My iGPU  or Video card died (VGA/ DVI /HDMI/ DP)           

First off if you upgraded to W10 , the card can fail or go MS MDBA limp mode. (I list good W10 GPU cards here)
GPU = Graphic Processor Unit (chip or card) or that magic chip that makes your Monitor screen show video or windows screens of any kind.
This old and classic topic used to be simple, a PC with only VGA or DVI, but times change and 4K happens, and vast sea of cards sold 10 makes and 100s of products easy happened.

You are here for desktops or from my black screen of death page.
First lets define black screen , it does not mean windows is dead, at all ,it means the screen never ever shows text or logo's  (ignore the Monitors logo or OSD when diagnosing GPU cards)
We define dead as DEAD BIOS FIRST.  (in the below case F12 must work and so must F2) if these critial sceens are missing then you PC does not like your card at all.
This is not a dead GPU, the port not at all,  nor is it all black  in fact this is the DELL BIOS 1st screen, talking here to you, and proves your GPU does in fact work.
If you click F12, and your boot drive is missing, that is a whole other issue. (bad drive, or cables fell off it)

Testing is not hard at all, most are cave man simple.
  • Using the right port. (try them all,  all seen on a GPU card?) {some cheap cards have only 1 primary port} Plug in using this order if seen VGA-DVI-HDMI-DP.
  • Is  your data cable bad (what ever cable is correct here, VGA to DP)
  • Is that PGU port inline adaptor  you are using just wrong or just JUNK?
  • The monitor my be ok, but the cable to it is very wrong, only does DVI-d and you are sending DVI-a only and will fail.
  • Did your desktop monitor fail on other PC's?see my monitor dead page.
  • Ok all the above is good.
I go to my shop spares boxes on the shell grab PCI-GPU box., and try other cards, (never have just one card, or you can spend the reset of your life guessing, go wild and keep a $10 spare card in box., ok?)
If all PCI GPU cards in your spares kit fail it is not a bad set of cards,  it is bad PC.  (needs lots more testing for sure)
Good, we know all the above is OK, but only THIS card plugged in fails for 100% black screen errors.
The Monitor 99% of the time will show "NO SYNC , NO SIGNAL ERROR or this cute guy. (this INFO box is 100% monitor only displayed, even a missing PC shows same thing)

With a PCU GPU card in place I know not to plug in my monitor into the main chassis iGPU jack, (as it is off line now, with any GPU card inserted)
The typical GPU card has 3 ports, testing all 3 ports is wise. 
Testing the FAILED card in  2nd PC is also a wise step.
The card may not wakeup for BIOS screens, unless you do a power on hard reset.
If not using GPU card? at all? (then do try a GPU card if the hidden iGPU fails)
This can be a dead iGPU chip say inside your Ivy_bridge CPU, or the PCI-express GPU Video card failing.   ( if iGPU fails plug in any $10 GPU card ,see it does work)
The Graphic Processor chip, (may get way too hot  and self shut down, as all new ones do now, for say fan death) so clean the PC first.
On this page when I state  VGA jack that means what ever port you are using(VGA/ DVI/ HDMI /DP)  I might even just say video port. (gee even try them all, if GPU card, they only all port only on that card)
My PC I am typing now has 1 DVI on board (core i7 processor ) and 1 video card GTX1050 with 3 ports DVI/DP/HDMI (and all 3 work in all causes, of BIOS or Windows)

One very odd thing about some BIOS is that if the RTC coin cell battery dies BIOS can go  dead, black screened, some with a warning or other  just pure black screen, so we test the battery first for sure over 7 years old.

There are 2 kinds of PC,  one with no iGPU at  all, and has GPU card, or  has both.
If you do have 2 GPU 's, then remove the ADD-IN Video card and see if the onboard iGPU  video jack works now. (yes move the video cable as you do this)
If your PC is a fast workstation class PC it  may have Xeon CPU with no iGPU at all. (and even runs faster)
If you have a GPU card in a slot and it fails remove the card first and use the onboard iGPU at  15pin VGA jack. As seen here.
In almost all cases if a GPU card is dead see these steps:
The PCs fans must spin for sure CPU fan, if not you HAVE A POWER PROBLEM.(or bad fan)
  • The PC needs a hard power reset or new RTC coin cell.
  • The PSU is undersized (rated too low a wattage to run most high end video cards, get 700watt PSU and end it. Cards vary from 15watts to 365watt. (over 75watts, you see the AUX ports below)
  • The new PGU card you forgot to connect the 1 or 2, cables from PSU (yell/black) to GPU  6 or 8 pin jacks,  if you see 2 jacks you need two power cables ! or the GPU will be dead. AUX power jacks.
  • A bad PSU, some that are over 5 years old can be noisy. (bad caps inside do that) buy a new PSU. (or is weak , PSU have many failure modes not just good and bad)
  • The new GPU must be in the top most X16 slot sometime blue coded. (many PCs only have one x16 slot)
  • The correct PSU is  version 2.2  ATX-12V  or higher (2.3 is much better)

This card, has 2 AUX power jacks. (the 8 pins yell to me, I need LOTS OF POWER)
It has 3 power rail sources and if any are dead so be the card.!!! (1: PCI-E slow power, AUX1 and AUX2 power below) ALL 3 are mandatory. (read you users guide on your card, it tells you the rules here, READ)
If you use adapters here , make sure the yellow wire  count is correct;.  That are at least 3 yellow (12v) wires on each 8pin jack. If any are missing, it will or may fail easy.
6pin AUX jacks can have 2 or 3 yellow wires, (one is optional) and for that rule, the card maker will used 8 pins if needed, do not short change the 8 pin AUX with some lame weak adaptor, with less yellow wires)
This GPU card that uses at least 6 yellow wires, 12vdc.
If need by there are good 6 to 8 pin adapters.

Learn that in electronics power is first, if power lacks then you will fail... (imagine in your mind trying to use a lawn mower engine in your huge SUV,  impossible to the extreme)
The next thing is it must fit and not hit.
Some folks even buy a bigger case for the new huge GPU card. (see proof here that my infinite case work great , my lab test bed jig)

If all these power supply things sound complex?, then run this chip/card,  GTX-1050ti, it sips power at 75watts max even 10watts at idle , in Windows.
1050 chip "PASCAL". (used on vast GTX1050 cards) A best bang for the buck chip/card.

Ok the Card is not dead  then you need new drivers in Windows 10.
Before changing out any GPU card the first step is to disable the old card driver in Device manager (from control panel) (for sure toggling AMD to Nvidia and back) AMD is ATI.

The #1 reason for BSODs are bad video drivers.  Upgrade your driver.

See a very good desktop below in the better case size , big. (Optiplex MT sized case never smaller )
See the VGA is onboard. see addin card (expansion) slot #5 is DVI/HDMI
If say the DVI slot is dead try the hdmi if both are dead remove the addin card from the PCI-e slot and VGA port can not be tested.
My Dell T3610 has no VGA here, due to Xeon processor.
The DVI PORT  here is a card slot, called an Add-in PCI-express GPU  

The PC that has low profile cards my be limited to 25watts per slot, the ITX spec, may have  no limits on power, at all. (due to aux port and 75watt slots)
See My PCI-express card size page here. (full spec) for sure heights and more...

Why have a longer  card?, easy for 3 fans that turn slow and quiet and not 1 super fast screaming load fan.  (and lots of RAM)
My favorite GPU card is GTX-1650 Turning class.  (best card for fast and low price $150)

See my GPU hell page, here.

For folks lackling any GPU card at all?, you find   the VGA port on the rear, seen above, the left side above VGA is actually the HD iGPU inside the CORE™ processor.
You have what is called an iGPU (Intel or integrated HD graphics engine) Not the old old  G31   South bridge 2007 that has the HD iGPU in that chip.(and G31 not supported at Intel)
Or if PCs is a relic from year 2007 or older the Intel CORE 2 DUO has no iGPU, but has one in the G31 chip. (the GMCH chip){ended at w7, March 29, 2013} no support so buy a used $10 GPU card and cure that.
Intel drops support on all legacy HD like that. G31 for sure.
Intel supports CORE(tm) i3 up and in many cases generation 4 up only. now.
Core (tm) limits:  intel ended support on their old HD-GMA (this will only get worse on legacy PC's
or older non CORE™ below:
Intel dropped support for CORE 2 ™ (Duo etc) CPU  with G31 chip (HD inside) , this chip runs graphics itself.
This is what ended as of now. (many ended at windows 7)

The cheapest  way to run newer OS  on an old PC with dead iGPU (decade old PCs +) is to buy a PCI-e card that is supported like Gforce 8400GS (for $10 whole bucks) it even runs w10-64b v1903.
There are in fact vast GPU cards that run w10 ! even now. (even dirt cheap)  check out this jewel (slow sure),  most monitor sold will connect and work and tested by me w10-64bit.
See those 3 ports , will work with most 99% of monnitors, but not DP only monitors. (most means in the wild/field)

A 5FPS card useless to game but my #1 prime test card for sick PCs.

There are at least 12 makers of cards, and 100s of products , from VGA to DP. endless products and complex.
Here is my small list.

Not just actual Nvidia or AMD/ATI Radeon cards.
The GPU chip may be from Nvidia but the card with said chip made by 10 other card makers.
Here are the rankings: (can change every year , rank)
Highest  of all is the free intel iGPU called Intel HD graphics inside the CORE(tm) i3 on up processors, (you know, " Intel Inside")
Top  card makers are:
  • NVIDA (chip and card both)
  • AMD/ATI (chip and card both)
  • ASUS
  • EVGA
  • PNY
  • MSI
  • Sapphire
  • Zotac  (one of my favorites) never seen one fail.
  • XFX (Pine?)
  • VisionTek
  • Powercolor 

Each card maker , decides on many features. (base GPU class, RAM and more)
Card sizes (  lots of sizes and for good reasons)
Tall cards? or short? (1/2 height 79mm) or full height 120mm, and is no surprise if the card is so LOW, then it must be longer. (same electronic must go some where, no?)
Plus short cards will have longer heat sinks. (making large fans (quiet) hard to do.
The number of fans or even no fans, up to 3 fans make a card and is huge. (but maybe way less noise)
Gigabytes of Video RAM on board DDR5 even. fast too.  from 1 GB to 24GB and $2500 cost too.(Titan card) 8GB is PAR !
Wattage ratings (demand) from as low as 15watts (office grade) to 365watt power hogs  for gaming. (the best list of best cards is here for gaming)
Today 200watts cards are near max power.
In all cases the faster the card the more power it draws (burns as heat ) the Laws of CMOS logic and fast clock rates are not repealed yet. (sorry super conductors never made it to consumer market?)

Even one chip class can have 20 or more card variants sold.  so the word GTX1050 means nothing until you read the spec.'s on any card made. (specs, means , read the card makers specifactions pages, fully)

One popular card is the (a sea of 500 cards sold here)
RTX 2060 series, Take a gander at the vast number of cards, is this a suprise?
the GTX 1070:

the passmark 3d is. 12,337 (2x the 1050)

  • If the card fits, and does not hit things, It will work. (buy a ruler and measure  first?) (even my T3610 cover had to be modified to fit my R9 video card)
  • If the PSU is not overloaded with your 200watt card installed , the card and even the PC might run.(and not crash) (some lame PC's made by dell have 25watt x16 slots,ouch,but can work)
  • If you install non UEFI (legacy) GPU card in new PC that runs only UEFI Class 3 mode, the card will fail. (and  on 2020 PCs up, this is a BIG PAIN from now on)  <means no CSM mode !
  • If you install modern cards even a mighty RTX-2060 in old PC it will run   (but will not have full speed with say and old  2011 Sandybridge gen2 intel  CPU, i3-2300?

By runs,  I mean BIOS runs, F2 in a Dell works perfectly. BIOS HOT key by any other name in any PC made. (HP ESC + F1 key) or many PCs the DEL key is the hot key for BIOS (RTM)
Once that works we then make Windows 10 like your new card.
  • By removing the old GPU DRIVER in  device manager (right click it and pick DISABLE) << this magical step forces Plug and Play on NEXT boot, be sure PC has internet connections.
  • Then boot the PC, see Windows loads and run and then install the new driver, that your card maker told you to use. (or get it at or

Counterfeit FAKE GPU cards. (Nvidia chip based only examples) GTX 1050 Ti (titanium grade !) and the maker uses GTX550 guts and lies.
To avoid them check this out.  THE BIG SCAM and also classifies them as SCALPERS ($5 card for $50 is just that)
  • No Pascal chip/card has a VGA port, the chip does not have that, and the Fermi chip did, GP-107 not , GF116 did  , a huge clue that can be seen standing 50feet away , yelling COUNTERFEIT card.
  • The fact that maker edited the VBIOS and changed, ID block DEV_ code from 1244 to 1C81  and even fails to lie and use 1C82 (TI chip is 83 not 82)  <<< clear intent of FRAUD and not by accident. This is super bad lies.
  • Then you test the card properly and shows less than 1/2 normal proformance, even half the 1050 non TI performance. in fact only 34% of normal . 1/3rd normal !
  • They even use slow PCI-e chips at V1.1 rated.  What is really great is GPUz does not just blind as bat report the ID, it checks out the whole chip for CONTRADICTIONS, bless them yes !
  • I have proofs,  see  Here the chip exposed. seen below.
  • The words of the seller, all lies marked in RED arrows.
  • The chip is mirror like top and hard to photograph, but I did. All one needs to know is the "F" chip is not the "P" Pascal chip, but the "F" old Fermi and is 2011 old. (near 9 years old) (they are purging the NOS chip stock)
  • Based on evidence what  they do is build a new card with 9 year old Fermi chips found in Taiwan for cheap $1? then add more DDR memory 4GB, and then lie about the cards name, (after all A GTX550 is only worth $10 so... LIE)

The chip above is not really fake , but the using this chip and claiming the card is both 1050 Ti and PG107 is huge fraud and lie.
Missing the below chip real. (no excuses for using the wrong chip)
The correct real Pascal chip.  (wrong GPU is here)
Furmark runs 17FPS (pathetic) 44 is normal.
I ran my licensed PASSMARK for 2D and 3D and it fails hard,   188 (not 928) and 1525 (not 6427) ( xxxx)means 1050 non "Ti" performance)

This fake card has a  6pin PCI-e Aux power connector (and uses 5amps 60watts in furmark running) I own a lab to test things fully.
That means my card is 135watt card that no 1050 of any kind uses power that high ,ever. (fake again.)

See shark output and GPUz on this lame card.
(like buying new car with V8 engine and under hood but you find  a Yugo fake Fiat engine 4 banger instead)

One more clue is that PASCAL BIOS can not be hacked , it's is now locked out. (UEFI and Laws, and SIG)
That made hacking the 8 year old Fermi so easy.

The correct GPU-z scan of a real 1050Ti is: (drum roll.....)
A real card and not Overlocked yet.

caveat emptor !

version 3.  12-9-2017  (added intel bad news on HD graphics,  8-1-2019)