The Chicken & the EGG (conundrum)  ?                       
If you don't have internet and the driver to do that is missing ,then what?
The answer is sneaker net.
You go to other working PC , get that missing driver and put it on USB stick and then sneak it back to the dead internet PC and load it.

  The deadpool is here. GONE from earth these companies.

Realtek pain, the usa site FAQ says go to Twain site.    (mine is 8168 chip, via scanner scans called PCIe.)   I will demo here how I get said drivers.
 "where are the drivers is Q1"?
 "A1: (FAQ)
You may from our website ( ) download specific product driver."
We go there and see,,,...
WYSIWYG, here. all drivers windows and linux.

version 1.  7-1-2017