Back-up  App.'s that work right. ?  (typically used  under MS Windows 10)

The MS version of backup   are/were buggy  and  now wildly odd and complex.  (I never even look there due to getting burned by them for 40 years) "once bitten twice shy" or more.?
No back-up is going to work if either or both HDD are bad. (I always test the HDD First using the free smart test here) Or on any Dell PC run F12 ePSA diagnostics.
I only use AMOEI Backupper now.
Criteria of choices to pick a good  "BU"  Application program or App.
  1. Must Install to my F:/program files folder. (if not in  the trash it goes)  It must give me a choice screen 1 first installed .  
  2. It installs ok and does not nag me every day of my life.
  3. Does not install startup files and load up RAM with things I do not want  or need all day long. (not with out my PERMISSION ,  Leeloo: Senno ecto gammat!)
  4. The App. running must be user friendly , not chinglish like (GUI) and MUST show clearly source and destinations I picked and then warns me at end ,  "you are about to write to X drive" , IS THIS OK?"
  5. It must allow me to restore, 1 file or blocks of files or whole drives, later,  many BU apps fail hard here, and through no fault of your own nor any kind of bad media.
  6. Not cost $100 for home use, how about $20 , even free to home use, yes !
  7. And any BU app that goes dead or lame after the 1 year license expires. ( Good luck reading licenses in Chinese?)
  8. The seriousness of the your files getting lost,  and  after the HDD crashes (boot) your new drive and BU app fails to like any of you old backups on all other BU DISKS.
  9. Many  makers of BU have a vary poorly designed APP.  Hard to understand and poor support and answers in Chinglish, I can not understand.
  10. Last and not the least the maker supports your  newer versions of W10.  (dop older backups work with newer W10?) so that means you must be using top brands APP here. ( not garage or basement built)
To me AMOEI "BACKUPPER" is the best, in all ways, above and Home version is free, if you need the other higher features. They even have a real forum unlike others.
Warning do not use v6.3, as there is a nasty bug that kills dead Windows Restore points (easy fix see reg patch here)<< open it in notepad and read it.
I use the free version, but...
Full Version costs $40 (Jan/2021) and is a life time upgrade    (a 1 year -2PC version for $10.69 total USA)  prices vary from $49 or less, on sale or with coupons. I used Coupons.
If you need a 3 PC license or more ask them first. (most sellers of software fail in not having 1 page that tells their rules on Licensing, 1,2,3, PC and if the app goes dead or lame in 1year, or not.

Most will tell me , just use the MS cloud and trust  it. ( I say trust is earned, and that takes years, even 10 years to see that !)
Never ever backup to only one drive or media  for sure C: to C: that is crazy.
HDD fail and do so often, I back up to 1 or more External Drives and 1 local server and one offsite. After backing up the local servers are tuned off, to extend LIFE !

Using BITLOCKER or any kind of built in or added HDD/SSD drive encryption can fail so easy it is not even funny, (don't) Or buy high end, products to do that and pay through the nose.
The Source or the  Target Drive  most not be bad nor  fails SMART TESTS APP here ,100% free and safe! for home use!.
Some backup  apps fail for many reasons all are bad apps. (Windows apps top the list Historically)
For me the source and target drive must clearly shows, and recovering even on 1 file of  thousands must be easy fast and successful.
Best Practice off all is you giving all drives (volumns) a  volume name so you never get confused and worst of all copy an empty hDD to a disk full of data. (BOOM ALL DATA LOST)

Note the very cool and clear to see ARROW below?  Simple but  Super Super effective !
That one thing prevents copying data the wrong way, for not doing the horrible act of moving old data over new. (a horror for sure)

Note the clear wording here,  and the cute arrow, too, making any user confident the APP is doing what you want !!!  1,2,3, add folder (source) #2, pick target and last #3 start backup.

Joking: (If all else fails backup to  here) OMG I used to repair these ages ago , 1974.

version 1.  1-1-2021 (100% only my limited opinions. )