Gamers use water cooling... and pray it never leaks.

do we need to say what is wrong here, and what to do>?

I can clean it out, without lid off, with shop air, blown at all vents. do not do this lid off unless power cord removed and let stand for 1 hour to discharge all caps, this PSU, the fan was stalled, hopeless cases. like this are common. clean it and it can live again.


My TIM, the thermal interface compound aka, heat sink grease turned to glue and cracked. see next frame for cure.

this is the cure for old TIM , old dried out or poor quality , this works like no others made, for sure on hotter processors like mine.

here I am cleaning the top of CPU and GPU both are mirror polished by there makers, and conduct heat better like that, your job is o get the heat from the top of there to the Heatshink.

nice clean video card.. (look for fan packups) some older cars slower have no fan. just huge heat sink to clean.

this is how you do the HP 8540 heat sink pipe Rad/ fan out. The service manual covers this at HP no need to guess, ever. how. RTM read the manual.

many things can overheat in any PC, all must have fresh air flowing via fresh air vents.

last is my MOBO . All those blue heatsinks and RAM must be cept clean and allowed to receive fresh cool air.

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