He's  Dead Jim (a Star Trek running Joke) 

This page is only about dead chips, and why.
The OS and the chip and the driver must  match. ( a 3 way match) (but vista drives some time work up hill)
  • Try to learn and understand, that most makers of chips are not in business now, vast makers do not exist now or moved on to better things. "sorry no new drivers forever here"
  • Many makers ended support at XP, or even older, ! So don't expect windows 7/8 and 10 will run this chip, it can not.
  • Many makers of chips and their drivers , started at W7, and may work up hill, but not down hill.
  • Windows 10-64bit does not run on most PCs older than 2007. (due to the lack of security features,all)
  • Old XP or older can't run on a new PC 's for many reasons,  on XP has no drivers now (it's dead) , nor does  MS, nor HP , nor does PnP work in XP now. (outside the box PnP)
  • XP lacks many drivers, for most modern chips, SATA is weak. as is newer chips and newer USB devices.  (SP3 helps a little )
You can not run all 14 major versions of MS  OS sold for  36 years on all  36 years of PC's; that will not fly. (nice dream but is only that).
This is even worse for programs and applications.(16 bit worst of all)
See ,my dead zone below.
One trick I did is see if I can make a XP monster disk (what a huge  bank of drivers for internet(lan) and SATA)(this compensates for PnP MS servers down now)

Here are some links to common chip makers, to see if they have a driver for you OS and your CHIP.
Chips for GPU:
VIDEO GPU card/chip by maker Nvidia).
Sorry Nvidia's old chips do not run on W10.  (Vast chips and chip based PCI cards not supported at all)
Vast old (1000s)  printers made are not suppored by say W10
Same with flat bed scanners. My Umax is now bricked, with W10 for ever (and does work perfect on XP)
A related to topic,  (Windows 10 problems or  Windows 10 fast boot (quickboot fails , a cure and a ways to get our old friend F8 key or Safe mode working again.)

PnP processes are covered here, and the PCI sniffer program is covered here.

If the chips are not clearly known now, then  the above find thems and shows how to decode the DEV and MFG codes to real chip names.
ARMED with facts like this, we can find most drivers, of the 27,000,000 made since 1981. There are also 10,000 of printers too, and vast USB Gadgets.... endless in the real world.
If super motivated one can open the PC up and read chip lids and the real part/number and maker and go gee this is a Realtek RTL8139 there ? with the EYEBALL Scanner (does work) unless it has heat sink glued to the top.
Then go to Realtek or worse the AR-5212 Wifi chip. ATHEROS(tm)  died at vista in fact this list here, make it obvious as hell.
Some chips there were born at XP and died here, or born at VISTA and died there,  see that? That is the realites of live.
Many chip makers are not in business now or ended this product line. (or flat refuse to upgrade the driver, hey it's their call their cash)
If MS called the maker and the maker is dead,gone or non responsive MS will NOT have a driver on ther PnP WHQL servers seen here.(sorry not going to happen)

When folks say Window 10 works on must PC they meant made in the last 10 years,  and does not support the 28million driver made, not by a long shot. (most tellers of this lie , replace there PC's like underware, or every 3 years)

The DEAD ZONE: links.
In many cases, if a chip is dead, get a USB replacment, you can buy WIFI and ETHERNET chips on  USB dongal device.  Bingo  a fast easy cheap cure. (make sure it supports your OS)
If your PC laptop is so old, it has PCMCIA side slots (now called "PCcard") and it don't work now (no drivers at all), get  USB dongal above. (sold in all puter stores worth salt, like NewEgg sells)
You can buy for a fact, PCI cards that plug in for Ethernet, VIDEO , Wifi,  SATA3 cards, SOUND and more, that run on newr OS's  , buy them at NewEgg.

Many GPU video card makers are defunct now (DEAD as a Door Nail !) are no longer in business, or left THAT business to make other things, but not this old CHIP (your chip that fails)
In most cases all Gforce graphic GPU chips are 100% supported. Ask Nvidia, this. (it is their call)

Here is another list of defunct computers or chip makers. (near endless this... I have personally seen more die than LIVE)

Here is a list of todays top players, and many of these makers made chips that ended at  2001 XP or   VISTA 2007, that chip ended then... but this list is the PRIME list.

Many things new do not run under XP at all (endless and increasing every day into the future of DEAD XP ) Microsoft does not PnP driver for XP period.  Same with VISTA , spring 2017.
XP is dead, but will activate and all updates are online (not drivers but OS kernel updates, for  exploits and such. MS does that so you don't infect others ,is my take on that. )
Many things old do not run under W10,  all things each maker of the chip does not support!, W10 WILL FAIL on that DEVICE. (the list is VAST dispite MS words of glory and hope/hype , sorry!)

Chips that love to fail are: (at upgrade OS time, or anything if just plugged in today , and it fails.)

Old network chips, Ethernet or Wifi, long long ago GONE,  dead. Now finding other drivers is hard with the internet now dead... omg. what to do...?
Old Nforce chips. (no new w8-10 drivers) read it and weep !   the W7 support list is here, for Nforce by Nvidia,  best is to avoid these old  AMD MOBO.   
For old nForce chips , click "legacy" in the first box  here.
Old USB devices, (vast) XP is the  worst offender here. XP needs SP3, to work here, but is no panacea.
Old PCMCIA cards, sure now dead .
Old DVD drives and SATA chip, (XP is pathetic here)  XP can  do better with SP3 loaded or the  custom SP4  (majorgeeks)
Old inTel processors 3rd Gen up are supported under W10 (others not, read the facts at Intel)
Old printers, vast, old flatbed scanners.(my Umax is dead now, ok w7, dead w10)
Old touch Pads. and old wireless mice.  (try a USB mouse and be happy, samewith dead PS2 keyboards or mice, get a USB instead.,
32 bit support?, many of the old and newer processors 32bit are not supported by Windows 10 32bit, per this page. (and what's not on this page, is not supported)
There are many custom features on say a HP laptop that will not work now   Like cardreaders, fingerprint readers, and more , best is to ask HP for help on their forum.

Old custom features in HP not supported now, even this can fail per model Laptop. The "HP BUTTON PAD" that only works on HP LTops,  if the driver is dead, so be this pad,  how fun is that?  Only HP has this driver.
But in my case the w7 driver for the below runs under W10, so one can try that in all cases, but takes hard work,  and if many things don't play, then lots of more work testing wrong drivers for say W10.
each button is a lighted switch.  with a driver
However my W7 finger print reader and the whole HP security package fails, under W10 , so I had to remove it., if not the PC goes nuts.
Thee HP drivers are SP12345.exe named files,  if the file is run, the HP has very good logic inside that will tell you, THIS is the wrong driver,  in every case I've seen. HP software is TOPS! 

Hints: (hope can happen, so can luck)
Some Vista drivers do work for W7 but not  all  . Most XP driver moved up stream (Vista up, fail totally or in part)
Some W7 drivers move to W10 easy , if lucky. (I do wish everyone LUCK)  Never fail to be internet connect during PnP operations if the Ethernet port works USE THAT first (hint, hint !)
Know that if the Glue logic chip fails , chips down stream from it can fail too.  eg: the North bridge or South bridge chips,lacking drivers?, is a HARD FAILURE.

See  my XP HELL?:


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