Why does Virus Magnet, XP STINK ?
MS killed dead XP support on : April 8, 2014

For Relic PC's say 2001 made, run Linux. (even Lubuntu) (the "L" means light weight)

MS Windows, XP   is now 17 years old and counting from (2001 to now) and MS (Microsoft) ended support  long ago on  April 8, 2014
MS = MICROSOFT every time I use that 2 letter abbreviation... bingo.
Support means full support even phone calls !  (so if your COA key is dead now (key aleady in use errors), MS will not answer your CALL)
The microsoft forum will not discuss XP now. (they will delete or lock your posts)
The only support now, or future, is the Service pack 3 and few old patches, all now frozen in the sands of time.
There are some driver still on the MS servers (967?), seen here @PnP servers, but are going  end someday, I am told by MS. (when who knows?)

When I say the OEM makers name HP below this means (fill in your OEM PC makers name here) HP and DELL or the best PCs made  ! (well, not in 2008)

XP peaked at 77% and now is below 2% (falling like brick, RIP) and lower NOW!
Vista peaked at 23% and is now below 0.45%  12/2016 (RIP) Vista has horrible recovery modes, left out  by MS)
Its not so much XP is bad (well sure, it is) but the world now IS UNSAFE ! Kinda like flying with no TSA scans now,oops?

First the good things:( I will not talk about or cover MS OFFICE or MS games or  other MS applications"
  • Your PC came new with XP it rans for 17 long years, what more do you expect? "egg in your beer"?
  • Activation at MS still works. (that is if the key was not stolen by evil others using a KEYGENs !) oops, now you get to buy a new XP? wow....MS will not help you now.
  • MS still has online support for  service patch 3, and no newer patches forever... (making XP a  virus magnet)
  • The MS Online Plug&Play may fail, hard, now or soon but the manual way at ms still works.(see RECAP here)
  • XP will run only  IE 8 .(max)  There is no IE11 for XP and E8 is frozen in Virus Magnet mode. (run Firefox V56 and up) So is a non issue if you run new Firefox)
  • If you lost your XP install disk like most folks did  after 16 long years, I made a  MONSTER XPdisk   here << has all SATA drivers to it can run on most PC's.
  • If you buy matching (used) HP install media for you HP the OS will load, with no problems, that is because HP modified the media to support your HP, but actual MS disks do not.
  • If you don't have an internet connection, XP is always safe, ( no CD/DVD disks, no floppy drive, no USB ports with USB infected memory sticks connected)
  • XP runs the Solitaire game all day safe.
  • AVG Antivirus company still supports XP.
Now the  bad things: (and growing) XP is rife with pitfalls, endless... seen them all I have... (most can be fixed driver wise)
  1. Microsoft (MS) direct support has ended on Retail , XP support,  but not the military versions.(uncle sam has paid contracts here  US.GOV has for 30  millions of  bucks.+ )
  2. New devices added to your PC will not be supported by MS, (eg. a new USB device, that most no longer support XP, like a new Wifi USB Dongle device)
  3. No new updates, from MS.  It is the end of the road for XP.
  4. XP does not like newer hardware, even most SATA chips are dead, loading XP with out real HP disk sets or the F11 key Recovery. See my SATA fix. XP monster cure..
  5. XP (SP0) 2001 has over 700 exploits ! and far less with SP3 !,  If you do not load SP2 or SP3, WIFI WPA2 mode will be dead !
  6. XP SP1 home also bad at  109 exploits   
  7. XP IE8 (ends there MS does not allow IE11 to install on XP) is full of danger and is a Virus Magnet, and vast web sites now ban XP IE8 or older !!!!, so  run Firefox v56 +
  8. XP has zero day exploits that will NOT be corrected, says MS ! <<< read that carefully !
  9. XP  INSTALLER asks for  F6   Floppy for missing drivers, (skip this until later is the cure but not if SATA drives missing see line 4 above.)
  10. XP installed fresh (if it even can be) get the drivers seen here. See here for Drivers.
  11. Microsoft Security Essentials MSE ,updates work, but may be frozen, IDK (most folks say frozen , but do your own research here)
  12. Microsoft is not  taking XP phone calls.... and for sure claims of your COA key was stolen if true, as many are.  (this can be a real show stopper, your KEY stolen) forcing you to virus infected KEY GENS. ouch.
  13. MRT.exe , MS Malware software removal tool. patches. I think is  now frozen. (to mid 2015 year final release)
  14. Many of the top forums , the members flat refuse to discuss  XP at all. (with the terse UPGRADE it, bozo )
  15. There is no MS "Defender" for XP. (Microsoft free Anti-malware software)
  16. If you call your PC maker, you will learn , NO XP SUPPORT NOW.  Check it out.!
HP deleted XP support but there are some exceptions and for sure some XP driver support at HP.
HP does (nor others) sell XP install disks (CD) for your exact PCs older than 3 years old,  that rule misses XP by 14 years.(today) oops that CD had patches to make the SATA chips work and  lots more.

To hell with facts, I eat danger for breakfast ! you say?,  sure.... 

To run XP you need the best 3rd party malware A/V  package  there is, AVG paid version comes to mind. (or ESET)!

Never run XP with out sevice pack SP3 loaded. (know to that SP3 contains newer chip driver added, but is sadly grossly limited still and forever like this...)
Never Run the last XP Brower IE8, ever, run the newest FIREFOX v60+ . (avoid Internet Exploder, totally!) IE8 max only installs but need SP2 or 3, ON XP you must VOID IE totally now)
Do not run Browers of any kind that is just a shell for IE6,7,8,  or you will be sorry! RUN FIREFOX v60+
Never run with out the XP   Ransom-ware patch for  . WANNACRY!
Never run lacking a hardware firewall in your  router turned on , and all incoming ports turned off , inside said router fire wall. (or you get infected in seconds flat)
Never run XP  with the internal XP software firewall disabled. (and with incoming ports OFF)
Vista is dead and died Spring 2017 , get Windows 7 (or higher)
W7 and W10 are both still sold and Microsoft.com.  (W10 can be loaded as  trial for 30 days for free, hint hint)
Many  chips used say in 2002 , the chip maker never created W7 drivers. ( there are cures, but may take a new PCI card to replace the dead chip with newer working card, function and W7 drivers)
If you have  Desktop you can put in a new video PCI card, or a new wifi or ethernet card and get the PC running on say W7 that way.
On Laptops you can buy USB wifi/ethernet/sound dongle devices,to upgrade this hardware, so the newer OS can be loaded and made WHOLE.

The direct manual driver search works at MS. (even when XP PnP fails hard)

XP install disk hell:
MS XP will tell you at install time  (not HP disks) and shows ERRORs : no HDD found (HardDiskDrive) Top reason? No SATA chip drivers on that none OEM CD.
The words OEM means in the case of HP the HP offical install  disk set, or DELL disk set, or as your PC maker may be. (Original Equipment Manufacture) 
(the worst disk is a real MS XP from yeaer 2001, the best disk  is with SP3 on the CD label, but is still very very weak on drivers.) (not the offical HP disk called the HP media kit  it does work prefectly)
The word DRIVER means , that low level software you load that makes  chip, any chip inside the PC, (its box of chip, ok?) work right, or a function, like wifi/ethernet,sound  and lots more.
Lets say you have  the missing XP SATA driver, on say  USB stick or on a CD-R Disk (a perfect match) but XP installer setup.exe asks for the driver, and then ask you to hit F6 and load it from a floopy disk. (max pain)
I want you to know some PCs made 2004 to 2007(vista)?  had a special BIOS that contains a cool feature (for XP ) the Floppy emulation feature,that lets you use other media and fool the installer that you are using a floppy drive.
Or buy a USB floppy drive, then the horror of finding blank floppies in the year 2018.
One other trick on older PCs, is go into BIOS, and find the SATA chip, and while there turn off SATA mode, and turn on IDE emulation and XP now loads ok, later turn it back to SATA, and XP now runs.
The CDs install disk can be slipped streamed so that XP now has vast numbers of newer SATA drivers, (this is what I have , and made from scratch)  The USB floppy is like $10 on ebay the other is here.
XP monster disk building...
Far better is avoid XP like the Plugue.

The XP install errors ,  for HDD DRIVE  not found,   "No Hard disk found" means 2 things, HDD is dead or 99% more likely the SATA chip drivers are missing!
  • Bad HDD or cables to it fell off.(desktops have 2 cables there) If the HDD does not spin (heard) it is DEAD.
  • The SATA chips there are not supported directly with SETUP.exe (MS Install program) Use my  the  Monster CD mentioned here.
  • The HDD has the wrong format  ( say an alien formatted disk, Alien means, for example and Apple PC formatted disk, it means you attempted to install a used non blank HDD in this PC)
  • The HDD is turned off in BIOS,   (this is done so you can boot to say a addin card, SATA card that is faster SATA3 or to SAS RAID controllers. ) So go in to BIOS make sure the onboard, SATA ports are enabled.
  • Using MS disks are  marked upgrade only and you are attempting a fresh install.
  • Using HP disk set is defective (scratched) or CD or DVD drive is dead, or bad in some way.
  • Using say, Dell install disks on and HP computers or the reverse. (a huge blunder this)
  • Learn that I never install any OS on ANY PC until I run full HDD tests. (booted to a Linux DVD in demo "try me" mode) I love , Ubuntu V16+

Links that can help (mine and  others)"
The MS drivers may be gone but...
But all old MS OS updates/patches and for sure SP3 are still there   (I tested it End AUG 2017 and it's a GO , tested with WSUS app.)

My drivers page shows how to get them no matter what , if possible at all, Some are NOT!
My PCI page shows how to ID all chips in the PC for panic mode, finding matching drives. I use HWinfo32.exe (free)

Many chip makers are now gone,  dead or merged and nuked.  Try to find S3 video chip drivers, and 1000 of others.
The endless list of dead PC makers, is shocking?
If you chip maker never made Vista or W7 up drivers, there will be no drivers for that  chip that does not work.
Example are:  Ethernet dead or WIFI or both, then , SOUND, SATA ports dead, , Even some very old GPU (video) chips and many more..
My W10 chip dead page shows why it fails.
See my  SATA comments on this page)

The below shows the weakness of XP PnP, and gets worse as time progress, even mighty Intel dropped SATA support, now for there old ICH chips.  Do not read this , this is researched information.
Plug and Play, XP,  (pray):  TESTING by me...   Summer 2017 to see WHAT's UP and what is NOT UP.
If the Microsoft PnP servers  may show no XP driver support,
for your PC or chip !, maybe 1: it never existed, or 2: MS shut down this data base section in this server.
Testing 1,2,3: Testing for old Intel SATA support ,that  for sure #1 big time Achilles heel of XP. ( the can't find HDD horror F6, of XP installer (MS)!
Looking just at  1 topic XP and Intel glue logic below.
2001 to 2003 years had very thin line of SATA chip support and not  one is Intels.
Facts on SATA, in 2004 (Q2) Intel Shipped, The first ICH5 South Bridge with only 2 SATA ports (and x2 IDE ports) 82801EB (B = base set) There are RAID versions, ER.
VEN_8086, DEV_24D1 (D1 = sata sections)ID's.
Me fooling around at Intel.com intel dropped almost all ICH support for Intel, the did exist back in 2004 to 20007.
The 801s below only support IDE (801E is first chip to do SATA. See my Mirror below for the old Intel driver set for 801E up.
Intel offical support 2018 on XP, note vast ICH chips missing and "E" for sure.
My questions is what is the ICH5 to 10 support for XP at Intel first then at MS PnP servers.
I see no support at MS Pnp servers for the above but for the below yes.
I have this huge driver pack for storage devices (chips A to V and for sure all old intel)  v12.09 here.
The LOST drivers, are here.
The ICH5 to 9 XP/Vista drivers I have, are here, lost at intel.com  and mirrored    here.(2004 to 2007 years.)
Gen2: (are not lost yet)
2008 started PCH set (hubs) now has SATA began series 5. P55 and PM55 is mobile.  Q3-2009 XP is full supported at Intel.com
Intel shows only these have support  " INF Update Utility - Primarily for Intel® 6, 5, 4, 3, 900 Series Chipsets" (ALL ARE MODERN BRIDGES)
Windows 2000 upto W7, and Server 2003 /2008 both.
  • ntel® 5 Series Chipsets
  • Intel® 3400 Series Chipsets
  • Intel® 4 Series Chipsets
  • Intel® 3 Series Chipsets
  • Intel® 900 Series Chipsets
  • Intel® 800 Series Chipsets
  • Intel® Server/Workstation Chipsets
  • Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500/3500 series
  • Intel® 6 Series Express Chipsets
  • 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor family

None of the above is in the XP Install disk so errors out showing no HDD detected.
The XP disk supports 2001 to 2003 non Intel chips and only a few.
One other trick with XP is SP3, service pack 3 has more SATA drivers added but I flat refuse to make a list, but do get XP install disk that shows "with SP3" ok?

Fresh installed using XP with working slipped streamed SATA chip drivers (I have huge driver cache full of SATA chip , MS does not support, in 2001 nor in SP2 update)
I testing live PnP actions in XP using a huge box of PCI cards of every class (video, NIC, USB, sound, wifi,etc)
See my XP  search here at MS on topic.
  • 1/2 the old cards (about 25 old cards)some did not work live PnP, and most newer USB devices are dead. (automatic PnP is dead)
  • I found that if I looked inside the MS driver server I could find many still there.
  • I also found most the drivers here, to built my monster install CD or better DVD. (at the least slipstream all XP SATA drivers, ever made  )
  • Some makers of old chip still have drivers for XP, many do not, (out of business or flat ended the practices of doing this)
  • The #1 ,most hard problem to get past on XP  installs is dead SATA chips.  (no support) Shows, missing HDD. (and is not true its missing SATA driver) Learn to slip stream your install disk and win.
This is all I know on XP ,  all else I wish to forget FAST !

The  future of XP is here.  See my GIF's:  (Cures and  symptoms)

2001 PC's need the Nuke option;.\
The nuke option is best for 2001 PCs and for older we use for boat anchors.

Next is running Pirate XP or Torrent version?, then doing  banking? 

Typical XP users, mostly every day from 2014 to infinity. (gee get W7 ok?)

Best solution is nuke this PC, buy 2010+ PC and put on W7 or W10, end the endless pain of XP.

XP is a virus magnet and its broswer IE8 or older is not allowed at all on vast numbers of web site, and growing and IE11 can not be installed on XP, but Firefox v60+ will.

version-8  8-21-2017             UNDER       all is this page is in my opinion only, and can change easy as the world  or MS changes.  This is not HP affiliated in anyway, nor MS.