XP SUCKS? (swamp gas)? or is like the Titanic?
You love XP, but reality happens ! (I due  run it offline for  expensive hardware (CNC is one)

Passwords lost, what now?

What is "SLAMMED?"

 BIOS FLASH ?,issues?

The bad news for many, is that HP does not support W10 PC's older than 2013( so shoot for W7? or Linux?)

MS Windows, XP was great for 16 Years now 2017 ( October 25, 2001 to -2014) but times change!, the web has changed for the worse. (VISTA is also dead now) (MS = Microsoft.com)
Your Ex President OBAMA might say " If you like your XP?, then keep your XP"
It is your PC and your cash and your problem child now... ( XP is rife with problem and issues cover below)
Next some facts, to consider.  (MS official page is good but lacks even one word on Plug and Play support,( seems not)

By the way, XP is not totally dead,  (with exceptions below) {non embedded systems , not ATM machines, I am only talking PC's only with XP running off a HDD and RAM}
Statistics: (now) a 2017 snap shot.
The current XP world wide exposure is 6% June 2016,  and falling fast, USA was 4.2% and VISTA 2.5% (2015)  As of 2017 XP is below 2% world wide.
XP peaked at 77% and now is below 2%
Vista peaked at 23% and is now below 0.45%  12/2016
We are told that in USA XP is less than 1% and falling like a rock ! 6/2017 ( 3 cheers to that !)

MS will sell you a support contract for XP,  just like UNCLE SAM HAS NOW !!! and the UK, so dig deep in those pockets?  (for like $1 million  a year?)  Any takers?, I bet not.

What is free?,  the old service packs are, and you can join any Windows forum online for free, and ask all day what's up for free, and get laughed at. Talk is free. Only that.

Again, XP and VISTA are now officially DEAD, no new updates and no PnP (plug and play) live driver updates,  the cord is CUT
If you try to put in a new mouse?, most times XP can't find the driver now?, the mouse is too new. (and all other newer USB devices too fail, unless maker supports it, many (most) do NOT)<< case in point.
A Great joke link:

I still use candles and not electric lights, or still ride a horse to work, and my 8 track tape still works why upgrade?, omg, I'm using DIAL up modems still....? (funny page of jokes here)

But in a perfect world. (hear laughter) XP was in fact GREAT to many, but times change !
The world is no longer safe, this is not 1995 now.  (not by a mile)

XP has a very poor internal kernel protection scheme back then, and IS WELL KNOWN JUST HOW BAD THAT WAS!  XP is in fact a VIRUS MAGNET ! 
What can you do?, well upgrade to W7 or buy a used $20 W7 PC at the Goodwill or Fleabay. ( PC dated 2010+ is best !)

MS = MICROSOFT every time I use that 2 letter abbreviation... (like these guys ,
here  )

But all old MS updates are still there  

XP support is not zero (near yes), the XP forum is still active at MS.  you can ask any question you what, but one,  why is my COA key Dead.?)
You are free to talk about it on any XP forum , even at MS.
The old service packs are still freely found and free to dowloand and use. SP3 is Mandatory! as is Activation .

Nobody knows the future of XP beyond 2017, (now as I type) nobody.  MS can do what ever they want so say the contract TOS, Terms of Service. (read it ?)

What is dead is NEW MS updates,  the last one was a small patch for the Cyber-Attack, ransomware, virus... and will always be there,  many at MS stated this...

The most KEY FACT is that the Microsoft Activation process is not dead, and means for now, XP can still  be fresh installed at any time.
Why is that KEY, is  because all HDD die, all do , so how do you get XP BACK, (not  easy if you didn't buy the HP CDs when new, oops.!) (HDD = HARD DISK DRIVES not SSD)

If  digital Activation fails  you might,   calll  MS phone help is now  $100 to answer a question.  ( this rule prove XP will dies faster)
To activate you need a OEM key off the bottom of your PC (or case sides) from HP and then using OEM install disks finish the install, and run XP and then activate it.   If this fails, only the phone call works.

Lets list all support issues, good and bad? (my best attempt to get them all)
  • XP is not sold by MS now nor HP and no support from MS with out an expensive contract like, US.GOV has for 30  millions of  bucks.+
  • Yes vast sellers/ hackers on the net do sell virus infected Malware drenched XP disks/ISO's,  endless pain here,  no limits on BAD here. (I will offer 2 exceptions later)
  • Old updates are there including XP SP3 , but new updates are DEAD forever,  there is no team of engineers finding ways to black this PC from VIRUS attacks now.  (and new attacks are endless forward in time)
  • We are told that DOT  NET updates are still active , my guess is due to "cross platform" use, and it  still gets updates (new ones) "I have no proof,  and refuse to test XP ever again"
  • In all cases SP3 must be installed and is still here in 2017
  • The Ransom-ware patch for XP is here. WANNACRY>?
  • Will the  live PnP driver fetches work from Microsoft servers?,  I think NOT. For 100% sure on newer hardware, you are doomed. (we can go all day listing hardware drivers that are DEAD FOR XP) (worse each day forward)
  • See this good web site report on how to stock Pile your old XP drivers.
  • XP internal drivers (CAB files on your HDD) have only drivers for Relic hardware and chips , so...  it can't do new hardware now,not 16 years later , sorry.
  •  Does the Authentication click work ? The word is YES, but not by phone , unless $100 charges , sound like fun.?
  •  Microsoft Security Essentials MSE ,updates live, on XP work. No they are DEAD. (MS can change this  rule at anytime ,so...)
  • Learn that some A/V makers will drop XP support soon,  AVG still has it.
  • Only IE-11 has support now. (XP's version ended)  The old IE is a malware magnet and worse.
No lie many XP users can not upgrade it, due to hardware (expensive) reasons , like CNC mills  usage,etc (or more common your GPU chip has no W7 driver, nor W10. ending updates here for eternity)
Some systems cost millions to upgrade (a hard cold fact). XP is not a toy to some users, ask your military this? (or the D.O.D).

Best XP post at MS forums, that I have seen,  on ACTIVATION:
Quote 1:
"There is a difference between ending support and actively blocking use.
The former is fine and reasonable. The latter is not."

and quote:
quote 2: 
"I was the Microsoft Program Manager for XP activation, which was very controversial at the time.
 A key concern people had was that Microsoft could some day could stop activating XP, leaving customers high and dry.
We made a very clear promise to *always* support the ability of users to activate - or to remove the activation software altogether.
I agree with others on this thread.
 This has absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft's decision to stop supporting the system.
 It has everything to do with allowing people to use what they paid for.Gerald Maffeo",end qoute:
Thanks Gerald !!!!

A very serious issue and matter:
 (Deity help you if your  COA  key, you own!, was stolen! by others using illegal keygens  , this has a long history of bad illegal keys for 16 long long years, and is your pain if this happens, I feel your pain!)
See?, stealing MS software not only hurts them, but now YOU ! See why?  (yes, the $100 phone call , is why)
Microsoft does not want to Flip the Bit and make XP now free to all,  they want you to upgrade, it is best for you and for sure their  balance sheets.
You can be sure that answering the phone (at MS) and the customers PC is infected again,  for 10 more years is fun ?  ( the $100 call cures this fast)!

"BUT  YOU HATE THE GUI": ( I hate the screen designs )
To the cry babies that complain that W7+ has a horrible , user interface (GUI)  I say:

For windows 7?, I say, ever heard of a new desktop shell?  (Linux has 1000s, and Windows has plenty,) get one and please not complain about such a simple pure aesthetic issue.

Did you know you can change to MS SHELL to another desktop classic Shell, from Windows 3.1 to now>?  Get one, try it.... (and a local file explorer,  1000s and Firefox 1 to 52. my GAWD.
ZDnet shows 5 top shell  choices, here is one for free.( may not take you back to windows 3 shell,  hark.)

Hint1: You do not have to change the OS to get new DRAPES.  NEVER  DO YOU!  (drapes = windows dressings? = shell )
Folks HATE W8/10?
The start button is super easy to change,
Ever heard of Start 8 and Start10 by "STARDOCK software inc".  
Try it , for $3, it's a life time license to... and for more that one PC in the home.
On W8 ever press the Windows key?  One can even press that key and go on and change, the default behavior of W8, or the free w10 upgrade last year, 2016, cure that.

You can make W7 look any way you want!, ever run LINUX? we do all the time, and is an endless topic, SHELLS and explorers (local) and vast browsers . back to Mosaic 1993
Talking  different shells, you can for example install  Oracle  Virtual box© , on top of Windows 10 , with XP shell and DOS,  all 100% safe from infection (at next boot),  100% means, AS GOOD AS IT GETS !!! on earth, on the web.

One can buy and install W7, still in most top named stores in USA on the shelf in a BOX. Buy it. ($120 for a retail license, about)
 Install it then put on the Virtual box, then add your XP OS off the CD from say HP "media kit"

Is that clear? , you can have a virtual XP running inside W10.  if that makes you happy do so..  (but does take more memory and a faster CPU, you don't have from  any 2001, a  old slug box)
The real problem with a newer OS on old PCs is it will not run right due to many missing chip drivers...

XP needs 100% full protection at all times, and more each day.
Firewalls-101: (first things FIRST) "FW"
Make sure your HOME has  a router YOU control and turn off all incoming ports and is called a real "hardware FIREWALL", nothing beats this device..(top router  brands all do that by DEFAULT)
Do not run a DMZ (unless pain is fun)
My wifi based router, the FW is inside, nearly free of cost, bundled there,  all secure and hard nut , solid protection. Outside to Inside my home.  (all TCP/IP 65535 ports are all OFF !) (only web and mail ports open... outgoing)
Internal fire walls in Windows stinks. if present at all....., and can be virus attacked, but not my router EVER.  A software FW is like  child's dream,  if the OS is not hacked it works.
FIX 2:
A/V and friends: (Anti-VIRUS) engines.
So buck up and get Eset Antivirus.  it's is the best IMO (my tests) lacking Windows Defender ,"WD" is not offered to any XP users.
Get Malwarebytes. (even a free one is better than naked, for sure!) Google it , seems everyone uses it, for good reasons !

 + (icing on the cake)?
I run WinPatrol-plus, life time license. Yes, am a sucker for lifetime licenses and x10 that if it says 3 home PCs !
I run Security Taskmanager pro
here too (life time lic)
All behind my W10 defender from MS, it works great. (it's overkill all these layers ,but justified on XP 100%) I have no issues with DEFENDER at all.

If all you do is local game or play MS Solitaire local and never read email, attachments or never cruise virus packed web sites or porn, then you need no protection. Just like condoms, same deal. same logic!
If you share a PC, then risk is infinite. (a doom thing here)

But, if not running a real hardware firewall , infections are instant, on XP .
Did you know that when you install XP , it must not have an internet connection now , or infects in seconds!, with no firewall.
THIS fact alone speaks volumes on how bad XP is. IT DOES SUCK !

This XP PAGE section , assumes you do serious PC work, like banking or adjusting your 401K online, or writing books, or developing software or hardware engineering,etc.)
If all you is play on your PC and no personal data., then run XP,  but don't expect much help when it goes dead. (IT WILL)

If your watched the news spring 2017, did you see the UK Hospitals go dead,? from XP , then few weeks later Russians?  all  with RANSOMEWARE.
Do NOT BE next, IMO
At the least try to get VISTA. Many HP old PCs they had this as an option, get it. W7 is a far wiser choice.

Microsoft created this  brick wall,  Killing XP and VISTA,  then tells you to buy a new PC or upgrade to Windows 10 and with W10 watch it fail.  (what MS started all computer makers must follow , it is a pipeline for sure)

Try to know that MS can not just barf out new chips to send to your PC that lacks modern supported chips.  (how could they?, you have a handy soldering gun? but PCI cards do in fact just pop out.... do so.. if W7+ fails.)
W10 does NOT support , chips that have no drivers now (W7 too), nor many old drivers with expired certificates.(W10 new pain)

Tell me, are you going  , try Vista, W7, W8, W8.1, the W10 all in hopes that one finds chip drivers that work now?   NAH!  At a $100 a pop?
However this TRICK, works, get free copy of W7 Windows PE, live CD, or live STICK) boot it and see how much works ,test for a day, learn what works and not. 
(I have W7/8/10 PE live, to do vast testing easy with a one click F9 boot)

Things that fail?  I  get the chips name maker in numbers,  that fails and see if the maker supports W7 now.  If yes, you are home free.

W7?  will cost you $120 to upgrade from XP.
All is not rosy with W7 and the 350 updates,  I had to slip stream the install disks by hand (conf files), to avoid a 2 day update live on line,  and fails hard if IE11 is not installed first.!!!   (gigalan at 200MB/SEC speed too)
(newsflash: MS may have a new  W7 ISO for this)
Talking of sucks , IMO , all Microsoft undate engines suck,  and are near brain dead. (no nice engine that show failed downloads, or dependancy issues) That is my opinion,
end W7, end UPDATE rants:

W10 is no bed of Roses, many folks hate the lack of update controls.  (like block all driver updates (or by device name, for example leave my gaming expensive VIDEO card the HELL ALONE !)
The CP is devoid of the word UPDATE  but was moved to Settings (as they said  CP is going byebye 1 feature at a time, moved to Settings)
The settings icon for update is now brain dead, as MS stated, it is by there new DESIGN brain dead.
You get only this:W10
UPdate history, (from post success point of view , completly useless  in fact, lacking what is available and what made it here) I'd expect a full dependancy tree here, but no just simple line items (dumb as a brick stupid )
Pro version  I have mine set to never update while im logged in. (Home version does not get to do that) Must be done in the Group Policy editor under updates.
Restart options.  ,  you pick a time of day with strict rules. (sorry putting in 24hr delays do not work (eg: say I put in only downs for  1 minute window in time every, sorry that don't fly)
Advanced, give me updates for other products (off) and  chose how updates are delivered, even from other PC's in your home.
MS may add more later, after all w10 is like blank slate. 

 (Side topic related)  IS WINDOWS XP SAFE TO RUN?

XP is ok,  if you:
  • Don't have Internet connections, like in the movie Martian™,  Mark Watney , had no internet, only this NASA Transceiver box. You are safe ! He then HACKs his PC, so cool is that...
  • Always have XP SP3 loaded and the last patch for Ransomware attacks.
  • Never read email attachments (or load them)
  • Never read web pages full of virus links. (or watch Porn ?) or suck in to click bait.
  • Never run XP setup.exe and pull hair  out, when at F6 demands, (asks for a floppy what?)  "classic case,  HDD not found , load IDE driver X"
  • Never load 3rd party programs (*.EXE), ever,  that load "in places no program belongs" , ever. (yah XP is a naked man running down a street, XP Is toy grade ! OS)
  • You have a Full load of top A/V protection and full Malware protection.
  • With a real hardware firewall (this is #1 for sure) (all incoming ports OFF)
  • Never want to run programs, that don't run on XP.  ( many makers of modern APP.'S skip XP , why would the sell to a <1% market?){ FireFox promises support, yes}
  • Never use new USB devices that never will  run on XP (for the same reasons stated right above)  (BTW XP Plug and Play is dead, online)
  • Same is true of other hardware added,  nor Vista or older support at all, for the same reasons above.  (however, Newegg.com does have vast hardware resources and many still do XP)
  • Your PC is just a toy, and reloading the OS often is no big deal, for many this is true... No data, no online banking sure, what's to lose? Your Twitter name? LOL.
  • The maker of  my PC does not support XP , and this does not bother me at all... (but do check , many HP PC's have  w7 upgrades or higher)
If the XP  ACTIVATION EVER FAILS,  the PC will slowly lockup,  by the actions of WGA.
If your license key is a dead COA, you will need a new key.  COA means, (a MS , Microsoft word coinage) means Certificate of Authenticity, (in English, your personal License number)
Watch out some XP install disks are Upgrade only, or are OEM only and not FULL RETAIL XP that loads on any system. You can not mix OEM key with Retail keys.
Fast forward to 2017, and Windows 7 download ISO at microsoft fails to download now, with out a Retail key, that means OEM key is useless there. (In fact MS tells you go to HP for your disk, and then they tell you , sorry, no Disks now)
Good luck there.  Why not get the HP media kit and not use WRONG install  DISKS?

RIP XP !  Once loved, now hated by many. Not me I'm neutral. ( I have it here, for valid reasons, I use fancy hardware expensive that uses it and no lan/wlan)
 QOD :(question of the day)
Would you log into your BANK (or 401k) with XP?  (this is like the first thing that crosses my mind) you?

My comments are a snapshot in time, MS can change the rules of the game, at the drop of a hat.... (I now think they will not)... "leave sleeping dogs , lie"

What is Slammed?,  By my coinage.... only... and 100% HP centric. (can also be called BRICKING MY PC)  ,< (as smart as  brick or sock full of rocks)
(there are 2 forms here, slammed BIOS , BIOS dead, slammed the HP operating system it's now dead or the HP F11 magic Restore Key. (power on hammer F11 magic)
This is not about the more common failures caused by Viruses or Malware.
Slamming is what the bad guy did, you , or anyone else !  (it's like the owner of a car using water or antifreeze for engine oil, he slammed his engine)
Symptoms, are,  BIOS screens dead, or OS is dead or the F11 key is dead.
First we do BIOS is dead: (all BIOS key and hot keys are dead, power good, Laptop battery remove, and power pack or PSU ok)
It has many causes but slamming is #1, the bad guy (lol) thinks flashing the BIOS for fun or thinking this fixes all the 100's of things that can go wrong, fixes them. It won't.
BIOS bad is covered here... 

Or kids turned on BIOS PASSWORDs and now is bricked dead, by the act.  All Password cures are here.

The F11 is a BIOS key so...  that means BIOS must be alive first or F11 is dead too. If BIOS is ok and the F11 recovery starts then  fails to run recovery processes, then the HDD recovery partitions are dead.
To not flash the BIOS for fun or paranoia, in fact never do this, unless HP told you to. !!! (flash means reprogramming your PC's BIOS ROM chip, this is a very risky thing to do, so don't do it, ok?)
Do not run F11 until you are backed up.

The F11,magic HOT key Restore is the best way to reload the OS beats all ways  hands down. (with no media in hand at all)  (power on,  hammer F11, fast after power turned on from OFF, HP has vast documents covering all this)
Given1 , BIOS is now ok, all  screens work in BIOS, (hit ESC at power on and go to all screens, are they all good?) Can you boot to a CD /DVD or other stick, F9 hot key , lets you do that. can you.?
Given2: HDD is not bad. you tested it and it is ok, I boot to knoppix 7 to test my HDD, using my F9 boot to Knoppix USB memory stick.

  1. Microsoft told you to upgrade to W10, now the PC is dead, the cure,  is never listen to MS ever, ask HP first. (really) HP designed it and built it ,NOT MICROSOFT !
  2. You bought a Microsoft (MS) media (dvd/stick)  and proceeded to SLAM your PC, and now has missing  drivers and all App.'s from HP missing. SEE HERE how to get correct OS.
  3. Not only that,but the MS media installer killed the HP Restore partitions dead, and now F11 is dead forever,  great huh?
  4. You used  a Dell or Toshiba OS (oper.system) disk to fix a HP PC, bingo SLAMMMED dead.
  5. You (means anyone) used a recover disk not matching your original OS or, used a media kit for some other model PC.  (they must match or it fails)  33 years of disks times 1000s of PCs. all are wrong but 1 set.
  6. You found out HP does not sell, the media kit now..  after 10 years the last (put your model PC here) was sold.    SEE HERE how to get correct OS.
  7. The badguy  played in the MS control panel,  Disk management page and deleted files or partitions (RECOVERY) partitions;  BAM Slammed.  That page is the most dangerous of all.
  8. Installing LINUX (or other wrong OS) in and attempt (failed) to have DUAL BOOT options, and now Linux killed dead the RECOVERY partition (F11)
  9. Or Linux would not fit so someone used RESIZE partitions and now F11 is dead. (oops)
  10. HP sold PC's with OS/2 , Linux,  Windows and FreeDos... what you had new or have now, I've not a clue.
  11. I can list 10000 other bad things to do that kills windows dead. but I will not... ReInstall the OS, per HP instructions here.

Keep in mind F keys work different at power on, than when inside BIOS pages.  (one is a power boot key, mine uses ESC,F9 or F11) BIOS entry,  boot pick or Restore mode)
The ESC key on mine is BIOS entry.  Screen reminds me every day I boot up with this text there.

F11 is restore factory OS feature by HP

Some get confused, when the display is dead thinking its BIOS dead? (first test the SCREEN /Display)

Or the monitor is dead.

Or PC overheats fast and most times.

If the PC can boot to (like mine) 5 other devices, ok, why think BIOS can't boot to HDD/SSD #0  (why think it's BIOS?) no it's HDD issues.  ( I can boot to CD/USB/SSD1/SSD2,Sd-mem) (here is 2)
If the boot order is HDD0 first then its correct, if the F9 key fails to allow booting to HDD#0 then the HDD has issues. (simple no?)  all thing boot but Hdd 0 does not, my pc can boot to HDD0 and 1. (yes 2 SSD)
In this case, we use the F11 restore, if that fails, then HDD is probably bad. (assumes F11 partitions are not gone due to slamming with MS disks)
There are lots of HDD tests to run.  some are good others poor.  Testing  1TB HDD can take all day. (if done right)
Thinking the BIOS HARD DISK TEST IS EFFECTIVE. If it fails. sure, it is a bad drive, but not if it passes!,  (try to know that a full test of any HDD modern can take all day long to run and will end up with a 100% erased HDD !)

I run the Linux LIVE Knoppix HDD tests.
The BIOS memory and HDD tests are toy grade (useful sure) but is only small test of a small area of the HDD,  and very very rudimentary.  ok?  I run SEAGATE tools, tests or the above Knoppix smart tests.
If the HDD dies,(or even goes weak (hard bad sectors lots) then that means the OS will not run right nor will the HP tools run nor the HP recovery magic F11.
Corruption is just that, hopelessness... (new HDD or new OS are the 2 only cures)

Thinking HDD last for ever.
Not running Crystaldiskinfo "S.M.A.R.T" , and not seeing all spare sectors GONE, #5 here.(oops that HDD IS NO GOOD NOW, sorry...

Not running check disk at the command prompt (from F11/F10 HP recovery mode or startup repair)  off any windows install disk or any HP install disk.  Just click Command prompt now.
Type C: or D: or your drive you want to test   C: enter. picks C.  you must type C colon..  enter or nothing happens, same as DOS2 rules, endless timeless ways.
then type CHKDSK /R    (space slash R) it must have a space there.  If you see lots of errors, I bet Crystaldiskinfo fails too. and the HDD is on an fast trip to death, for  sure.

or run DEFRAG , and watch it barf , live. (run box defrag) obviously windows must run to do that, so move the drive to  good system and do tests. (always the best idea that)
Defrag can be run from windows, live, or from the comandprompt live or from the restore, command prompt  way just stated above, off any OS install disk.

Back to Slamming and STRUCTURES:
One sure way to kill the F11 key dead as a door nail is mess with this...
This is a W7 Disk Management menu, and please note the 4 partitions here.  Do not delete them.  I that clear? 
If  you slam this PC HDD, with any Microsoft install disk it will do damage! here, USE HP RESTORE only. (or real HP sold media kits) 
Linux installed same deal. (and most other OS ever made)
The OS recovery is in the so called partition, by the same name it's like a virtual HP install disk, hidden until F11 is hit.
The HP_tools are just that, and important and inside is your BIOS backup file.  (be crazy to delete that, no?) This is what I call Slamming the HDD. (killing dead the core HP files forever)
W7  Disk Management screen . Run box diskmgmt.msc (short cut)  Noted the HP_Tools added later, not in XP.
This is XP's diskmgmt.msc status,  best is not to delete this partition, so you  can recover XP for free.

The BIOS restore is here too, so I you delete this partition , the Day1 BIOS file is now GONE.

end slamming.

version 5  7-21-2017             UNDER       all is this page is in my opinion only, and can change easy as the world changes.  This is not HP affiliated in anyway, nor MS.