Dell  server mod.'s   R410 , Only what I did not covered fully on R710:           
  Non production, home only usage.

R410 ,  SSD upgrade deep in side, allowing 4 drive RAID 6:  (this actually works and boots A-OKAY !) I must have RAID 6 in a 4 drive chassis. (PERC 6/i)
I am now booting off  SATA port 0 (front mobo jack of 6 ports) to my SSD drive.
I am running Win Server OS 2012R2., of some old 30GB Corsair right now. (old but fast, 200MB/s pretty good for a DVD port, no?) "worth it"
It only needs 12GB space for w2012.
The DVD Drive in my opinion is really useless, I can boot to any USB memory stick.
Some even boot the OS to USB forever (VMware ESXi), but finding a USB that can take that level of torture, with Windows, nah ! , but do know SSD can! (read the Intel pages on SSD, and see hard proof of that)
In fact all modern SSD and M.2 all distribute the wear on the EEPROM cells inside the magical SSD drive. (also covered at white papers to read at any time)
The only hard part here is ,  plug P3B,  power  to the DVD, drive, I made a DIY home made adapter. (So as not to damage my plug)
This 1U server is cracker thin and very little room to add things inside.
This server is only turned on say once a month to back up  data (photos, and say old emails ,etc)

Steps: Goal 1, do not wreck plug P3B or its cable.

I destroyed one old bad DVD drive (from some relic dead laptop ) and removed this card below (PCB), that has my male 6pin connector ( very hard to find. but does sell it , under TE connectivity maker)
PCB means Printed Circuit Board (not toxic transformer oil additives.)
This is step #1:

Next is strip it down with my SMD/SMT heat gun blaster,  ok it's 99% naked.  (I check to be sure the power pins are not shorted out , now) 
Took me 15minutes work, no 2 week delays with snail mail waiting for parts or adapters that do no work from China?.

And last the final solution is below, until I get my better adapters. (later) this is my STOP GAP solution:
This is ugly and I glued 2 sheets plastic sheet cut from a milk bottle one top, one bottom and glued down with both sides with RTV silicon sealant (caulk) of any kind or color. (24 hours cured)
There also is a old DELL card that can work better called the "odd_BRD".  (got one in 3 days on Ebay for $3)
Used for DVD drive extensions, one is , 50yt2 see here and is better than mine for fatter power traces for more secure soldering. Search that P/N# on fleabay.
The connector below that old coin is a standard 15pin connector for real SATA power, HDD, not slim DVD.  RED IS +5VDC.

One other solution is below using spare DELL cable to hack up.
Below is a  DELL normal  cable end from a Server, un damaged, and I insert the above into DVD below and then use normal SATA data cable to SSD new.

I took my gutted old DVD drive and mounted the new SSD in its old  hollow shell.
Do not connect up until, you prove Red wire is Plus +5vdc not minus. (using a DMM meter set to volts DC)
Solution #3
If you have a spare DVD cable set above one can cut the red/black wire at DVD and wire it up to normal, HDD/SSD power plug, easy, soldered and heat shrink tubing used.
As you can see I offer 4 solutions here. (fast and ugly and later, way better quality)

Plug the new SSD Data cable into the old DVD SATA PORT so it can boot easy.
It does and runs fast too,  even my most slowest SSD runs 200mB/s (super old)

Next up is this nice cable (rare)
I bought this cable off fleabay, but is the last one on earth and is far better for adaption than mine above, (soldered to a normal power cable) note the 6 male pins, very hard to find, now mine.
I will cut the cable power end at the end and solder it to the 15pin power plug.  ( the data side is useless here and is being wired backwards, the the old DVD cable only)

A far better solution is below:
Here is the cute Dell "ODD_BD" card. 50yt2, out of any    "Dell Inspiron 15-3000 Laptop Optical Drive Connector Board"
My guess ,  is this allows dell to run only! one motherboard on 2 more more wide sized screen cases?  See proof here, 14/15" wide screens use 1 mobo

 That has huge power traces easy to solder to.,  6pins is power (unlike 15 on real SATA HDD/SSD) the 7pin is same on all SATA data lines.
This would be a more easy hacking $3used part.
Just scrape the PCB trace (w/knife) called Gnd. above and at +5vdc,  This card has nice wide traces and is why I picked it.
Red wire to +5v
Black to Grd.(ground) and you have power to the SSD, data is easy, just plug the standard cable in. (seen at YES below)

Solution 2, done and tested. Booting SSD to w2012r2 now. (note carefully my red wire +5vdc location, ground is on the right.) A $3 mod' ;no need to hack any stock wires or cables in the server.
This SSD needs no 12vdc ever.

Canon T5i , natural lighting, tungsten.

The server is up on RAID6 (4x 300GB each, nets me 600GB total) 50% loss on size but 2x speed. Plenty big and fast for any backup server.  (this is our photos Backup and misc, not video mkv)

version 1.  3-6-2019