Panic ! or Not ?
I want to Backup my data now or recover it. (for any reasons whatsoever)
( If the HDD is odd  failing or  sick , we might get Linux to recover files on a dead PC) 

You can backup to USB stick ,external HDD/SSD , to the CLOUD, or DVD-R or BD-R (blueray) or to other PC's (Shared) or to home servers and tape.
I use free to home use ,  eases  TODO backup V12+ (to external file backup servers and to any other media)
There are other  app.s to do that, but this one is free and works perfectly in all ways.  (hint1: the home version is not CRIPPLEWARE (thanks to them)!
This page will avoid the Captain Obvious answer, just drag your files to the USB flash memory stick. A.k.a, the Drag and drop.  (done)

Yours may look different . (hark)
I run the HDD S.M.A.R.T TEST to void unexpected HDD File errors.

Do not use this method, ok:? Unless highly motivated ! (tongue firmly planted in my cheek!) I used to repair these is different life. (70's)
Funny joke here!, but there are great $2000 high end tape systems still used.
Backup to any thing you want, USB stick, HDD #1,2,3, etc,
External HDD (USB enclosed HDD or SSD) is best.
Backup on your home network private SERVER or to spouses PC, with 1 shared folder. (now you have it 2 places)
Back up using DVD-R or BluRay disk BD-R using ImgBurn.exe free program. To any CD/DVD/BD made.(blank) Free and safe !
Backup to any cloud you want.
I can backup to this server and they can also do more backups  Sure can. (with free email too boot after paying for server space)  No need for clouds, buy space you actually own.


  • Install it , see second  link at top of this page.
  • Run it.
  • See main page. (below)
  • Click #1 THEN #2 FILE BACK UP.
  • Click a whole disk or folder in any disk to backup.  (This app can backup anything you can imagine  files ,partitions, disks, folders, you name it even 1 file and the reverse !
  • Then select  Destination drive, say I picked the THUMBDRIVE. (inserted sure)
  • Last click the PROCEED BUTTON.
  • You are now backed up. 

If  later you need to recover?. Do the Reverse of the above at #3.  (1 file or 100,000 files or 1 folder or whole disk ) Just click Icon marked BROWSE to recover, and follow the steps.

I like to backup to this too.

ERRORS: Most errors  will be bad media, at either end or files that are corrupted to begin with or HDD bad.

Version 8: redux, 10x more simple, 1 example and 1 Linux.