XP SUCKS?  ( swamp gas , now)
                   The cure is Robolinux for free?
You love XP, but reality happens !

  •  Run don't walk to a Goodwill™ store buy any PC with  COA Windows 7 sticker on the sides, or  newer, a big WIN !
  • Or upgrade this old dog to W7 (at least).

MS Windows, XP   is now 16 years old and counting from (2001 to now) and MS (Microsoft) ended support 3 year ago and counting.
 XP is near gone now,  in USA, the usage is way below 2%

MS = MICROSOFT every time I use that 2 letter abbreviation... bingo.

First some Statistics: (now)
The current XP world wide exposure is 6% June 2016,  see proof in the wiki, these are updated figures., world wide.
XP peaked at 77% and now is below 2%
Vista peaked at 23% and is now below 0.45%  12/2016
We are told that in USA XP is less than 1% and falling like a rock ! 6/2017 ( 3 cheers to that !) RIP  XP ! The BSOD and Virus magnet.

First the good things:( I will not talk about or cover MS OFFICE or MS games or  other MS applications"
  • Your PC came new with XP it rans for 16 long years, what more do you expect?
  • Activation at MS still works. (that is if the key was not stolen by others using a KEYGEN !) oops, now you get to buy a new XP? wow.....MS WILL NOT HELP YOU NOW.
  • MS still has online support for  service patch 3, and no newer patches forever... (making XP a  virus magnet)
  • The MS Online Plug&Play Drivers servers are mostly dead , but some are there.)  , I ran many tests to discover this. and prove it.
  • XP will run only  IE 8 .(max)  There is no IE11 for XP and E8 is frozen in Virus Magnet mode. (run Firefox V65 and up) So is a non issue if you run Firefox)
  • If you lost your XP install disk like most folks do after 16 years, I made a  MONSTER XP disk   here. << has all SATA drivers to it can run on most PC's.
  • If you try to use non HP install media say from MICROSOFT (MS) those will mostly fail. the HP Disk  work but the MS Disk love to fail, due to missing SATA drivers, (vast).
  • If you don't have and internet connection, XP is always safe, ( you not loading software from CD or floppy , that is)
  • XP runs Solitaire game all day safe.
  • AVG Antivirus company still supports XP.
Now the  bad things: (and growing) XP is rife with pitfalls, endless... seen them all I have... (most can be fixed driver wise)
  1. Microsoft (MS) direct support has ended on Retail , XP support,  but not the military versions.(uncle sam has paid contracts here  US.GOV has for 30  millions of  bucks.+ )
  2. New devices added to your PC will not be supported by MS, (eg. a new USB device, that most no longer support XP, like a new Wifi USB Dongle device)
  3. No new updates, from MS.  It is the end of the road for XP.
  4. XP does not like newer hardware, even most SATA chips are dead, loading XP with out real HP disk sets or the F11 key Recovery. See my SATA fix. XP monster cure..
  5. XP (SP0) 2001 has over 700 exploits ! and far less with SP3 !
  6. XP SP1 home also bad at  109 exploits   
  7. XP IE8 (ends there) is full of danger and is a Virus Magnet,  run Firefox v56 +
  8. XP has zero day exploits that will NOT be corrected, says MS ! <<< read that carefully !
  9. XP  INSTALLER asks for  F6   Floppy for missing drivers, (skip this until later is the cure but not if SATA drives missing see line 4 above.)
  10. XP installed fresh (if it even can be) get the drivers seen here. See here for Drivers.
  11. Microsoft Security Essentials MSE ,updates work, but may be frozen, IDK (most folks say frozen , but do your own research here)
  12. Microsoft is not now taking XP phone calls.... and for sure claims of your COA key was stolen if true, as many are.  (this can be a real show stopper, your KEY stolen) forcing you to virus infected KEY GENS. ouch.
  13. MRT.exe , MS Malware software removal tool. patches. I think is  now frozen. (to mid 2015 year final release)
  14. Many of the top forums , the members flat refuse to discuss  XP at all. (with the terse UPGRADE it, bozo )
  15. If you call your PC maker, you will learn , NO XP SUPPORT NOW.  Check it out.!

To hell with facts, I eat danger for breakfast,  sure....
To run XP you need the best 3rd party malware A/V  package  there is, AVG paid version comes to mind. (or ESET)!

Never run XP with out SP3 loaded. (know to that SP3 has libraries full of new drivers inside , that can help a few folks get some old PnP drivers loaded )
Never Run the last XP IE8, ever, run the newest FIREFOX . (avoid Internet Exploder, totally) IE8 max only installs on SP2 or 3, but sure you have that see line above.
Do not run Browers of any kind that is just shell for IE6,7,8,  or you will be sorry. RUN FIREFOX v56+
Never run with out the XP   Ransom-ware patch for  . WANNACRY!
Never run lacking a hardware firewall in your  router turned on , and all incoming ports turned off , inside said router fire wall.
Never run XP  with the XP firewall disabled. (and with incoming ports OFF)
Vista is dead , get Windows 7 (or higher)

Many chips used say in 2002 , the chip maker never created W7 drivers. ( there are cures, but may take a new PCI card to replace the dead chip with newer working card, function and W7 drivers)
XP will tell you at install time, and show ERROR : no HDD (HardDiskDrive) Top reason? no SATA chip drivers here. (the worst disk is 2001, the best is with SP3 but still very very bad this disk)
HDD not found, installing XP (or any OS):
  • Bad HDD or cables to it fell off.(desktops have 2 cables there)
  • The SATA chips there are not supported directly with SETUP.exe (MS Install program) Use my  the Monster CD mentioned here.
  • The HDD has the wrong format and is not blank, and empty. (I use the Dban boot CD to erase all HDD that are not truely empty first.)  Microsoft does not see HDD from Apple or linux , formatted that way.
  • The HDD is turned off in BIOS, so turn it on. (on many HP PCs you can't turn it off, but on most generic PC motherboards sold you can for sure.) So don't turn it off. (SATA/IDE/)= Disable (turn that to enable)

 Links that can help (mine and  others)"
The MS drivers are gone but...
But all old MS OS updates/patches and for sure SP3 are still there   (I tested it End AUG 2017 and it's a GO , tested with WSUS app.)

    Many drivers page shows how to get them no matter what , if possible at all, Some are NOT!

    If you chip maker never made Vista or W7 up drivers, there will be no drivers for that  chip that does not work.
    Example are NIC (LAN) WLAN (WIFI) , SOUND, SATA , Even some very old GPU (video) chips and many more..

    See my  SATA comments on this page)

    Plug and Play, XP,  (pray):  TESTING by me...   Summer 2017 to see WHAT's UP and what is NOT UP.
    See my XP  search here at MS on topic.

    I am only testing 2 things here, (the local driver cache and then the Microsoft PnP on line driver cashe servers (driver cat.'s)
    XP is now dead for 3 years (zero support)
    First off , Microsoft does not allow
    you to look insider there WHQL  PnP Driver servers, (MS called it  the Driver Catalogs, when I asked them)  
    They treat us like the (man behind the curtain  (WIZ of OZ); sadly.
    They flat refused, to allow me to just look  at  drivers there, like I can with OS patches and  update servers, to see, just the driver NAME and version and source, SUX no?  (unlike wonderful LINUX)  
    There is a program that lets me see all MS OS XP updates, patches, and service packs but not DRIVERs EVER. (sad that)
    To SEE WHAT XP can do , is tricky, I must fool the loaded fresh OS and MS to do this. (but is not too hard) see below:
    What I have  is box full of old device, USB, PCI, and even old express cards.,
    I have a 2004 Old PC, but has both PCI and PCI-express slots for far batter scope of testing.
    I try to find a card that XP can not match a driver, (internet disconnected first)
    In my testing if the LAN was dead I switched to a working first WIFI and attempted to find the missing LAN chip driver from the MS servers, and found out even that can fail.  (the classic chicken and egg conundrum)
    I have lots of cards, over 30 , and most fail,  (like a 3COM Card and many more or and S3 Video card)

    TESTING 123: (in short, see link below for full tests methods)
    • I start with all internet dead, off line. (no lan, no wifi) (freshly loaded XP on the PC and runs perfectly but not my new card)
    • I did tests to all cards in my box 1 by 1 (or chips on board) I make sure the XP Local driver cash fails for THIS CARD then(thus forcing my live XP to look online , on the internet to one of these MS secret servers)
    • I found out that on average 1/2 the drivers fail.  (It seems 2001 Card run but anything much newer can fail and do fail hard, (locally, and is my desire to do that here)
    • Once I land here, with new card that fails locally I next plug in my (yes working) LAN cable to my NIC port and see if MICROSOFT PnP fails, and it does most the time, (MS told me it will get worse)
    • Even the most common Intel Lan chips fail, Pro100. 82801 ICH5 (very damning this fact and a very big pain not having Internet up at the get go... but I can and did force feed it from here.)
    The Pro 100 chip drivers , the 82801EB above is 2003 chip so in 10 long years (2003-2013), MS failed to support the very common chip used on vast millions of PC both desk and laptop. (seems they shut down the server!)
    Really the ICH5 chip is and Acid test for that dead MS PnP DRIVER server if ever there was...a 2003, chip. (not in the local cache, nor at MS.com)! 
    I'm sure this will get worse day by day at MS. (XP now, and VISTA too)
    For sure Intel has almost all there drivers at Intel now.  (but not at MS, nor in the XP local cache of drivers, many are are missing , even 2001-2009 prime years made)

    Plug & Play for XP  only  partially works today (tested Aug, 2017)
    See my tests on this page below, and how to get all drivers all ways from SUNDAY. 
    See my driver page on my tests and  how 
    XP drivers can be found and do  function, and see the Monster XP CD that loads on any SATA based system.
    I ran PnP  tests and proved that on this date. ( It's like the old kids movie.  "The endless story" and the NOTHING is coming ! Soon to a XP near you. 

    THE CURE: (W7 sure but..)
    Using these tools
    I built and XP monster install disk with all key drivers the SATA chips and   LAN chips; tops my list , ethernet chip must work out of the gate (install time)
    That  means I preloaded MS Service Pack 3, all LAN chips (ethernet)  (and all MASS storage  controllers (SATA CHIPS out the Wazoo and more... ) the disk loads now on PC's from 2004 to new.

    My  home made,  ISO still fits a CD-R.  cool.  (I sarted with a fresh new MS XP retail disk with virgin COA key)

    Keep XP off the internet, the net is now 100 times more dangerous today,  it's not 2001 or 1995 it is 2017,  go crazy and buy a used w7 PC for $25 go banana's

    XP is dead.  Some drivers can be found sure.
    XP is a Virus magnet.
    If W7 will not install on your old PC, the run Ubuntu  17+ for free.

    version7  8-21-2017             UNDER       all is this page is in my opinion only, and can change easy as the world  or MS changes.  This is not HP affiliated in anyway, nor MS.