GDPR insanity?         
The wild musings of a tech,  so is in my opinion all this... Ok? and I have no law degree nor want one.
There is good and bad,  the good is transparency and the personal power to be forgotten tops my list, but the costs to do all this is very expensive and there well be some great losses in the internet, for sure helper forums.
Looks to me like the RED COATS are coming again,  (GDPR) (grin)
But many factors are good.
Like the right to be forgotten !

General Data Protection Regulation   GDPR issues , May 2018.  (this is EU law but if you market or support Europeans you must comply)
This law and USA using new NIST.GOV rules also ban PW hacks and other like fixes.

The EU, has new rules, and many web sites world wide run afoul of these new rules and laws. (my guess, most) 
The one thing that can be stored is the customers (or user) IP address. This is to block illegal users (hacker) to the site, a key part of any security (and huge blacklists of same)
Many web sites tell you at sign up that  all your content is now not yours now, this is now totally illegal. (the tell  you photos you upload are now belongs to them)
That is now illegal, or for sure if your content has personal data mixed in at random as many do. (even names real, phone# , SSN, tax ID's, personal health facts , and email addresses and now illegal spam lists)
We see PC makers sites shutting totally  killing there forums, dead, gone forever and all legacy history GONE in 1 minute flat.
What is personal:?
“[A]n identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.”
John Doe is not personal unless you have other facts with it, like he is a CEO or his phone#. Due to this complexity it is best not to save lots of data on a person, unless it is for sure necessary to complete the mission.
You also get to say how long your data can live, there.  (a timer set and via Opt-in)

The “right to be forgotten”  I wonder how deep that goes,  the law reads as ALL ! no exceptions I can find, (so that means backup tapes and all forums of backup media used.)
I love watching FACEbook go slowly mad !  A great fun public drama there...
I  think forgotten means all data. (I don't know, but the GDPR seem clear on this fact)
I was on line at one site and someone deleted there account (they could) and the whole forum went dead,  as it deleted all content of this 1 person (and all threads to it died and one some even worse ! some BBS engines are weak)
I'd bet every forum on earth will have to upgrade, there forum software, , and that will be super expensive.
They might: (and have)
  • Shut it down forever. (wise for forums that were pure  PR fluff?  (endless bad opinions) and replaced with a brain dead, FAQ page as I see many top companies doing now. (but we lost great Repair forums on PCs and Cars)
  • Shut down for 6 month's to  clean the house and the new hired DOP director of privacy is now happy.? (He or She may never be !)
  • Cleaned say the forum out , totally or used smart expensive script programs to clean it of all personal information. ( find @ key delete whole line and lots more. (real names are impossible to remove all...)
  • Added opt-out on the page. (and at anytime you want or including deleting your account or purging it first then deleting it)
  • Added total transparency and the right to delete all your data. (by law)
  • Purge all backup data first. ( cleaning that would be very expensive) Boom gone!
  • Re-verify all emails stored, (send out , op-out emails and log the results.)  any not verified are deleted. (and back ups)
  • Once this far are you broke yet?
I do not mean production servers for sales is shut down, only the fluff parts, like help forums and the like. (& Blogs) To me , the fluff forum is the most useful . (for sure repair forums and diagnostic related)

Consider this:
At  a fictional , ask my doctor dot com.
Here is one more, "My mom Jane Doe (but a real name), asked  her Doctor Larry xxxxx , and  said she has Diabetes." is this private? sure and is a  USA  HIPAA violation,?   and GDPR?

Some sites use 3rd party backup services, and what they do with data is anyones guess. (even to tape on a shelf !) THIS GUY NAILS IT.
Best ? is to get the main production server clean and legal, end to end, then back it up and last delete or better destroy all backup media.(older than today's)

You will not be able to clean  say 31 days of rotating backup tapes. (as many have in racks full of tapes)

On the backup servers one would be wise to run KILLDISK on all HDD/SSD and rebuilt it from there.

I wonder how this site below will survive?  The echo of the bad web is here. (surely this can not exist going forward)
Is not this Illegal now? 
My wild guess, is that original content web sites will not be responsible for any bogus mirrors world wide, like Wikileaks does, and Torrent sites,  and above and endless.

I predict soon or now the Delete key is now the most expensive thing on earth,  killing much of the internet as we knew it.
Delete entirely may mean server 1, server 2, backup, and all tapes (all media) and all other forms of rolling backups, to the beginning of time (time means internet day 1) 

I see many forums world wide  being shut down or all legacy pages erased only, and for sure all persons names, addresses, phones and email names erased, any person data erased, and in some cases at great expense. shut down there 1995 to now forum (seen here gone)  unless ROG, ZEN but not the old VIP users forum. If you buy a $300 MOBO all you get now is dumb FAQ page.  sad to see.
Toshiba did this too in USA. But does still exist at the EU, and very oddly this fact. My guess is because of the USA reduced presence and PC products sold here , per the wiki.

I wish to warn the EU, the internet can not be erased. (only the real one, not bogus mirrors)?
You then look like this. 
If it was ever pubic it probably lives somewhere else. (ask Julian Assange why and how)
The internet does not forget. ( not if you want it to)

Less SPAM is good !  My page here is only about, the loss of great repair help forums.  (any, on cars, computers, or home appliances of any kind)

version 2.  12-9-2017