Computer JARGON , or buzz words, shoptalk, a  short list (


All technology has their own  jargon; computers is but only one technology steeped in simple jargon.
if it is too confusing hire a tech. to fix your PC.
Every lingo word is covered in the WIKI if you wish to learn.

Chip =  Silicon IC (integrated circuits ) short and  simple form CHIP
MoBo = Motherboard, (or main board) the most largest system board, main board inside that has the CPU mounted to it and RAM.(DDR) and a GPU chip or place to mount it.
CPU,  central processing unit , a huge I.C. CHIP  see, read  up on i3-i9 CPU processors.  (in India they think CPU means the whole computer system and  they are wrong !)
CPU is also called the Alan Turing Brain, the brain chip and just the brain. (all very slang and common)
PC a Personal Computer, coined by IBM 1981.  (they made 500,000 at a wack, making the name then and now main stream. I had microcomputers way before IBMs dream. (CPM -S100 IMSAI 1975)
GPU, Graphic Processing unit, be  that a PCI-express card, or part of the CPU/ called an iGPU , that means integrated as part of CPU.
RAM, DDR,  the main RANDOM Access memory bank sold today  as DDR sticks, DDR4 is common today, DDR3 is problematic only for long time used and newer sticks fail in old PC's)
Ports {I/O ports}=  ( those Jacks on the outside of PC, that  send and/ or receive data to a  computer , like USB, and Video monitor ports.)
Video output ports,  VGA, DVI, HDMI and DP,  HDMI allows a PC to use a TV as a monitor, but not the reverse of that. (there are execeptions, All-In-One PCs some have monitor mode input HDMI)
USB, a universal serial Bus port that is PnP , allowing vast devices to be plugged in, like a keyboard, mouse  or web CAM. (10,000 things here even printers and image scanners.

PnP = Plug and Play, Microsoft logic that matches a driver , to OS and a device. (software driver) {some times called Plug and Pray}
A Software driver, is like a saddle for a horse , in that if missing you fall off said horse. (Tonto laughs ! "you so funny  "Kemosabe")
Drivers can be  missing, wrong or corrupted, if for the wrong PC or OS. (or from hackers sites many are infected, get them from you PC maker only)
Many folks upgraded top W10 then found out (horror !) there is no w10 support for this old PC, no drivers for all chips inside and end up with dead or lame, sound, network or GPU screens.(and more bad)
Hardware, that which is not software or firmware is hardware.  Software does not run on bad hardware so hardware is first to worry.
Firmware is software in Silicon as in ROM, EPROM and today EEPROM (flash memory) read only and never forgets with 100 to 200 year data retention top maker spec. Intel "1702" EPROM 1971, first in large production.

OS = Operating system,  Like Windows XP to W10, Linux (vast) Citrix, FREEDOS, CHROME (a google made OS)

South Bridge chip, like Z170 , is the big chip that adds most the things missing that the CPU can not do by itself (USB , and lots more things)
SSD = solid state drive,  now mostly replacing all HDD made( 1TB or less is common,) 10TB HDD or larger as sold as Hard disk drives.
HDD = hard disk drive, slang is, spinners or Rust drive. with S.M.A.R.T feature built in.  No software made can repair a bad HDD if SMART shows it bad, it is a bad HDD.
M.2 + a slot to run wifi or to run NVMe, SSD. (RTM) on your PC.
RTM = or RTFM means read the Manual (OR RTMFM = Read the meticulously formulated manual (mil spec lingo)
PSU = power supply Unit.  (power must be accurate and clean or the PC will fail)
DVD= (or blueray, disks, now mostly obsolete due to streaming sources.) (CD are mostly gone but at walmart CDDA music)
ODD = optical disk drives covers them all above line.
OSD = on screen display , all monitors have  menu button and shows this special setup screen via the programming in the monitors brain (Turing)
RTC = real time clock (and calendar) chip and its CMOS+NVRAM COIN  battery, now dead at 5 year mark.
The cloud, is  a fancy web name for WEB www file Servers that are location secret. "abstract storage"  

PCI ,slots , now obsolete , became PCI-express. (PCI-e) X16 slot is for GPU card. "wiki PCI-express" note the speed ratings, key. v3 up is best.
x1 cards /slots (1 to 16) X1 can fit and run in any socket expresss, the X16 must fit into X16 slot unless the slot is end cut and if used that way, runs slower.
VRM = voltage regulator Modules, a special chip in inside any PSU(and all MOBO) that creates the power RAILS.  3/5/12vdc and has over voltage and over current protection so act as fast smart fuses too.
RAILS are power feed buses,  they can be  3.3 ,5v and  12v and ground rails, and more.  They are a shared resource so if you overload one rail all things that run on that rail do dead too.
Newer PC's will soon have a 1 RAIL ATX PSU, of 12vdc only. (DESKTOPS) CALLED ATX12VO (voltage out)

Ethernet- a wired network connection (cat5 or 6 is common) RJ45 jacks, to your router. (to the sub LAN and to the WEB  via your ISP
ISP = internet service provider. ( lots there are and ways (wired,optical cabled(FIOS) or satellite, and wireless WAN 3/4/5G or even local wifi like at Starbucks.)
WiFi,  wireless netowork SHORT RANGE IS not The same as 3/4/5G LONG RANGE networks. ( wiki this)
WAN means means wide area network like 5G is or ISP Ethernet or the like.
WWW world wide web or the WAN.
LAN means local area network or sublan, like in your wired home. (or private WiFi)
Ethernet is wired LAN or WAN.  (be it on either side of your gateway router)
Router  connects to your WAN model to the web. The router routes traffic to your sublan. (all)
The Router has a HW (hardware) firewall the keeps the bad WAN guys from invading your home system devices.
The ports on that router WAN to LAN ARE DEAD, OOBE, OUT OF THE BOX EXPERIANCE. 65,535 ports dead.(ALL) A.K.A , a FIREWALL.
PCB = printed circuit board, add-in card, expansion card or slot, not deadly (Dioxin)tranformer oil at all.
NIC = Network inteface card or controller, (PCI card common) some times then call just any ethernet chip there at NIC.
Dongle, is not card it is USB device, like NIC dongle, Blue tooth Dongle or wifi dongle. $4 each. (the most silly word ever created is this for hardware) In the old days 1980/90's it means  security key (licensed) today vague.
In the olden days a dongle was security dongle ,lacking it the  CAD software license was dead ( this device prevented disk copying and cloning software illegally)
Modem that is the device connecting you to your ISP's WAN web, or internet. (a.k.a ,  a Bridge) "means only modulator /demodulator"
Case = casing or chassis, the PC box enclosure.(a.k.a, case form factor)
Faston™  connectors ( made by old Aircraft Marine Products, known as AMP. then Tyco and last today by TE,connectivity. (data sheet) 1/4"{6.4mm} wide is common 1/8" seen on UPS backup power, batteries. (and)
Molex ™, seen on all motherboards (MoBo) 4pin to 24pin.

BSOD= Blue Screen of Death , w10 has over 100+coded BSOD screens now.(look them up and  "means windows crashed for most folks" bad news that. (virus, bad drivers)
BSODs are caused by bad power (noise out of PSU) or Bad RAM or a Bad GPU drivers. 3 top causes.
Cyberdyne Systems,. spare me...

This is the end of my short list of Jargon. (lingo bingo)

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Listen to your ASE master automotive mechinic or Doctor?, same class of Jargon or SHOP TALK (even documented) Every advanced technology has their very own jargon.

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