alec Guinness, RIP  Obi-wan)

Example photo of my build , no worries ever with cooling. (the worlds cheapest, XPS 8900 (under $200)  I have far faster better Z270 PC but this PC is for some kids.
I call this the SLEEPER ! (looks like Relic  but is not ) There re-purposed case saves energy and is zero carbon foot print (the case and all things in side  are recycled ) NO NEW PARTS HERE.

ERRORS hard to cure:  (in fact is impossible, due to bad sound ports "all")
Dead rear  SOUND /AUDIO  7.1 rear green line out port and the front head phone jack too dead. (solved, it is a bad hardware chip)

These  photos in my slide show, are the last key missing parts, Front Audio jack to the panel (Dell) , must be present or the BIOS goes wacky and the W10 driver too fails hard, for realtek.
The error will be that the Sound ICON in the tray will show X marked. 
In fact on mine all  sound ports are dead both front and rear. (even mic) and even the detection  switches are dead. (3.5mm) front and rear.
I tried all tricks in the book to make it work , running Dell drivers new , are no cure for me.
As always, make sure sound/audio is not disabled in BIOS page by that name. ( 1st things FIRST)
To MoBo jack colored yellow   to top audio  panel via  the cable and panel on mine is missing also causes and ePSA Diagnostics  F12, very angry.
  • audio-cable connector (F_AUDIOINT_SPKR) As seen here.   And HERE:
  • USB-cable connector (F_USB3) (error , it is not 3 it is 2 corrected on page 15 of service guide.
I will mount my just bought used front panel  to the special DVD fake 5.2" tray  seen here.
Completed looks like this.

The REALtek chip ALC899  is 100% dead. (so I  Installed a $15 USB Toslink optical DAC to my home Theater  receiver and it works in 1second flat (PnP)  (SOLVED)

All I know is the Audio panel below has  2 switches for 1 each 3.5mm  to tell the OS what jack is used or not and  presense detection like this,
I tried to fool the switches and the Presense pin but failed. (sad face) 7844F (p/n)
The above is NOT optional I think. (due to front rear automatic switching logic (phones/speakers)
What I do know is the OS driver looks to be sure the front panel PHONES jack is not used, then if not used, it lets the rear ports go active. (my guess if missing, above panel puts the driver OFF LINE) 
The Realtek ALC899 chip   and fails in windows10 , My W10  PE disk,  Ubuntu Demo v17 and 18.  (I tired, Dells driver and MS driver and Realtek , and all fail hard, even the jack detections fails, yah hopeless.)
Both Sense1 and 2 pins are dead, the Driver never sees it switch events.
In theory pin 4 with 1k resistor should fool it, but my test failed.

RIP MY  Dell Sound onboard chip is DOA, dead as a stone ( cured this failure easy with my DAC below))
To get sound one can go for a DAC USB, USB dongle with 2 jacks L/R/Mic or with PCIe sound cards($$$) or and HDMI sound break out adapter. (or monitor with HDMI sound ports in it)
The cure. (the new toslink ports have protector plugs on the female port and the cable ends for sure ends not removed will dead cable. (tiny  rubber cup protectors must be removed)
It is not a card but there is one inside the box below. (all things below work under Windows 10-64bit, and Ubuntu V18 OOBE,  hits the deck running  (HTDR?) just  plug it in and bam it works. (nice)
TOSLINK is best, never any 60Hz. hum ever.!(no ground loops or RFI, possible)
A better USB box besides the old one above uses CM6631a chip at $30 up. 24bit and 48khz up.(below) I made my own box to fit it out.
I use Toslink, only, with HD cable set.
Best cable is APF grade 20meter max. (cheap cable 10m)
The core is 1mm plastic, and not glass fiber that is 3x more costly but runs 100meter or longer, here is 10m max.(33feet)  No word is 3.5mm long pin toslink.
The best cables are have armor sheath and  HQ,  polished optical ends. (take off the protection caps first)
If running long distances over 10meters ,33feet, use glass fiber cables. not (normal plastic)

GPU upgrade and bench marks next:
This card GPU will  not fit here. (1/2 joking)

Note how the monster GPU AMD/MSI R9-380 (circa year, 2015) card fits my CASE. and is double wide too.
This card uses 190  watts of waste power and heat) Thus the 2 GPU fans , thus two Aux power cables, +12vPCI-e at 10amps
The PC case rear fan keeps that heat out of the case.
CPU i5-6600 and 8GB DDR4 RAM.
A good  entry level Gaming PC. See performances below.
Bench marks next and here ..... The R9... is first...
Furmark @ 1600x900 68FPS  but at 1080p 54FPS
FARCRY5 +FRAPS shows 30FPS,  (a better card will do far batter, GTX1650 (66FPS easy). (Turing class up)   (My old GTX1050ti  does well here too, see below data for both R9 and 1050Ti)

PassMark: R9
CPU = 8456 %65% world
2D=  780 77% but at 1080 848@79% world.
3D= 6567@78% but at 1080p  but  6847 @80% with huge penalty, for wrong monitor not 3840x2160).
Diskmark,4783 @85% 518MB/s read speed. *Samsung 850.
The Old R9 , was retired now and 1050Ti installed.
Next up:
My Zotac, GTX1050-Ti =  @1600-900 reso,   Benchmarks again, newer better card.
Furmark =  52FPS same Reso. (furmark lies here, not seeing real 20FPS better speed.)
2Dmark= 813 @ 79%
3Dmark= 5742 @74% but is penalized  67% for wrong display monitor.(not
3840x2160 is loss of 22FPS at DirectX12) 60-100FPS see live then docked, 22 FPS !
FarCry5 = now 90FPS

Now a real game one that runs crazy fast after 17 years of CPU/GPU evolution: (I still have old CD GAMEs even Battlefield Viet Nam. 2004') and license key old.
One more, old COD1 Call of Duty #1 (circa 2003 old),  runs at 700-1000-FPS (1050ti card) on this PC XPS 8900. (limited only by Monitor used)
The car driving scenes are wild fast in COD1.
Frame sync turn off in COD1 ! (see photo below for how)

What matters is  not Benchmarks ( but real games and for sure YOURS.)

Keep in mind at all times some old Games may only use 1 or 2 cores in the CPU not all 4 or  6 or 12, and that the game programmer, calls those shots, at coding design time and compiler time.
The programmer decides all that, and may not support modern faster CPU's or GPU, (or sure as a team)

1080p + V-Sync, this setting enabled  also limits FPS, speed.
High FPS only matters and helps on better monitors 1080P and up. and Higher vertical refresh rates above 60Hz. Read this.
Just because the game or benchmark or FRAP shows high FPS, does not mean the monitor does that, nor even your eyes notice it. (what matters most is mouse lag)

Done. (bench)
Photo1: COD1 +GTX1050Ti.  (1000 FPS at start and slows to 700)   Old simple games run crazy fast. (so fast the mouse is near impossible to control) All software besides below are current and fully fresh. 1600x900

The FPS below is best for the fact that it will not cause game to crash or run slower. (Nvidia ways and means best)
Click the 60  and ignore the silly OFF below it. (in Overlays)

Just one click to go faster.

Done testing games on my 8900.

The Dell is way over priced, new/used, etc,  for sure the PC and for sure the $100 Plus used motherboard, when I can buy a new B360m  $55  NEW IN A BOX, and the 4 core GEN8 CPU $75 (i3) or $55 used. Not DELL!
The maker their mobo runs every CPU possible seen here, unlike the half lame Dells.
(got extra CASH )?
If shopping for a low cost PC build your own, buy  a case you like and a B360m mobo and build it out and save a fortune even save $1000. (I'd go Z370prime) but that is me.

If super serious
and want a quieter PC and runs nice and cool?  and we all know cool is longer life too. Like this.
Consider less fans and use only cases like this:
  1. Convection cooling, is 1st (after all it is free of cost and fans so is first) a top and bottom of case are fitted out with huge grills. my other PC has magnetic screens that just lift out.
  2. No CD no HDD cage on front of case allowing again,  HUGE VENTS. and nothing blocking them like huge cables. (the cables on top made cases are hidden in a right side plenum area)
  3. Same with REAR of case a FAN is the best place here, that sucks hot air out and tons of cool air from all other vented screens Top/front and even bottom. (this fan is controlled by the mobo logic and only runs fast when needed)
  4. The PSU is in a bottom tunnel and sucks its cool air and expels it to the rear. (and if a HDD is there this same cool air cools them in this path.
  5. That CPU fan need to be sized to match your CPU max watts most are 95w or less.
  6. The best cases have vast areas of vent screens. (so that the PC never starves of fresh  cool room air.)  or cases like BF1 with HUGE 200MM ( ~7.9inches) fans in front.
  7. Space for future water cooling, no not me, I do know how  use AIR for cooling and it always works for me even with 250watt GPU cards!!!
  8. The right side of case must come off. (Dell are you listening?)
Go with DARKFLASH DLM21  $55 whole bucks !( I am not paid to say that ever) NO Ad's here, ever. or tracking)   This design also hides most of the bulky cables from main air path and sight (glass door)

DLM21, is 376*208*405mm  (DxWxH)  {14.8" x 8.2 x 16")   (Maximum GPU length is 330mm/13in.) case comes on many colors.(even pink !) The water cooling is overkill. (use AIR only and be happy)

What I do when bored or the Room A.C. goes Kaput. (or my weekly bath.)


version 1.  2-20-2020    ( I love Asus, compare all  related models matrix here is Z170 ( deluxe and premium win M.2 x4 )) and the USB BIOS Flashback button, wow.