HP J4580 OfficeJet death.

when down this is what I have, and easy future fixes in 5min flat.

The beast Mr. Encoder 2.

remove scanner toop, just pulls off to rear. then take out all T10 screws on top and one hidding behind front J4580 logo , it pops off and T10 there too. then whole top is off. Last I pull the carriage with 6 screws on plate here and last the power drive rollers in view. (and they are dead)

paper rollers exposed, easy, do not remove the PCB on top left rear, the next step is gently remove the left gear protector cover, it has no screws you just trick it out. by hand. and now the big encoder drive #2 is exposed, and you then see it spin, turned on and the shaft dead. No more guessing now ,right?

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