More Dead things in your PC?         

Besides all listed things on my main page, at (Windows only, not MAC, not Android not anything else)
Dead hardware featured things, not dead Windows features like ( why are start button things missing, ask on  that)
In all cases first get Microsoft PnP plug and play up and  on line, get your web connected first, always, or many drivers will never load or be found. (I use Ethernet cables connected first !!!)
The top things to fail are all key important things, like Wifi, Sound, Ethernet , mouse or keyboard dead.
I will not cover dead fingerprint readers, or dead eyeball scanners or webcam, but are only cured by contacting our PC makers web site and asking, (caused most times by slamming the PC.)
Slamming means upgrading your OS or destroying your  OEM recovery partition with out your OEM's permission.  (HP is one OEM of many)
Factoid #1, Windows 10 does NOT support hardware back to the relic years.  1981   to now   (end that dream now)  In fact some PC's 10 years old are not supported !
In most every case a dead device is caused   by a missing  device driver or wrong one or it is corrupted (or the PC was slammed and now many drivers are messed up,  a huge  clue there, no?.
In most cases the owner upgraded the OS with no OEM permission to do so. ( and no driver exists) End the dream that there is driver for everything and every OS, as that dream is a LIE !
If say OEM HP has no driver, how then pray tell , can MS have it, if HP never sent it to  ever... (rhetorical )
The true path of drivers are (chip maker to OEM , OEM makes edits to it , then is sent to  to their driver data base called PnP CATALOGS)
Also in many cases the Video driver that is best is  obtained from the chip/card maker,  if a  desktop. (Nvidia or AMD/ATI) If not  Desktop PC get it from OEM of PC.

First thing to do is use Windows Device manager to see if things listed are dead (red/yellow/unknown device) "click control panel then click device manager" and look.  (Google "how to get to device manager")
  • Dead USB ports top my list,  try them all first, avoid USB3 ports until USB2 proves to work first.  USB drivers must be good in Device manager, then next the device plugged in driver must be good same place.
  • Only 1 keyboard key is dead or one row, this is a bad keyboard, (or wrong language keyboard used, not matching your PC and you) or stuck keys. (on any Laptop bad cable inside or loose or broken cable jacks inside)
  • In all cases try a USB keyboard now.?, try a known good Keyboard now,  tested on  all USB jacks?   then  check driver for USB dead or keyboard driver dead.)
  • Laptop internal wired keyboards need a matching driver too and most not be showing errors in device manager, (very rare this) But use the cables inside likes to fall off the jack, deep inside.
  • All  HP old wireless keyboards/ mouse fail hard today on Windows 7 to 10.  The HP  models P3405/ 5187 or 5219crf/urf  are 18 years old now and support ended with W7)
  • All wireless keyboards and mice must have  good battery (in both) if that is good and the Device  Manager shows it's dead then it is dead and now you know why, answer wrong or missing driver (or not supported by maker)
  • I am not going to cover bad hardware here,  you can at any time replace a  mouse (FYI) and see it cure the problem , have  spare USB mouse on hand at all times. (or do it cover cleaning relic BALL mice)
  • Dead mouse pad on the top of the Laptop below your thumbs (track pad )  is causes by 2 things, bad driver (see slammed above) cables to this pad inside laptop fell off or are lose.
  • Do not use 2 mice at once, on a PC or one USB mouse and the track pad or they fight each other, but you must defeat one or the other, update the track pad software and some have auto off feature with USB mouse connected.
  • Lacking such a feature (auto off) go to device manager turn off 1 of the 2 mice (disable it), I have on all my laptops done this , but one I just got the track pad driver from the chip maker, and it has the auto-off new feature.
  • Dead VGA jack, On a Laptop, did you press HP hot key,  (Fn+F4) key, means together? to enable external VGA (or set to both or auto mode) . RTM read your manual on your PC learn what it is.
  • If the DESKTOP PC video dead, has many causes (monitor and cable tested good) In most cases the chip or card video are not bad the  PC is dead. (black screens) (if both fans are dead or 1 is dead the PC needs service)
  • If VIDEO dead   and not sure why, try a boot DEMO disk (media)  I run linux demo  on USB memory stick and see if video fails under Linux , if not then Windows has driver problems.
  • The newer THIN HP notebooks "Specre" have no VGA jack at the rear, but has an  optional. adapter  so you will need this for diagnosing say a dead laptop screen.
  • Your NIC card is dead, Ethernet, see here. (again bad or missing driver is the cause)
  • Dead Sound,?
  • Dead monitor.(any screen of any kind) test said monitor on any other working PC, easy no?(the external monitor can also show its OWN errors using its OWN brain.)
  • Dead PC see beep codes or blinking LED codes.) POST error matter first. (I am no authority on all codes, nobody is,due to lack of OEM clear documentation on topic, only sparse ) Power on self tests = POSTS.
  • The Black screens of death was covered on the page you came from. Fans dead is first, see no power.
  • A Dead built in camera's,  on HP it needs 2 drivers working, or it will be dead,  USB2 chip driver (it talks to the CAMERA) and the needs the Camera driver next. If the PC was slammed this loves to fail.
  • Old relic hand held web cams are not supported now on W8 and higher, most of the makers when out of business back in XP days or just don't support it now.
  • If the OEM has no driver, and same at  then try PCI-Z free program seen here.  (this page shows how to find drivers from chip makers ,the last chances are here)
  • Dead fans cause overheating or the owner says fans are too loud?,  well it's packed in lint.
  • My screen shows errors , this complaint is near endless, in scope, (BIOS errors,  or beeps  or Windows 10 has over 100 blue screen errors, as do applications and web browsers and last web site errors. (5 layers of errors possible)
  • The super relic PS/2 keyboards only work on your makers PC, PS2 scan codes are not a standard across all OEM makers and can fail easy for vast reasons   PS/2 to USB adapter is the only cure.(and costly , get rid of all this)
  • Running relic  XP,  upgrade it to SP3, service pack 3,  or WPA2 wireless mode will be DEAD on XP 2001 first version.  UPgade all XP to W7 or higher, never run XP again, ok?
The first thing any dead PC owner must do ,  if PC is over 5 -7 years old is replace the RTC battery first. (RTC coin cell, most are Duracell # 2032, part numbered) see below .

Things not covered hear are , fingerprint readers, or eyeball scanners to boot any PC. (if  HP PC go to their website and search or ask for help) same is true at   both are great USA products.  (DELL and HP are best to own)
The HP security package will be dead on many 10 year old laptops, after slamming the PC to Windows 10, with HP  telling you not to do that.  (I upgraded mine, to w10 but not the security package that part is DOA. )

The persons with Laptops older, 2010 to 2012; the Windows 10 drivers for Intel HD GMA graphics is not supported under W10 at all. (so slamming these PCs is a total failure! Even 32bit W10 can fail , even fresh loaded.)

SUPER SIMPLE CURES ARE POSSIBLE (replace the thing that is relic with a new thing) This is where Desktops rule . (vast choices and is ATX spec PC with Express bus)
On desktop we can pop in a new PCI-express card GPU and run w10 any time we what. (and any other cards for any other device not supported by w10.
You can disable that old silly Intel HD Grapics feature in BIOS and plug in a cheap Video express card that has W10 driver, (say) and bingo W10 loads.
We can also install USB devices to replace dead devices in any PC, be  that sound, or wifi or Ethernet, USB3, firewire, and more, lots more...

Last and not the least is the art of forcing drivers, (avoid XP  and that is to use compatiblity mode, at the moment of running the driver installer.
Right click the installer say HP,  sp12345.exe  and pick properties and  pick compatibility tab then  and pick say W7 . (example of loading a W7 driver under w10 live)
Warning some OEM drivers installers,  check the OS first and halt if wrong.  (but yes, try it and see , always)
One more magic trick is to fully extract the driver from the EXE package and run the setup seen in side. (I use 7zip (free) to do that.)

The Chicken and the EGG deal,  if all network chips are dead, wifi and Ethernet, how  can you download a driver , answer you can't directly, but only off a 2nd PC !
2nd PC get what you need online ,  and put it on USB memory stick  and then copy that file tot that dead driver PC. (aka as "sneaker-net" for years as in sneak over there, then back here...)
But if only Wifi is dead, then use your Ethernet cable from PC to router using any  CAT5/6 cable, and bingo you can download to you hearts content, and even stay that way for best performance.

When you SLAM a PC (means loading wrong OS) you get tons of errors, sometimes 8 errors, here are 3 things dead.  I get Ethernet working first. (always first )

Can't afford a $10 , 25foot Cat 5 cable? try this. (it's in my tool kit all time time)
One savvy trick is to own a USB wifi dongle device off fleabay for $4, plug it in and see it work at the get go, and set your credentials and bam web connected to fix all  devices missing or wrong.
Like this cute device,  and comes with driver media CD in the package back side. (hint2, if no CD drive, copy them to USB stick ok?then to PC if PC can't PnP this device.)
This cost me $6 , if you buy one with no antenna the prices on Ebay is $1.42.  (1/4 a pack of cigarettes price wow)
 The big hint here is get web connected first, then play. (plug and play) as seem on ebay by the thousands now.

Permission, from OEM, what will be dead, lacking that premission to upgrade windows.  ( this don't stop me, but  I know what I need and what I can fix first) W10 will do this to most folks upgraded, lacking permission.
  • Missing drivers. (at the OEM site, and at Drive cache online PnP catalogs as seen here HP examples.)
  • Missing OEM Applications, for sure any security package software is not dead. And many more, and they warned you of this fact If you looked read or asked them first.
  • Missing OEM support, they only get mad at you when you ask for help on things dead,  if its was never supported in the first place by them at all.
  • Missing special other features or dead wifi ,dead top button control strip on any laptop custom to OEM (not used on any other PC on earth  just this PC) Dead ethernet,bluetooth,driveguard, dead SD card reader, and more)
  • Dead sound, is top complait as is wifi.  (and you did this, not the OEM)
In my  case, I have no need for  any HP applications nor the security package (dead), but I did get each key driver working, by force loading W7 drivers onto W10. (compat mode loaded)

LINKS, most useful:
See related links here, PCI and drivers.

version 2.  8-8-2018