MY GPU port is dead, why?        

The causes off failure list is large:
  1. Monitor is fully dead, we  test the monitor on a 2nd PC , test the monitor even by it self using the monitors menu button and OSD screens.  {if monitor is ok then blame GPU problems}
  2.  Monitor shows, an error like: , "no signal, no connection, no sync. or all scanned ports are dead"
  3. If monitor shows OUT OF RANGE error means for sure monitor is older than 10years old and can not do 1080P resolution so set the PC to 1024x768 and try that.
  4. NO SIGNAL  means the cable lacks video/sync or any data from the PC. (this never lies, there is no signal)
  5. A Bad cable.(bent pins on ends)
  6. Cable plugged in wrong port. at both ends, monitor end or PC end.  (example HDMI on monitor cabled to PC HDMI if GPU card there, if no GPU to the main board HDMI port.
  7. Monitor  many have HDMI In and out ports and the HDMI-in is the correct port, and on the PC HDMI out. is the only correct port ,same ALL-IN-One PCs have  HDMI in, called virutal monitor mode. avoid that.
  8. PC is dead. (a slient PC is mostly dead) For sure most desktops this is true.
  9. PC not turned on, power lamp on PC dead, or shows, stuck in sleep mode amber? (hold power button for 10 seconds and release, sleep is now ended, PC is off so now turn it on. (easy no?)
  10. A PC can have 6 monitor GPU ports,  2 on the mainboard and up to 4 on the GPU card. (learn that all 6 are never all live at once, with GPU card present only that is live now)
  11. The PC's has a 3 way BIOS settings called VIDEO::, AUTO,  PCI/GPU and iGPU.  The Monitor does too, it has input scan AUTO, VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP (as many as that) Use AUTO here too.
  12. if BIOS set wrong , the ports will be dead. (some) USE AUTO.
  13. If GPU card is present then only those ports are live (to be online) and the iGPU main board will be offline and dead, by DESIGN.
  14. To test the iGPU you must remove the GPU CARD first from the PCI-express X16 slot. (then move the monitors video data cable to the correct iGPU main board port.
  15. if you wrongly hot swap parts inside (GPU FOR SURE) any PC this causes system latch up or damage or the GPU to go dead, so stop doing that. (the if lucky cure is the long reset)
  16. Now start over after this power reset, with all things connected and then turn on the PC, and monitor.(works ok now?)
  17. The GPU card is dead because you used a weak PSU, not enough watts or  wrong PSU the GPU cards needs the AUX power  cables  , connected or both as seen in photo#1 below.
  18. The GPU card is actully bad. (defective) rare this is, see all 23 reasons here, yah lots.  (also see bad CAP.'s in GPU or PSU or on MOBO)
  19. The GPU card has  the wrong GPU driver loaded in W10. ( step 1(GPU manual) for  a new GPU is remove all older GPU drivers, in windows device manager)  (if you forget step 1, then boot windows 3 times for the W10 self repair.)
  20. You bought a counterfeit GPU card
  21. Some PCs  with 5 year old RTC coin cell better (super common) the BIOS goes DEAD and you get a black screen of death.
  22. Windows 10 does not support my card. 2008 or older love to fail.  No support by OEM card maker and many old intel GMA, iGPU old CPU are not support by intel.
  23. Last and hellish,  you PC runs in secure boot mode , you put in a new card and it fails. (Dell non DELL GPU cards do that... ) the cure is reload W10.

Many high end GPU cards have 2 jacks seen below, I call them AUX power 12vdc.  (ATX-12-PCI_e)
Photo#1  I use Corsair TX750 PSU that will run any GPU made now or for the last 15 years, no problem.  Over 75watt cards all have 1 or 2 jacks here. (all pins must be populated not missing)
This GPU card that uses at least 6 yellow wires, 12vdc.

Ok the Card is not dead and screen not really dead, but is  not right, for 3D or  high resolution.,  then you need new drivers in Windows 10.
The OEM card maker has  a manual if you read it , it tells you most steps, not one tells you my 23 problems above. (they assume PC is 100% perfect for your card and never had a card ever)
Before changing out any GPU card the first step is to disable the old card driver in Device manager (from control panel) (for sure toggling AMD to Nvidia and back) AMD is ATI. then shut the PC down.
Step2 is remove all AC power to the PC  and pull the line AC power cord, push power button 3 times or intel all fans stop twitching and all LED stop glowing in any way, wait 15minutes, then work inside the PC and not cause damage to the PC. (never hot swap parts inside ANY PC)  Hot swap means both AC line connected in any way and or ,  not discharing all caps by the 3 times rule above.

The #1 reason for BSODs are bad video drivers.  Upgrade your GPU driver. 
The #2 reason for video dead or Pixel-ated is a  bad PSU or not enough watts from the PSU.  (a 10 year or newer PSU is best)

Below see the actual onboard iGPU VGA port  and DP1.
The iGPU is here for those wondering?, is  inside the CPU package itself is on Die GPU (iGPU)  Is it not nice seeing and iGPU, so you know where it is now, it is part of the CPU. SEE? IT?
INtel i7 CPU quad core  prime grade. Chip Die photo.  Intel inside see?
My iGPU is off line now, due to me inserting the GPU card, in X16 PCI-express slot below.(normal)

Here is real Desktop full Minitower by DELL and has  real PSU that can be upgraded. (with a cable adaptor)

See  DVI +DP below. Others PCs can have 2x DP or 2 HDMI or more here below.
Right now only my  GPU card is online.
My Dell T3610 Xeon CPU with no iGPU at all.
In area 5, the expansons slots, (dell calls those dedicated cards, but are expansion slots a name IBM uses for 39 years.  X16 slot is top and any of 1000's of cards fit here, PCI- express only.
The iGPU can be called an integrated GPU  it sure is, and if the card is missing is not the iGPU dedicated to graphics?  hummmm

TheLame  MICRO (SFF/uSFF) PC that has low profile cards my be limited to a MOBO 25watts per slot,  do not try go run games on those toy  PCs (they are really just DORM room PCs )
A real PC full sized has a or more 75watt X16 slots, and will even run GTX1650 like mine does. (mine can run 375watt card, for a fact and tested by me) zero crashing here, non allowed by me.

For folks lacking any GPU card at all?, you find   the VGA port on the rear, seen above, the left side above VGA is actually the HD intel iGPU inside the CORE™ processor.
See my W10 GPU choice page first.
You have what is called an iGPU (Intel or integrated HD graphics engine)
Not the old old  G31   South bridge 2007 that has the HD iGPU in that chip.(and G31 not supported at Intel) or older are no good.
Or if PCs is a relic from year 2007 or older the Intel CORE 2 DUO has no iGPU, but has one in the G31 chip. (the GMCH chip){ended at w7, March 29, 2013} no support so buy a used $10 GPU card and cure that.
Intel drops support on all legacy HD like that. G31 for sure.
Intel supports CORE(tm) i3 up and in many cases generation 4 up only. now.
Core (tm) limits:  intel ended support on their old HD-GMA (this will only get worse on legacy PC's
or older non CORE™ below:
Intel dropped support for CORE 2 ™ (Duo etc) CPU  with G31 chip (HD inside) , this chip runs graphics itself.
This is what ended as of now. (many ended at windows 7)

The cheapest card made that runs on w10 is a SLUG,  Gforce 8400GS  , 5 whole frames per second =FPS (my Turing class card does 60 to 600FPS)
AMD also has old slug cards that run W10 that are of no use for any gamer or 3D fast apps.

A 5 FPS  (ok in 2D for say desktop apps)

There are at least 12 makers of cards, and 100s of products , from VGA to DP. endless products and complex.
Here is my small list. The top dogs.

Not just actual Nvidia or AMD/ATI Radeon cards.
The GPU chip may be from Nvidia, but the card with said chip may by made by 10 other card makers.
Here are the rankings: (can change every year , rank, I think the first  6 are prime grade)
Highest  of all is the free intel iGPU called Intel HD graphics inside the CORE(tm) i3 on up processors, (you know, " Intel Inside")
Top  card makers are:
  • NVIDA (chip maker and card both)
  • AMD/ATI (chip  maker and card both)
  • ASUS  ( A very top grade maker) Motherboards and cards.
  • EVGA
  • Zotac  (one of my favorites) never seen one fail. I also have there GTX1050ti and it too never crashes or overheats.
  • PNY  (some have a lifetime warranty not sure today)
  • MSI
  • Sapphire
  • XFX (Pine?)
  • VisionTek
  • Powercolor 

Wattage ratings of GPU  vary( and demand) from as low as 15watts (office grade) to 365watt power hogs  for gaming. (the best list of best cards is here for gaming)
The new card buy list and rules are below:

  • Must fit inside the PC and not hit things, (dah factor #1) (height, dept and length) 330mm cards will not fit most PC.(long)
  • If the PSU is not overloaded with your GPU card needs, nor missing the AUX port power cables.
  • Some lame PC's like a Dell 790 SFF  have a 25watt x16 slot and useless on all 75watt and up cards made. Buy only full sized PCs to game and run fast GPU cards.
  • If you OEM PC is in secure boot mode the Card you add if not made by your OEM will fail, the cure is simple reload W10 in legacy CSM mode.
Before replacing the GPU card for newer card: Do this.
  • Remove  the old GPU DRIVER in  device manager (right click it and pick DISABLE) << this magical step forces Plug and Play on NEXT boot, be sure PC has internet connections.

Counterfeit FAKE GPU cards. (Nvidia chip based only examples) GTX 1050 Ti (titanium grade !) and the maker uses GTX550 guts and lies.
To avoid them check this out.  THE BIG SCAM and also classifies them as SCALPERS ($5 card for $50 is just that)
  1. They change the firmware  ID to lie to you.
  2. The CHIP PCI cans of the chip logic shows wrong chip,  and does not lie nor can it lie.
  3. The back of the card lable is  lie. (cheap easy to do that sticker)
  4. The chip top does NOT Lie, as see below.

    The correct real Pascal chip.  (wrong GPU is here)
    Furmark runs 17FPS (pathetic) 44 is normal.
    I ran my licensed PASSMARK for 2D and 3D and it fails hard,   188 (not 928) and 1525 (not 6427)  LAIRS ! They are.

    caveat emptor !

    version 4.  12-9-2017  (added intel bad news on HD graphics,  8-1-2019)