Cheaper ?
           How to not go broke, fixing or buying old relic PC's           

Answer, buy something better even used PC from 2007 are vastly better than older, ones,  see mine?

Why spend hard earned cash on dead PC's, when the sea is full of live fish, in fact PCs in the USA are in GLUT status now. (too many fish)
The best deal of new PCs is a Chromebook for $119 at Walmart and vast other stores. (so cheap it is throw away when it breaks, as it surely will)

Walmart Monitors, cheap, near $60 or even less some days.
If you laptop screen blows up or has ugly LINES, use a desktop monitor  attached to that VGA jack on the rear, and run like that.

Walmart,  PC refurbs , near new for $77 or less some days, and with Windows 10 , if you dont like 10 add to it, O&Oshutup10 (Free) and $3.74  START 10, and now it works just  like W7 but 10x better.
I'm telling you  there is nothing wrong with W10, at all.  (using the $3.74 cent fix above and O&O total security.) and free windows DEFENDER !
GOODWILL® stores,  Laptops.

GOODWILL® stores,  PC's

I walk in to GW and , read the Microsoft bottom sticker  COA tag W7  , and walk out for low cash. (near free compared to any new PC) (Best is HP that shows full support on the HP web site!.)

Buy a great used  HP work-station XW4600 or newer, like this?

These are my Idea's on how to not RUN XP ever again, and not go broke.   (I see a guy buy a Laptop for $1000 bucks and think, gee, I could buy 3 laptops with 5 desktops for that cash?)
If all you need is one home PC, get the ATX full sized desktop above or a SSF small form factor DT. (used)

version 1.  5-9-2017 (all this is Opinion  only and am not paid to type.... I AM 100% RETIRED now. (this is not spam, nor are you tracked or exploited in any way ever by me) BTW: this is my Journal. (shared)