Warning Intel processors generation 1,2 are not Windows 10 supported.   (see fix on dead camera here)
Your are here because the PC maker does not support your PC after 10 years, GOT YAH!, and NORMAL.
 Or you lost your  HP media kit ? (HP install kit +driver) forgot to order them for 10 long years, sure.
Most folks land here after the HDD died and reloaded Windows x , and some chips lost their drivers.
Or some upgraded their OS and bam; same deal.
If HP told you there is no driver for Windows x, why can you not believe them?

The below is for those folks that want to learn how to find the  truth, the hard way...!  (here is how I lucked out with windows 10)
Or worse reloaded Windows 7 but forgot to load the HP driver s for your exact PC , see at HP support pages, clear as day. (hit home and see HP real support links at top of the page)

If you look at vast MOBO's what do you see? , a vast array of chips.  Even one PC like HP DV6-7xxxxx   has vastly different chips sets,  (sorry it is not a toaster and mobo's are very very complex)
Not only that, but even on DV6 model can have 5 LAN CHIPS OR 4 DIFFERENT WLAN CHIPS USED, IN THE WHOLE production run.
Go to Control panel. (start button, see  it there? or in run box type control )
Some of the most tricky subject on this topic and for sure Windows 10 is how to get USB 2 or USB 3 working.? or both.
The ICH family (ICH to ICH10 ) does not support USB3 at all.  (vast PC were made with these chips.) And most newer PCs 2012 have a chip there that do both USB 2 & 3 in one chip (see here)
Prior that that The ICH ran many USB ports and internal devices  (Camera, Dockport,expansion card, finger print reader, Blue tooth built iin, and wwlan module)  < that means in my case only HP drivers work here, SEE WHY?
This glue chip is called the I./O controller hubs chip by Intel.

What CHIPS are in my system? ,it is just chock-a-block full of chips, why not look inside? (some are covered with heat sinks)
Why ask this, well you didn't buy the real HP media kit that does this all by magic, and fully automatic did you?, you cut corners  and used the wrong OS install media and now things are DEAD. (no kidding?)
Control Panel: (go)
Click System.
See the words processor? mine shows AMD FX-4350 quad core,  yours will most likely Intel something, 1 down lots more to go.   My Laptop runs Bus chip QM57
Open the case count chips, read the chip tops, nah that  is too much work and way too accurate (sigh)?

In Device Manager you can pick most chip and right click properties them to see what they are, MFG and Device ID are there. (if not dead) but dead (or listed UNKNOWN)  is the purpose of my page.
In DM click system devices, and get lost. I have 43 lines  of them there. The properties, ID must be coded. (seen here)
SNIFFER V3 (my personal favorite it's lean fast and is portable totally) find all chips in PC, it does.  It is a a free program, and must be disk booted or stick booted to run..

My PCI page shows how I use the SNIFFER,with examples.

CPU -Z (but fails to show all chips in the set) like Sniffer will.(safe and portable) but is near useless to scan and find all  chips on the MOBO.
A program called Speccy is like above, and mostly useless. (IMO)

Sandra lite.(bloat city here, 6000+ files._)   warning must be installed and it attempts to put startup agents, (I blocked them){ i don't like this app}
aidA64 (it is not free but in 30  days , you'd be able to see, omg, 82801x chip drivers are missing. (and why)  it's crippleware but works for chip names ok. 52MB pig.
I like Aida64 even though it is  PIG.. It does find things, but you need to dig to see the USB chips set  and if USB is bad click that device.

Why not load intel drivers, well that is easy, ask intel that , well they told you not to ... and why...  and are always use at your own risk.... (its like panic thing to use these)

"The Intel driver down load, inf (has sys and cat binaries all for w10)  will not support GPT nor USB", Only HP supports this. (or change HP to your OEM supports this only !)

The html on that page link just above, shows what series are supported up to w10,  clear as day.

Intel only supported USB 3  about 2012 spring ...QM77 series..(the cover this in the wiki on intel glue logic, read it?

Now lets see  the common Intel ICH7 C216 chip.  is gen 2.  and is not supported with W10, not even close.
My 2nd gen I7-720qm runs w10 perfectly.

More Intel quotes: Below:

"Intel has not developed drivers for Intel® 7 Series Chipset Family to work with Windows 10 as per public use and there are no plans to do so.

Since we no longer make motherboards your OEM board manufacturers and computer makers are responsible to provide their users with drivers for the specific operating systems.
For Intel® 7 Series Chipset and Intel® 8 Series Chipsets we only made drivers for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.
The only recommendation we can give you is to contact your motherboard manufacturer (if using a custom built system) or your computer maker (if using a branded computer, LIKE HP) to confirm if they have drivers for Windows 10."

Most PC old do not not support W10 at all.  (only in a very limited why , if at all)

What happens is your OEM PC would pay some one to code a driver for your specific chip set, then send the driver to microsoft WHQL update servers.  (in most cases Intel is not in this loop) SORRY!
If nobody did that, then why are you looking for things that DO NOT EXIST ON EARTH?

Intel FAQ ON TOPIC (by me) Paraphrased simpler.
  • intel provides drivers for only those intel MADE systems, as a support kindness, (called free intel legacy support) case in point my eMachine has  intel mobo. (but modified by the OEM)
  • They are not for your HP PC at all. nor does it support USB at all on your mobo.  (says that clear as day)
  • intel, has answered this question 1 zillion times now but folks can't read the Intel forum for some reason.
  • If you download the intel driver pack it too tells  you it's no good for W10. clear as day.  (nor USB) (or no good for W7 (say 2004 PC)
  • One guy asked why don't Intel, work with my OEM and fix this, answer; your OEM must pay intel to do that , do you thing Intel works for free?
  • No PC on earth  (all 10,000 models and more sub models for 36 years run on all OS, made, sorry that is silly dream and the reverse,  is true W10 does not run on 36 years of computers (maybe, 7 years?)
  • The software must like the hardware,  for 36 years running, and my guess for eternity.  (PnP is not GOD , not by a long shot)!
  • The intel site states our software has no warranty to run on any OEM PC.  (like buying shoes that don't fit, see?) and its really not for you , in most cases, clear on that?
  • Say your PC was made in 2010,  and you want to upgrade to Windows,10 , if you PC makers says this can not be done, then  that means some chips and features will be dead.  (believe it)

Below are some examples of getting USB 2 and 3 working:
Here is a list of I/O bus ICH chips that confuses folks, 1999 to now, ICH to ICH 10
Windows 10 does not run on all of those, sorry.
ICH4 introduced USB 2.  (Intels drivers will kill the USB2 or 3, on  many PC's.)  In fact Intel tells you on their page , that zero USB support in this driver, there.
In most cases HP had to add 2nd chip for USB3,  mine has  Renesas (NEC owned) USB chip added.  and lucky me , w10 supports this.. chip.
The intel chips above (newer) has usb 3 extention support with this rule. (starting in year 2012)
Next intels says this.

"Windows* 8, Windows* 8.1, and Windows® 10 have a native in-box USB 3.0 driver. Intel is not releasing a specific Intel® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver for Windows 8, 8.1, or 10."

"If you are upgrading from Windows* 7 to Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, uninstall the Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver before installing the upgrade."

ICH chips have no USB 3 ports at all.
 Until spring 2012, ICH ends. and
 LGA1155 processors were made with a Z77 chip set.
So makers of your PC with Intel sets, used other makers USB-3 chips to get USB working. 
Here are some popular chips used in the wild. My laptop uses this first chip.
Renesas/NEC (Nippon Electric co.) for w7 but works great on w10, me lucky
VIA- VT800
Cypress semi
VLI - VL812

When HP designed my Laptop 8540.
The Intel glue chip on mine  IBEX Peak M., is BD82QM57-SL6ZQ and only does USB 2.2 period ! This intel chip only works right with the HP drivers for it. (the HP circuits are unique)
To get USB 3, working they, HP, added the NEC, (Renesas, UPD720200aF1) located on the back side of mobo 1 inch from the 2 right side USB-3 jacks.(with its own NEC bios chip close by !)
If you load the wrong driver on this PC, say from Intel,  you will kill some USB functions (only HP drivers work here) 

The USB2 runs the Finger printer reader and Camera and part of wwlan card and docking station. and is all very customly designed by HP, NEVER INTEL. 
Do not run Intel drivers on any HP based  QM57, (circa 2010) in spring of 2012 Intel added the USB ports to QM77 mobile chip set.
Run only your OEM drivers.
What does OEM mean?, it means the company that designed and made your PC.  (like DELL, or HP, or the  other guys , I never buy from...)
In my case the key drivers from HP for Windows 7 loaded on to my W10  PC.  (luck does happen)  Do try that, load w7 drivers under w10 from HP and if it tells you live (SP12345.exe) its wrong, it is.
In all cases you need to contact your PC maker for drivers
One exception can be Video drivers.  In my case  Nvidia.com has the best drivers for my GFX card.
Exception 2, a Desktp add-in car PCI and get the driver from the card maker.  (matching your OS)

One more. The common compliant that the HP camera is dead.
Gee 1/2 of them are sold lacking that, so look carfully.
It must there and plugged in inside.
The 8540 or 8560 PC from HP. Ibex or Couger chips.
The QM57  or QM67 chip must have its HP drivers loaded or the USB2 ports are dead.
The BIOS must have the cameara on or it will not work , seen in BIOS configs page.
USB 3 port has nothing to do with this, at all, the NEC  chip only runs USB3 ports.
I then test my USB 2 ports, for functionality....  I test a keyboard there first. The a USB stick. OK USB2 works then what.?
With the I/O bus chip below working right, the PC can now scan the USB2 camera inside, Identify it and load the HP driver matching it, it that order.
If things fail?
Next would device manager, mine shows, Imgaging device, then I do properties, and ID and see Maker 04f2  and device B15E  (maker is,
Chicony Electronics Co.)  The PCI database is here.
Then I run USBviewer.  Get it only from NirSoft (to avoid malware bs)
Run it , it's portable.  then see 04f2 show up, as unknow, that is ok, but its says CONNECTED on the screen. port 5 hub 4,  yes, yes, no, no is the correct showing.
Then load  and run you camera software, even SKYPE.
In my w10 run box, I type,  Camera and click it, and see my mug... end saga.

version 1.  9-9-2017