How to solve a dead PC?  ( Do the long hard reset  after the short 10second power button push fails?)
You see a  black box and magic inside,but...
I see 20 modules inside that can fail or 1-billion + transistors to fail or the OS windows? is infected.
We test hardware first (on DELL PC , BIOS F12 hot key and click Diagnostics.(ask your OEM for the same)
PC's over 5 years old fail for 2 common reasons, (besides WinDoz infected)
  • Both batteries are now dead, the huge one and the tiny  (RTC CMOS  coin cell) battery and the main BIG one too.
  • HDD bad,  laptops love to die  for this at only 5 years old, (SSD not) {for sure hdd or laptops dropped or hit}
Step one on any Laptop/Notepad made is to remove the huge battery first and run on AC power pack along, even forever... <worse is a shorted battery)

  1. My PC Died diagnostic flow chart is here:    (testing in the correct order is key to success and hardware is 1st)
  2. A simple Dead BIOS flow chart. 
  3. A Dead Desktop Monitor diagnostic flow chart. (VGA/HDMI/DVI/DP) See 2001-2010 dead CCFL LCD back lamp tests.
  4. See the flow chart of  a typical monitor the inside major firmware logic.
  5. The PC is overheating? (why and cures and why this makes any PC slow or stalls dead) and all cures.
  6. Why Windows 10 installs fail, (HDD not bad)  Outdated PC's. or does  not like your very old IGPU/GPU  (the cure is here)
  7. Dead PC strip down testing. (if any module shorts the PC goes dead)
  8. How to test any suspected HDD  ,or how to use an external HDD,  and last how to run demo Linux to test any HDD or How to backup data.
  9. What to do if you lost your Passwords (not Wifi). BIOS and the OS. (with relic Toshiba jumper secrets)
  10. My two Dell PCs,  3020MT and E6540, problems solved and support links. Both have on board ePSA diagnostics !(F12)
  11. Why does Windows 10 fail to install  or seems to, but many key chips are dead, (Sound, WiFi , or iGPU) is dead ,weak ,or lame. (See intels answer)
  12. My PC is slow now why?, well all  PCs do that with age. (lots of causes see them here)

    More things to fail and test:

    Drivers 101: (short) (facts of life)
    1. The driver must match the OS, if windows 10 , must be supported by your OEM PC maker (like Dell/HP/ACER/Lenovo,etc) "Free too"
    2. The driver also may be supported by Microsoft PnP, see PCI page link just above for how to...
    3. The driver missing (and not above ) must be supported by the chip makers web site, if not?, sorry there is none.
    4. If super lucky and only a W7 driver exists, it may load ok using w7 to W10 compatiblity mode.
    See PCI Page above or deeper cures for my OEM has no support..

    OFF SITE links on topic dead PC.

    To diagnose any PC, use a simple flow chart after replacing the batteries first. ( or these famous gems)

    Last and best is this ASUS.com Desktop trouble-shooter.(no power on at all, no boot or no post and no display)

    Learn Rule #1 first,  Software does no run on bad hardware, so learn to bark up the hardware tree first. RUN DIAGNOSTICS first.

    Jargon (PC) told here:

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