My PC Freezes why?  or some just say it runs too slow now or sometimes?         

Freeze may just be the CPU is 99% loaded up and only 1% remains and is so slow it seems dead,  If the Task manager runs on command, the PC is not really dead frozen. (just super slow)
There are only 3 failure modes,  Bad Hardware (over overheated) Bad Software (or infected) and slow Browers (IE11 sucks) or you internet is slow.
Some folks with wireless keyboard/mouse, claim the PC is forzen and only the silly batteries are dead in both. (some keyboards,  do the link for the mouse so if keyboard battery dies so does the mouse (bluetooth issues)
If only WiFI is slow use wired ethernet , even for  test. (no need to guess why wifi sucks it does!)

This topic  is not the internet slow 
The first thing to prove (means testing) is to prove is it hardware or software.
We do tests to find out which is bad first hardware or software and is super easy to do.
The first step is to make sure you are using at least a real WIRED USB keyboard, not wireless blue tooth keyboards. (for at least all testing)
99% of the time it is SOFTWARE caused most times from infections or loading infected APP.'s (means software applications of any kind or drivers from BAD GUYS, endless not form microsoft of from your OEM PC maker)
Is the room you are in over 96F then all PCs made overheat (that you can afford) due to Intel Inside,  all Intel CPU and AMD shut down overheated (a hardware feature that can NOT BE TURNED OFF)
Any time PC freezes, I run HWinfo32.exe free and see if the CPU is overneating 50C par, 90C or near vary bad, if bad stop and fix this now even hearing fans speed up , check the 2 processor here. (do sensor only mode )
Learn now that all modern new, GPU cards the new PGU chips do just like Intel does, slows down too hot then shuts off. (saving its own bacon)
If the PC if full of lint or dead fans it will overheat. (we clean it first)

First prove hardware is not bad.

To prove these facts, "  is software caused" is easy: ? 
  1. The above first prove test, prove that it is NOT HARWARE Failing.
  2. At the Freeze do these tests:
  3. Does the wired keyboard, cap's key finger toggled, causethe CAPS lock LED blink  , if not the keyboard is dead, and that means the OS is dead. (unless sleep is set wrong)
  4. Is the left windows key left dead.?  yes, then the OS is dead. (in some why)
  5. If the keyboard responds above, we do the infamous 3 fingered salute Control + Alt +Del below next.
  6. The blue screen POPS, and you pick Task manager,  If the blue screen is dead, the OS is dead, if the blue screen works but taskmanger fails, to show up that means the OS is dead.(or infected)
  7. if Task manager  below works ok, at the freeze?, does the processes tab and CPU clicked next , does it look like this below? or CPU shows 99% and bad? not out of memory?
  8. Does the Device Manager bleed errors or show , unknowns, red or yellow marks, or device not working errors?  DUH? wrong driver loaded or missing.
  9. If sleep mode (or its nasty cousins) are failing, learn to put the PC in presentation mode, for like using a projector, and if that works you learned it just one more PC with bad SLEEP and bad drivers.
  10. Run the microsoft  SFC and DISM yet?  (this checks for OS corruption)
  11. Run a battery or AV tests, anti-virus tests and malware scans, google how to do that , even online scans work.
  12. In Control panel + programs & features, remove all those applications that you do not need or suspect, or those loaded just before the FREEZE.
  13. If all this still  fails?, reload Windows 10-64bit v1903+ fresh from Microsoft. (have Ethernet connected with a cable first for fastest and best updates during the load)
  14. If the PC is stable now, consider loading now missing APPS 1 per week and if one causes STALLS and freezing , remove it. (what ever it is , it is NO GOOD upgrade to something better! or gee a better source.)

See that startup  tab below,? ,  open that and disable all things inside, not marked windows. (if cured now" dah freeze", enable them back one by one until the culprit is found)
(speaking of which in the startup tab below turn off all those nasty update engines, like Adobe and Google and well lots)
PCs cans simply freeze doing any update,  the fact is you need to find out who is updating,  Windows or Adobe junk or any other junk in th startup box. (processes will tell you that, who is doing the overload)

If  Microsoft is doing W10 updates? this may kill your PC dead (radomly) then , diskconnect the internet from your PC, (eithernet or wifi , in air plane mode) if PC runs perfect, learn to control the insane windows updates.

CPU load is 8% here, at idle , 1 to 5% is typical, with no browsers open and PC not doing updates.  99% is wrong, if stalls there,
If you see a process jump real high and not expected by you, then that is wrong. (sure  running a huge game can slow the PC here)

If the below stalls when freeze happens (this below is scan loop and must not stall) if does stall, that means the CPU is overloaded, or overheating, or if disk I/O goes nuts?
This page here is super important to check. 
Best if you think wifi is slowing the PC (bad drivers) connect the Ethernet cable up. That is what I have below.

Click settings then  click update , if updates are running now (loading) sure the PC will be busy, I delay mine. (using Group Policy editor)
See mine is stalled on purpose; that way PC does not freeze
I have Windoz trained to let me delay updates, for days or longer,  for sure my PC never updates, just because Gill Bates wants to.  Windows PRO allows me that feature. (no forced restarts !)

Steps I take: USB keyboard no wireless keyboards allowed for testing !!!
To prove not overheating do this. (before the freeze or freeze expected soon)
Run this app HWINFO32.exe free, then  see why CPU or GPU is overheating,   all PCs slow down or stall overheated, every one does.  GPU-z is also a good tool to watch GPU temps.

  1. Run full HDD smart tests, using crystaldiskinfo.exe free, if bad it is bad replace it and reload the OS from scratch.  (or run Linux demo media and run DISKTEST)
  2. Run the Linux boot media and if the PC runs all day on Linux test demo media 99% of your hardware is good. (HDD can be bad see above)
  3. Run Windows PE 7 or 10 BOOT media and then run #1 above. Crystaldiskinfo. ( C6 parameter(bad) is key and must be 0)
  4. Remove current HDD 0 or SSD 0 boot drive and then insert a spare HDD that is good and load Win 10 fresh from microsoft, if the PC runs perfect you now the HW is good, and that old HDD is bad see step 1.
  5. Run full memory tests? (ask your OEM how, my Dell,  (power on hammer F12 key pick ePSA tests then memory)

Freeze caused by Sleep /hiberate or hibridpleep mode?. (easy to test)
The in the run box,   PresentationSettings.exe  and check the top box. (microsoft keeps moving this, and on laptops you use Windows Mobility Center typed in same run box)
or at find how to enable KIOSK mode.
or by hand do this seen below:
In control panel click Power Options then create power plan , HIGH performance, never, never and create. and name it nosleep are as you like.
These are  the bits to flip. (if only to test the PC or you like it like this , your call)

Some sleep modes are very slow to recover, and if drivers in the PC are wrong, not from OEM maker of PC , do not expect Sleep modes to work at all, or even hang, stall or get stuck in sleep modes.

  • Stop clicking attachments in EMAIL, stop clicking links inside EMAIL or better at your Email provider,  click no attachments allowed and unchecked HTML format and pick Text only EMAIL. (dah?)
  • Stop downloading APPS, from non authoritative web sites, use only the maker of the apps stated master links and them ONLY.
  • If you must download any APP, program or SW driver test it with online live first. or you will be sorry. (I also malwarebytes scan them too.)
  • Do not load Drives not from your PC makers OEM site, or let Microsoft do its job with Plug and Play, only  (PnP)   {eg. and the like are  all real not fake)
  • Excepting and AMD/ and but only if needed due to above line failing.
  • Please stop downloading Billy  loaded to the gunnel's(tailgate) with VIRUS. (or worse, there is always worse endless) stop it, steal your self from this bad act.
  • Stay the hell off Torrent sites. or you will fail.. (and off PORN)
  • Keep your startup  folders lean, do not let 50 apps put 50 update engines  there, just disable them. (click tab by same name in task manager.)
  • Learn to run a VM , with your w10 image that is clean,  so that every day is fresh and clean.  (no better way exists until Windows runs in ROM.)  < the only true cure, for WINDOWS.
Learn that windows is like sponge, drug down the road, and gets dirty. or like dirty socks, need changing often.(diapers)?  Reload windows fresh, if you are too lazy to do real testing?, reload windows, fresh.
Or let your PC shop do  this, they will, so why not let them?

version 3.  07-1-2019