Called "B SODs"  (BSOD)  Windows 10 loves to do this, and is and easy fix if hardware is not bad.
Blue screens are 100% USDA Microsoft Windows actions. Most times the word CRASH applies as does Crash Dump files. (#1 all time classic cause is bad video driver loaded, or wrong one)

Not blackscreens! with funny geek like messages in white  text? (has the words STOP,  DUMP? or HALT  ?)    The best place to look is here livewire.

The windows boot loading screen hangs , can be an easy fix.
The cure, is easy but Windows in there great wisdom remove the F8 key feature we loved for over a decade.  (silly no?)
The F8 key was replace with  deep hidden (3 clicks deep) menu.
This safe mode is now  MAGICAL COLD BOOT  cure.   (go to safe mode and run windows, and shut down the PC it's now fixed)  
This page below is to cure the endless cant boot PC screens,   the spinning circle of dots endlessly problem.

If using Window10  and you need to do a real cold boot, as most PC owners learn fast is there.(new safe mode access)

Other screens blue:
Microsoft now adds  51+ more Blue screens of death just for fun in W10, some are serious, and some are just windows doing and update, the only clue is blue windows. and some words. (no logo shown, except errors with 3D bar codes) Some top web sites, say 100  blue screens of death now !  (all I say is how cute !)
I show a few screens here , all are MS owned warnings hiding behide the color BLUE.
Try a LIVE PE or Linux boot stick or CD see if PC now runs OK,? if does that tells you your boot main SSD/HDD drive has corrupted windows files.
(or drivers wrong) or even a bad HDD (hard disk drive or SSD, solid state drive)

Note that in each case Microsoft fails to tell you, who owns the screen, not even a tiny MS icon or icon flag. (silly to a fault this, and confuses MILLIONS)
First is W10 crashing, most times this is a bad video driver, in the HAL.

One other reasons for windows 10 To BSOD  is upgrading XP or W7/8 to 10.   (and the maker of you PC does not support that ACT !
Top causes:
  • Bad video card (or chip GPU) driver,  loves to BSOD for 18 years or more. (best it to get your driver fresh from Nvidia or AMD/ATI matching what YOU HAVE.
  • Bad RAM (run 1 stick at a time, see if things get better?)
  • Bad HDD, If the HDD corrupts fails, the PC will crash. (can) Run full S.M.A.R.T scan on the HDD.
  • The other odd duck thing is that W10 has  this new (& scary) FAST BOOT magic, it no longer boots from driver and kernal binaries !, no that makes too much sense!, it runs an ECHO of the last memory image. (hiberfil.sys)
W10 still has safe mode (old F8 is there...),    (this  works even if W10 is DEAD as a door nail)

The key word below is HAL, the hardware abstraction layer,  (yells DRIVERS BAD , to me )
W10.  Mostly GPU drivers bad. Note the total lack of identity here ! MS thinks they own the color BLUE? dang me!
W10 failing   (the clue !) The 3D bar code can be looked up, do so.
There is a Cell phone app to read 3D  barcodes and find the real meaning of the above. (sad how MS can't just put the error code in the blue box, no?)

A very very old BSOD, (bad driver or infected) (windows 2000 or  98?)
The next W10 screen  is not icon marked either,  nor does it even say MS or MICROSOFT IS WORKING , NO just  the words WORKING.


By far the most common screen you will see is NEXT and the HORRORS OF  MS UPDATES:   ( a very clean system)
Updates can be easy or hard, long or impossible. (tis a fact)
I get this now repeated endlessly over and more, today DEC-2017 due to the new 1709 forced buggy updates.
It Said installing new windows, then crashes, then says reinstalling old verion and runs ok, then hours later repeats endlessly.

For me , we had to upgrade, HOME 64 to
PRO 64 and then use GPEDIT.msc to turn off and disallow , NON BUSINESS certified updates <DANG !)
MS is becoming  a menace.(GOD LIKE to the DAMNED)
Why not allow this, MS?  GEE is this rocket science? , NO ! (not only that GRIPE, but MS changes the rules like every freek'n week!
Current Branch for Business (CBB)"  DID IT . I propose these 4 levels of granularity.
Why can not the home version , allow and user demand , only the CBB update delayed, a simple line item in the settings + updates,  why in the HELL NOT !  (and costs $100 to get PRO to flip one stinking BIT)
My dream list:?
  • Guinea pig users, eg: I love pain. Oink me. (a mad scientist or the like?)
  • Business level 1 certified (say your business has 1 or 2 PC's and you go broke if either one dies (or burn RED INK,  8 to 5pm. , Maybe Linux is your calling?)
  • Business Enterprise , critcal production systems Level 2 certified. (100% up time, nothing less allowed ever) say 3 months stable.
  • Level 3, it ran ok for 6 months ok, so "hold my nose and load the pig"  (me,I'd be bullet selected here....)

10mins with my 200mbps fiber connected PC,  or 5 Days using Dial up.  5GB is size last one.
THE CURE SAYS MS.. IS THIS arcane list of cmd.exe commands, gee why can not get the update do that?  Yah think? (yes all SFC /DISM methods failed to cure this)

1. Open an elevated command prompt
2. Run the following command:
  net stop bits
  net stop wuauserv
  net stop appidsvc
  net stop cryptsvc
  ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
  ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 catroot2.old
  net start bits
  net start wuauserv
  net start appidsvc
  net start cryptsvc
end 1709 horrors  (me I blocked 1709 until spring 2018 ! why eat PAIN)

My cure (limited ) was
GPO from 8 to 365 days. Feature update delay.


Warning you can get black screens for a while doing some MS updates.   It is doing low level changes, with windows files unlocked !
The Hard disk failing can also show a blue screen warning of HDD death soon, (it sees gross S.M.A.R.T data errors) do not ignore Smart errors !

If you can not get Windows to start, use the F11 restore mode (steps. power off, power on, hammer F11, until HP restore pages pop seen below)
Or my F8 safe mode trick.
Then pick this. Advanced options: Then Automatic repair. This will patch the boot strap files.
The restore is last resort, make PC like day 1 new. (all your data is lost now)

Windows can start run and run slow or run and crash or do many things corrupted or virus infected.
Besides spending all day  running virus scanners, (top 10) I can run SFC /scannow (run in cmd.exe command prompt window) SFC means System File Check.
I can examine all startup files.
But ,you can be just overloaded with startup files. 
The Microsoft scanner below uses "VIRUS TOTAL CLEAN" to check each file for infection, what  great tool this is !!!
The best program for this (besides my loved "Security Task manager pro" app) is the Microsoft version of Autorun , as seen here.(portable too, it is)
Running the ONLINE ESET AV scanner is very powerful. (best I've ever seen)
Run Malwarebytes, for free. (google it )

LINUS rules: It does for 2 big reasons,  1: free,  2: the live linux mode works (Demo/Tryme) for free booted,and no need to kiss the heels of microsoft.
In all cases of crashing WINDOWS, I run Linux, and run all disk tests there to make sure the HDD is not bad/weak or sick !

Ubuntu 17+ excels here as does Knoppix test disks.


version 2.  12- 9-2017