Why is Internet Exploder® dead,  (IE 1 to IE 10),  but Firefox v62+ runs great!     
This page below is not for (the internet is dead, if yes? see this !)see this X means network is dead

First off IE11 is not obsolete or dead, (yet)!
A.K.A: Microsoft Internet Explorer®, or just IE: 
While Explorer is running, click help +about to see the version you have.

IE 1 to 9 are mostly banned now world wide on  many top web sites and growing . (sorry, but you can't stop that!)
IE8 is the mostly dead, due to XP last version allowed, and XP is virus magnet.
IE11 is not dead, yet in fact only this version is supported at MS. (  for W8 IE10, must be upgraded to IE11 for windows updates to work right.) [IE-11 has 11% market share ,today and falling fast]
Opera browser is not dead nor any version of Firefox. (even back to V20 , the link here is official and not malware infected. I run virustotal.com on all downloads ,<128MB).
Nor is Chrome dead. (with Google trappings and all) [63% market share today]
A newer OS is best  with Windows 7 up.,  can upgrade to IE11, via MS.com  web site.
IE can not be deleted from your OS, only upgraded, it is tightly bound to the OS. (and for sure bound to the upgrade OS engine)
IE8  is the last version allowed on XP. (and now banned on vast web sites)
Vista runs IE9 and only that. (Vista and XP really are doomed OS as are there doomed browsers)
Windows 7 and up can run IE11... and is forced this version so auto OS updates can happen (over 350 updates on this OS)
So if you are stuck at say IE8,  get the newest version of Firefox,  v62+ ) The newest versions have blockages to evil web sites (infectious evil or worse, there is always more worse)
Personally I dislike MS  EDGE® . (every inch of it I don't like) [ a 4% market share ]
See if  W10 upgrades work for you here.
W10 is real fussy on allowed hardware, and is not MS fault at all , the makers of chips, DIED, or like Elvis  "left the building"  Dead is dead, as they say and man can not fix dead chip drivers.

Version 1.  10-9-2018 (the older IE is not as bad as the background image, but  close?) (Microsoft is wise to drop IE1 to 10)!, for sure now that most websites do to.