Things that can be dead simply because it is turned off (disabled) in BIOS screens. (setups)

On my Dell PC F2 is the BIOS hotkey , same as my HP. (or ESC on HP)
No two PC makers  use the same BIOS nor use same hot keys, RTM the service manual on your PC at the makers site like (
Power on the PC (called cold booted not just waking up sleep mode) hammer gently the F2 key at the Icon, DELL or HP , or what ever splash seen . (Dell has POST slider bar for POST progress)
No maker  documents their custom BIOS, (well does) so finding things takes patiences , no too PC are the same unless are "exactly same model PC"
If the BIOS Passwords locks you out of your PC, I cover some of the cures here.

Things dead like: (a.k.a, DEVICES)
  • USB ports , and USB allowed to boot, and USB3 option.  (if  USB OS install thumb  drive fails to boot look here and boot order set wrong)
  • Web cams. (windows 10 must be enabled too... not just BIOS)
  • SATA ports or not set to AHCI.
  • Legacy ports turned off. (RS232-PS/2, Parallel printer port LPT1) (nobody uses these now...)
  • Boot order set wrong (RTC coin cell battery dead, can  make all things seen on this page set wrong.) PC will not self boot now and windows (Linux,Chrome,Citrix  is dead as a result) see  Dead BIOS?
  • Date/ time set  way far wrong (RTC dead battery?)
  • NIC dead either Ethernet or WiFi. (network interface card/chip)
  • Smart monitoring, must be on if SAVVY ! (it will give you early warnings of HDD/SDD failings for sure !)
  • Audio (sound) chip disabled, now a silent PC.?
  • Microphone disabled. (and in W10 too) (and in W10 too or simply muted, mic or speakers)
  • DVD bay , disabled (mine has SSD caddy here) It has many names, like option bay and more... but is DVD bay for sure.
  • DOCKing port  (if no dock , forget this)
  • Camera , web cam dead, or USB ports disabled too will make the CAM dead.
  • Lots more to see, I advise looking,  no harm looking.
DELL PC (OEM) Are very good, and let me tell you that if the PC Acts odd, in the F2 menu's of BIOS there is the DELL BIOS logger, open that and see all current errors, and history, an amazing and powerful tool as is F12 Diagnostics.
F12 is in firmware and needs no HDD booted to run that is correct and is a  powerful diagnostic tool. The Dell POST errors are here, 1 page, 2015 and newer PCs.

Beyond BIOS , things dead we go to Device Manager in Windows and see what is missing or marked dead. 1 by 1. , first things first and BIOS is first, always. 

version 1.  10-1-2020