Cloning any HDD, (hard disk drives)
           This is for HOME PC's, not servers or RAID systems at all  (of any kind) nor domain roll outs, etc.

I while not teach anyone how to clone (yes in person), you can read that in all clone APPS, PDF or, in a zillion web pages. ( cover the pitfalls)
This applies to Windows 7 ,up , older OS had very few rules.(less pit falls)
The reason we clone are 3 fold, no OS reload, no 100 APPS to reload, and no 350 Microsoft  W7 updates to reload, OMG ! (2 days worth)

This topic goes to infinity given the vast numbers of programs to do this, the Microsoft way is tedious, to the extreme and lots of command line instructions, I'm ok with that, but  I will tell you, the easy way ,the programs to do it cost nothing.
There are many  pitfalls to cloning. (I think I have seen them all, I hope, and is why I made this page, to cover them all)
In all cases backup you data first !
Most folks clone only to get a larger HDD or to a Smaller SSD , never to clone bad data. (others do it only as  smart (no pun) way to do backup's done all the time by Pro's.

First I must say I never get these errors ever with FarStone CLONE 11,  no once with many desktops, and  10 Laptops SSD upgraded . (but then I unpluged the old HDD first then rebooted, as the instuction told me)
  1. Never clone any bad hard drive, if you get sector errors or Crystaldiskinfo shows you the HDD is bad, or the old HDD  ran out of spare redundant clusters (see ID 5 there) then the DRIVE IS TOASTED. (or Windows told you it's bad) (fresh OS install time)
  2. After the clone you do not want 2 HDD in the system with the DRIVE ID .  Good cloning programs all handle this for you automatically The newer PCs W7, may allow BIOS UUID changes at the boot order level.
  3. Cloning to a smaller drive , you may lose the geat HP restore partitions , that Magic F11 key , that restores say HP Windows 7 , to DAY 1 new state, (with all HP Apps and Drivers too) Buy a bigger SSD, is the cure.
  4. Cloning the new New disk to the old results in 2 empty HDD, devoid of all data on both,  best is to have drive lables on all drives now, so you do not make this horrible error ever. (My top APP "Farstone Free" will warn you for this gross error )
  5. On new PCs' that have UEFI BIOS and even a newer GPT formatted boot disk the BIOS feature SAFEBOOT must be turned off or the cloning may fail, but only if using CD's booted up to CLONE boots CDs.  (or DVD) Best is to turn it off till all done.
  6. In all cases, for HDD, defrag the whole HDD, then run CCleaner on it , and then remove any files or old data you  don't want like Video's on how to fix a car you no longer own, etc. then shrinking all partitions down so the HDD mirror fits a new SSD size.
  7. The cloning software (good) will allow you set the sector cluster sizes correctly. Due to most SSD do not like the old HDD settings at all... " modern high capacity drives, they need to be aligned on 2k Byte boundaries."
    they need to be aligned on 2kByte boundaries.
    they need to be aligned on 2kByte boundaries.
    they need to be aligned on 2kByte boundaries.
    they need to be aligned on 2kByte boundaries.
    they need to be aligned on 2kByte boundaries."
  8. Do not run  the clone App, sector copy mode (aka speed copy) do it the normal way , the smart clone mode. It is called, and is always best,
  9. Error Status:0xc0000225 ,  or better here.
  10. After the clone and reboot and new  (drive ID set ) the Windows Activation bit may be false now, so just reActivate using our COA keys, like normal.. 
  11. Doesn't clone the BCD store?, your app stinks, end story. ( file this under pathetic apps, old)
  12. Microsoft has strict rules for running  2 same activated windows inside 1 PC,  I'll let you argue with them, the rules are tricky,  (see below limits)  In fact a 2nd windows can be installed 2nd Parition,  but must  be a 2nd license, this comment will be revealing? no?
  13. You forgot to set the drive encrypton off.

Crystaldiskinfo is free and is the S.M.A.R.T technology system that lets you see deep into any HDD and see how the fault tolernance reducances works and it's health, never forget to do this first.

The good clone programs do their job right regardless if the disk is GPT or MBR formatted with no problems at all.
Farstone Drive clone free 11 is here. (they even have startup repair fixes built in)

They have many  great pages beyond the Clone PDF instructions, Here  and   the FAQ  and  this.

If  the booted (by itself) EUFI disk will not boot this is the fix.

Windows Disk manager is all you need to shrink partitions, if need be. (defragged first of course , HDD)
There are disk IDs and system IDs and GUID/ UUIDs.
When you clone a drive that have both installed at the same time, at the first boot (why do that?) you will be sorry! In most cases.

The top sites tell you on the last step to turn the PC OFF, and remove the old drive, and keep ot  like that, until then new drive runs perfectly for days
The if you must try both at the same time. (why?) (I did warn you !) But running then new drive by it self I think windows, re TAGS itself to make it UNIQUE and then later , 2 old drive added is now ok.  (I do not know how this happens)
If  Windows with 2 identical disks are present at the same time, (at first boot) this will cause too many connections errors, and Windows gets confused seeing so many files and folders that are all identical.  (it's like bi polar disease in humans)
If you ever sees this ugly act above 1 time, you will never ever, want it to happen again,  the cure is below. See that RED CIRCLE I MADE ?
And ever ever, boot it first time with 2 mirror same drives , or you will be sorry. (3 times sorry if all data and apps go byebye)
The KEEP hard drive ID, bit below ,  the advanced use, means owner wants a true clone for parking it on a shelf for say 5 years, or at that moment your current HDD DIES DEAD.  (out comes that mirror backup HDD) 
Note default is a simple clone and DRIVE ID # flip.
The key fact here is do not check this box.  For most folks just copying a HDD to SSD above, and then removing the old drive, and bingo the new drive boot perfectly.

YCMV , your cloner may vary, 

Windows trips the Activation bit on this ( a pain to all tech's for sure,) If I was god, it be, only on MOBO swaps....  The hit rate on each device, and weighted importance   is  a MS closely guarded secret. 
* Processor & Serial Number
    * IDE Adapter (chip most of  mine are ICH9 intel chiops)
    * Hard Drive Device and VSN (bingo!)
    * RAM Amount Range (gee,  folks don't add more memory?  is this Silly or what?)
    * Display Adapter (GPU/VIDEO card etc) (my guess it reads the ROM in the Card, using int13 calls.
    * Optical Drive CD/ DVD or BD.
    * SCSI Adapter  (most folks have no such thing nor what it is) My Business class desktop has all and more, (IDE, READ, SATA2, SAS, ACHI.
    * Network Adapter (NIC card)
Do know that having a HDD mirror backup on the shelf is totally ok, with an identical UUID/GUID, if its identical it will run and stay activated,  ( I dont think MS trips activaton on HDD serial numbers , deep in side HDD internal roms)
Many folks do that,  want just a backup drive parked, with all apps loaded and ready to rock.  (parked means power off, not used, and motor not spinning and for sure 5vdc to the drive OFF)

Too many connections with 2  identical drives online at once, and Windows goes mad. (If you ever see this, you will NEVER want to see this again, I PROMISE)

See that here.

There is no lack of bad clones on the web.

The only hard part, of Cloning, is issues with SSD. I will list them and the cure for each. (in order)
Give old HDD is 500GB, and new SSD is 120GB (w10 only needs 22gb fresh, load) (spec. is 20)
  1. Defrag  the HDD old,  the run the version that has consolidate empty space at end of drive.
  2. Next get Minitools  free,  Partition Wizard , directly from them (MS diskmanager is not up to this task), even with W10)  run the program and resize the parition to 110GB or less.  This app move the MFT , too. (as boot command mode).
  3. Next run the free Drive clone, program..Farstone Drive clone free 11 (pick normal cloning , never fast) (It will take hours to do that, expect it) if tons of apps there, more longer.)
  4. If it can do it , (space must be there) and it will work. (best when the new SSD is 100% erased first) Yah some come pre-formatted to APPLE trash. (I boycott Apple for life!)
  5. That is it, but do remove the old HDD before the next boot. (so they do not get in a BOOT WAR !) (some newer PC can have 2 boot drives ok, but not my 2006 server, 2 drives with same UUID can be nasty)
To tested the above, worst case I think,  500GB drive to 30GB, new W10 on old drive flesh loaded) IT WORKED, later moved it to my new 120GB SSD.  (the 30GB is only for testing)

HPA HORRORS: (legacy Bull or other alien HDD)
There is one other cases (horror) that one can run across with GigaByte(tm) motherboards
It puts on this very hard to remove, alien format for (BIOS Recovery?) or some such rot, and will be only pain of you have it on your HDD,  as seen here, Called The HPA HORROR.
If using used drives as a target HDD this are not from a Windows PC you can also get in to big trouble, we erase them with a low level eraser program.

version 1.  5-9-2017  (all my opinion, no body pays me to spam there products ever.)