My port(s) are dead, USB or GPU or Ethernet, any? port? (not doing 9 pin RS232 or relic PS/2 ports, ever again)  { why PnP fails?}
#1 all time top cause is bad or missing USB drivers. (W10 bogus upgrades is  #1 caused)

What is a port?, the computer, any PC has Input or output ports or called I/O ports, like a USB port that is a I/O port)  I port is most times a wired connection to chip inside your PC so it can communicate.
Each chip needs matching driver to work correctly (driver means a Software Driver) Said driver must be matched to your current OS. (operating system)
Any VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP port is a GPU output port mostly to a Monitor or TV.
Warning all answers below assumes you have a working internet connection on this PC or PnP will be dead (plug and play/pray) I use Ethernet wired  port for best results. (fix wifi last is a very wise tactic, if ever.)

A USB port can fail for the following reason.  (the first cause of USB failure is called overloaded power seen here ) If one device shorts it can kill that port and other ports too that are shared.
(my PCs have 6  to 8 or more USB ports, some are mix of USB 2 and 3 both, and 2 chip to make both work and 2 drivers )
First thing we do is try all USB ports, as some USB3 ports want to fail easy after say an ill advised Windows 10 upgrades gone wrong.
The 2nd thing to do is try other USB devices in your so called dead USB port, like try a mouse or a keyboard, or a working USB thumbdrive.  (I use a keyboard (wired, not battery wireless)
Why is any port dead? ( #1 cause maker of the chip is now DEFUNCT)
  • Port is dead due to missing or wrong USB software driver present , missing or corrupted or you got said drivers form Virus Scalpers and failed hard, even worse.
  • You connected a device that  overloads the 2 power pins on the USB port, keyboards  or HDD external or cell phone charger banks. (cure 1  and cure 2)
  • The OS is infected , clean it or reload windows 10 from scratch.
  • Using the  wrong OS driver, loaded to Window 10,  XP and VISTA drivers do NOT BELONG here ever (W8 might work if forced to load in compatibility mode)
The first failure above is caused with mostly W10 updates or fresh installed and the maker of your PC told you not to upgrade to W10 on THIS PC. (amazing no?)"learn to ask first"
The fact is the PC is connected to the internet first.  (or plug and play will be dead)
The only cures is to  find the driver from your OEM (go there and look first) so you go to their USB driver makers web site. (if you find it now, this subject ends), or (etc)
One more short list:
OK say no OEM PC support for W10, so we try to find the makers of all dead chips for support next. (We first must ID them)
Be brave and buck the tide. (I can do this and see 1/2 the time I can find a driver) I had a Dead USB3, chip, in a laptop and it was NEC (now called called  Renesas Electronics Corporation) and had my driver for W10 !
Take note here REnesas did not send the W10 driver to HP nor Microsoft, causing hard PnP failures. (but easy to fix) < case in point, be a bull dog and look hard.

How to ID the chip that runs USB, maker and model.  Note that there are 2 drivers  needed for USB port to work and  one for the actual device like a webcam.  (below is my Z270 chip and is PnP supported)
  • Open device manager in control panel. (type device in start search menu) 2 click and there you are.
  • In device manager at the very end is Universal serial bus controller line, make sure none are marked with errors (unknown ,?, or other errors) No errors allowed in the region USB.
  • To learn what chips is there failing,  I right click a port and pick properties and details tab and role Property to Hardware ID and see this. (just  one wild example)
  •  ID) PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A2AF&SUBSYS_86941043&REV_00  ( we can look up chips true ID  here)  In most modern PCs (cases) the USB ports are inside the CPU chipset and work. But 10 years ago not USB3.
  • Vastly more easy to use and not needed to decode the above, is this App. HDinfo32.exe portable and free.  Run this app.
  • Run the HW32info and click bus tab, on left side; then pick USB3, if that is what fails. USB ports are jack coded blue plastic, then you will see all you need to see there, for ID, ID means chip maker identification.
  • If the port is not dead, it shows the devices plugged in to the port and its ID so you can find the maker of the chips web site lets pretend any of vast old Webcamera's are now dead under W10.
  • best of all is not to try to manually   decode 8086 makers name Intel , and A2AF to  Intel 200 Series/Z370 Chipset Family USB 3.0 xHCI Controller.... as seen here.
  • You now have learned 2 things, each chip has a makers name and chip ID, and that it must have a matching driver to said chip (OS) for Windows 10 , only.  This all must match up, and is what PnP does. (but failed for you)

Why do this?, well your Microsoft PnP fails for W10 and this port and your OEM maker of your PC told you , no  w10 support on this PC.!  (the  purpose of my page is that)
hard headed (me too) we get the codes, seen here then go to the makers website for the dead USB device, lets say the port is OK and only 1 device fails in all ports on this PC.
Lets pretend it is one of those junky Webcams (USB) sold for years (burly trash) and now is dead under windows 10.
There are only a few reasons to fail now and just  here, and here they are:

  • The maker of  this Port (a chip) is now dead, as in Elvis left the building. He is gone and there is no company nor any web site to support old products on W10.
  • The PC or device  maker ended all support say at Vista
  • The maker stopped making these types of devices and ended all support.  (endless this)
  • The chip maker is dead, gone or offline for any reasons so that Microsoft can not support you nor the maker of your OEM PC, this is what I call triple dead. (doomed)
Plug and Play, what is Plug and play?, well it is really simple in base concept, it is a process, that first directs you failing PC to go to Driver servers and get a matching driver to you current OS.
The first goal of any PC user or technician is to get internet connected first. (goal #1) or PnP will be dead , if using wifi and it is dead (driver dead) then wire up the Ethernet port to your router now and end this pain.
The #1 reason for PnP to fail besides list internet connections is upgrading a PC from XP,Vista,W7 to W10 and the PC maker  told you there is no W10 support
As a general rule PCs older than 2010 and for sure 2007 do not run W10 or will install but many major chips (features) on this PC fail hard. (like wifi, sound, Ethernet, iGPU and more)
If the Device manager shows it dead it is. (this failure is caused by a missing or corrupted driver)
This can be exceptions to the rules on matching OS to drive and that is that you can load some older wrong drivers to W10 and it will work (whole or in part) using MS
compatiblity mode.
To run Device Manager in the start run box type Device manager. (easy no?) or in Control panel find Device Manager. (if any line in the report is with a red or yellow mark  or unknown that is a dead driver)

GPU port dead.
You have the VIDEO cable plugged in to the wrong PC GPU port, (VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP) if you have GPU card (PCIe) you must use only the card ports (actual), if not wanting to? , then remove the card.
Monitor is dead or set to the wrong port, in OSD menu of said monitor; or the cable video is bad.
Warning #1 the iGPU inside old CPU are not supported now for W10, intels web site on topic tells you that clearly.  I know the intel CPU i3 gen2 up are supported. (try to not go older than i3) i3-2xxx up is best.
GPU same deal same causes W10 covered here.
GPU dead/died:

Microsoft has limp driver for GPU now, called  MBDA
It is not true or real driver but is just to prevent black screens of death,  like in the old days F8 Safe mode ran 800x600 screens so most can work but very poor grade.
Learn too that using the wrong GPU drivers invites horrible BSOD's  blue screens of death like no other error you can make.

If you have  ATI or Nvidia video card get the driver from them directly.  ( or easy to find. (and HWinfo32 tells you what is there now)

Dead Ethernet
port, a RJ45 jacked wired  run with Cat5/6 cable to your router. Buy a cable and connect it first. (play WiFi Hell later)
Most times this is missing a driver for W10 to this chip and the cure  is same as above use HWinfo32.exe. find makers chip name and part ID, then get the driver from them  only. (many are now dead makers)
If dead dead (means zero possible cure) buy a USB to ethernet dongle for $4 .
If wifi dead dead same answer , but Wifi (the Dongle cure)
If sound is dead and zero hope of any cure, buy a USB dongle (sound/audio ) or DAC.

I worked hard to keep this page short. ( the topic is complex ) for compatiblity mode read this.

Drivers how to get drivers and not get  infected with a virus or worse. (yes there is worse ) First to the Testing 1,2,3 below.   See here how to fix W10 USB PORTS.
  • Let Microsoft Plug and Play work for you and do its tricky job.  Be internet connected now or  plug and play will be dead.  (I use Ethernet wired cable, if wifi is dead)
  • Get your driver  from the OEM PC makers web site or from the device you wish to use and run.  (like : or or or or as the case may be)
  • Do not get drivers from 3rd party suppliers (hawkers /scalpers) as most are costly and worse infected.  (most are , and I warned you) I did not say chip makers I am saying 3rd party or 4th.
  • It is ok for you to go to the dead port chip makers web site and get a driver directly from them if PnP fails and OEM fail both.  (many USB3 chips by Renesas filed to work with W10) So we got them from maker Renesas directly.
The drivers must come from these places in order, , , and card  (nobody else or get infected you will)
There are intel chip sets and AMD and VIA that do not support W10 at all. (old) In such cases if very lucky forcing a W7 driver to W10 OS may work. (see link above compatibility) ,
Intel does not support ICH chips below USB 1. (ICH3 82801CA or older) circa 2001. (most folks have no such PC now)     
Most PCs made do not run Windows 10 if older than 10 year old.  2007 is about the oldest allowed. (try any Intel I3 and up and  newer based PC, not older. )

Testing 1,2,3: USB: (if any test below fails?, most times that is the USB base line port driver, bad, wrong or missing or corrupted)
  • Does a keyboard fail in any or all USB ports? (the most easy thing to work right is this, thus first)
  • Does USB mouse fail in all ports or just one , or fails only in USB3 coded blue plastic ports? (is the wireless keyboard or mouse  with a fresh new battery?)
  • Does a USB  thumb drive, work in all ports.? seen below. (see the drive in explorer? and read files there or copy files to it?) Does the device show up in DISK MANAGER or Device manager both it must)

For the above to work the USB port must not be dead first then the USB memory driver must be present too. Just like WEBcams must have 2 drivers working and same with keyboard/mice.

The Dead pool:   (" is he Dead Jim?")
If your chip is from SIS, or VIA or Nforce pre 600 series, there is no hope for W10.!
One more , Aug,2020, Toshiba now PC defunct now (is now Sharp™ owned and zero old PC support, fading fast)

Makers  No longer in business, or left THAT business to make other things, but not this old CHIP or Device.)

Here is another list of defunct computers 

Here is a list of todays top players, and many of these makers made chips that ended at  2001 XP or   VISTA 2007, that chip ended then... but this list is the PRIME list.

Two top failures of devices related to USB are below KEYBOARD and WEBCAMs.

Keyboards that fail for lack of W10 drivers (2005 old)

WebCams  (old) do not run on Windows 10 for lack of drivers, vast cameras exist that ended support at XP, VISTA or W7.
Like Labtec or new Logitech C100 serices dead now?  (defunct brands)
MS says this on Webcams.(dead)

Check for an incompatible camera driver (a quote)

Some older cameras that were designed for older PC's (XP or older) aren't compatible with Windows 10. Here's how to check if you have if your camera is compatible:

  1. In Device Manager, look for your camera under Cameras, Imaging devices or Sound, video and game controllers.
  2. Press and hold (or right-click) the name of your camera, and then select Properties.
  3. Select the Driver tab, select the Driver Details button, and look for a file name that includes stream.sys. If it’s there, your camera was designed before Windows 7 and you'll have to replace it with a newer camera.

version 3.  9-9-2020  ( I only do dead things, cover them all I hope) Dead ports are mostly missing drivers for your dead port.  Windows 10 coverage only, all older MS- OS are DEAD now.  (best PnP link)